5 Simple Steps to Create “Great Content” that You Hear About All Day Long

Within seconds of clicking onto one of your blogs, 40 percent of your visitors will leave the page.

Even better? Most visitors will read just 18 percent of any blog they click on.

Sure, that’s just statistically speaking, according to published research about user engagement… but if you’re a blog owner who’s struggling to get visits, that’s a massive hurdle to overcome.

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And unless you have a big budget for advertising, the only hope you have of beating those numbers is with your content.

These high-impact blog content writing secrets come down to basic, but disciplined steps.. Doing even one of the items on this list can help attract more visitors, simply because you’re altering the content to be more click-worthy to your targeted audience. However, mapping your steps and performing them in lock-step sequence is what separates “the men from the boys” so-to-speak.

However, mapping your steps and performing them in lock step sequence is what separates “the men from the boys” so-to-speak.

Actionable Content

Superb content allows the reader to takeaway thoughts that can impact their life, business, relationships, health, etc. in a positive fashion. Content they “can do something with”. Think of Oprah and her “Master Class” series.

Known, as actionable content, the key to becoming an authority in your space, acquiring precious, and naturally given links, brand mentions, press coverage, social engagement, referral business, increased conversions; almost any benefit you can think of… comes from high impact, actionable content.

You can put all the work in the world into creating a beautiful blog and manage to watch only a meager trickle of visitors stumble across your content.

You could use gorgeous premium themes from the best free website builder, plug-in the highest-rated subscription plugins, and have hundreds of informational articles… and still wind up with a blog which gets poor visitor statistics, thanks to the fact that most people are so happy to click away from content which doesn’t engage them. But where there’s a will, there’s a way!

A Good Title Is Worth Gold

The content you write is what visitors are wanting to read once they click onto your blog… but what makes them want to go to the blog in the first place?

The title.

If you don’t have clever, punchy titles, you can be absolutely certain that you’re missing out on traffic opportunities and user views. What many professional writers do is research what titles and topics are trending for the subject of the blog for inspiration.

After that, they’ll kick it up a notch by using words which will elicit an emotional response in the reader or have a question hook that makes potential readers curious enough to click.

Hook Readers Fast

Most readers will read just one to three sentences of an article before deciding if they’ll click away. So if the “hook”, the very beginning part of your content, isn’t very strong you won’t keep readers on the page.

Usually, starting with an interesting fact can get people interested and make them feel that they’ll learn something interesting by reading; it also casts you, the author, in a more authoritative light because it shows that you bothered to research or discover something.

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Another good hook technique is to use a small social anecdote because a lot of ongoing research indicates that small, personal anecdotes get readers relating to authors. If they relate to you, they’ll likely keep reading!

The only problem here is that it must be short, usually no longer than a paragraph, and must also directly relate to the body of the blog post.

For example, if you were writing a blog post about the struggles and satisfactions of maintaining your own blog, you could begin with something like the following:

Have you ever raised a puppy? I have. Cute as a button the first 24 hours, all kisses and rainbows.But it’s a rougher road than most first-timers ever expect: puddles on the carpet, being dragged along on walks, having your best dress shoes turned into a chew toy. But every minute was worthwhile, and I know I’ve got a friend for life. And running your own blog is a rather similar roller coaster ride.”

Write Informally, If Your Blog Allows!

Being able to address the reader through your blogs, like the personal anecdotes mentioned above, can make it easier to write… but can also help encourage readers to relate to you, and to want to learn or read more! It’s a good, tried-and-true method to begin turning visitors into readers. So good, in fact, that many major companies are beginning to use this style for their own blogs!

Research, and then Research More

A lot of readers are motivated to read informational content, and enjoy learning things and accumulating interesting facts.

Whatever your blog is about, research that topic regularly so that you’re always among the first to learn new things you can share. The more often which you publish content which can offer new ideas or information, the faster your readership will grow.

Another benefit of this is that the more you research in the general subject, the more blog ideas you’ll get, too!

Proofread and Edit Using Hemingway App

There’s nothing that turns a reader off more than seeing errors in a blog post: especially errors with typography and sentence logic.

So, before you hit publish, make certain to re-read and edit your posts, correcting grammar, typos, and any other problems using this app.

From passive language to run on sentences, the best possible all-in-one app for powerful, concise content, is the Hemingway App.

I use it every day on everything I write but I especially love using it for all my blog posts. I highly recommend it!

5 thoughts on “5 Simple Steps to Create “Great Content” that You Hear About All Day Long”

  1. Hi Sue,

    I completely agree with your post.Title is the most important one for all the content.If the title is good, it will attract more people and you have given a best tips for content writing.I will definitely follow your tips.Keep sharing valuable information like this.

  2. Great Article Sue,

    Your point about making ACTIONABLE CONTENT is something tons of people overlook.

    Lots of people think that you can get away with just "thin" content, when in reality it isn't helping anyone and just wasting everyone's time.

    Once you make sure your content actually HELPS people, they will come back for more and recommend it to others. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy!

    Looking forward to the next one, Sue

    Kind regards,

    Jeff Ferrara recently posted How to Get Out of the Friend Zone and Make Her Chase You InsteadMy Profile

  3. Excellent article. I see and use actionable content, but did not have a name for it. I think that is an area I need to keep improving. I met you through Sam Adeyinka. He mentioned you, so I wanted to read your first post. One question. I have Grammarly and you recommended Hemmingway. How would you compare the two?
    Marsha Ingrao recently posted How Do You Compare Dropbox V Google Drive?My Profile

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