The 4-Step Process to Promote Your Epic Content So You Get More Visitors

promote your epic contentSo you want more traffic.

You found the topics that are continually getting high traffic in your niche.

You found an angle that your audience will love.

You ambitiously write an outline for the post, and then you start writing it. You spend hours polishing it to make it the best post out there about your topic.

And then what… no one even knows that it exists.

It hurts, right? You spend hours writing the best post out there about a topic, and you get a couple of visitors, while others write a post that is not that great as yours about the same topic, but they get thousands of visitors.

It’s so annoying!

The Reality About Getting Traffic to Your Epic Posts

Traffic won’t come by itself.

Imagine you’re in New York and you have the best hotel out there, but it’s still new, and you didn’t place any advertisements about it.

It’s not on the main street either, so people who are crossing by couldn’t see it.

Imagine you’re in this situation. Do you think you’ll get people to reserve enough rooms to keep your business going?

Even if you have the best service out there and even if your prices are lower, no one will come to you.

You need to go out and promote it. You may need to place advertisements to promote it.  Make joint ventures with others by providing coupons for their customers and so on.

The same thing about blogging. I don’t mean you need to place advertisements.

What I mean is that you need to step out of your comfort zone and promote the heck out of your post.

At least, spend the same time you wrote the post in promoting it.

Derek Halpern even suggests that you spend 80% of your time promoting your post and only 20% of your time writing new posts.

How Do You Promote Your Post?

Most bloggers think that promoting a new post means just making a few tweets, liking the post, sharing it on Facebook, and sharing it in other social networks.

Yes, these actions could get you some traffic, but that’s not the right promotion unless you’re Neil Patel or Darren Rowse with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Until you reach this stage, you have 2 things to do:

1. Spend money

2. Reach to people who have the people you want to reach.

Being new, it means that you don’t have the budget to spend promoting your post, so we’ll talk about the later in this post.

To promote your post by blogging outreach, you need to follow 4 steps. Yes, it may take some time, but it’s better to get hundreds or thousands of people to see your post than it is to see your work writing the post go in vain.

If you’re ready to spend more time promoting the post, continue reading.

1. Find people who showed interest in your topic

It’s obvious, right?

You can’t ask someone to share a post you wrote about a topic they’re not interested in.

So, how do you find people who have already shown interest in your topic?

  1. Find posts about the same topic that did really well
  2. Find the people who linked to it and/or shared the post on social media.

Simple, right?

I won’t go into details in the first step because I already shared a few tools to help you with in my post, How to Find Blog Post Ideas That Are Proven To Be Popular.

After you find several posts, search for the people who linked to it and/or shared it with their friends.

How to find the people who linked to it?

There are a lot of tools to help you in this step, like…

In this article, I’ll show you how to do so with Ahrefs. That doesn’t mean that OSE is bad, but I prefer the former.

  1. Go to the site Ahrefs Site Explorer
  2. Enter the link of the popular post you found about your topic; choose exact URL, and click on search links
  3. Wait for results and click export, and then choose CSV or PDF
  4. Check the site owners and put them in a spreadsheet
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the rest of the posts you have, and make a specific spreadsheet for every post.
MY PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION FOR YOU  5 Simple Yoast Tips For Wordpress Users To Increase Their CTR

By doing this step, you’ll know the people who linked to the topic you have.

Finding the people who tweeted it

After you knew the people who tweeted the post, now, let’s find the people who shared it on Twitter.

The best tool I found to do this step is Topsy. It’s free to use.

The best part about it is that you could find only the influential people who tweeted it. So you’ll focus your work on the 20% of the people who get 80% of the results.

It’s easy to use:

  1. Enter the link of the posts you want to find the people who tweeted them on the site
  2. Choose tweets and then click search
  3. After that, sort the results by influential only, and you’re done.



After you create a spreadsheet for every post with the people who tweeted it and linked to it, move to the next step.

2. Find their email addresses

This step used to be complicated, but it’s now easier than ever.

But first, why should you email them? Why not tweet them?

People get thousands if not tens of thousands of tweets from people every day. If you tweet them, your tweet will have a very low chance of getting noticed. It’ll be hard to be noticed.

But when you email them, they may get hundreds of emails, yet your chance of getting noticed is higher.

Also, people check their emails more than Twitter. So they get fewer messages and they spend more time on it.

But how to find it?

  1. Subscribe to their email newsletter and reply to the first email you get.
  2. Use this tool, VoilaNorbert. Its idea is simple, you insert the name and the site, and the tool will try to find the email in the MX records. Brilliant!!!
  3. ContactOut is a simple browser extension that helps you find email addresses and phone numbers of anyone on LinkedIn.

You may not come up with the email of many people on the list, and that’s OK. Move on. But don’t finish this step until you have a list of 100 people to email.

If you have a really epic post that you spend a dozen of hours on, then go for 200.

After having the list ready, email them.

3. Reach out to them

That’s the best part. This is the moment where you reach out to those bloggers who are already interested in your topic.

That’s when you start to see the traffic coming.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when reaching out to people in your list:

  1. Make the email short. They’re busy, and they don’t have time to read about you.
  2. Make it about their audience, and not you.
  3. Try to personalize it. Mention their name, and if you can start with something about them, that would be better.

Having all this in your email, will make your response rate higher.

I just want to warn you that a big part of the people you email will not respond to you. They may not even notice your email because they’re busy.

Don’t take it personal. Make your list bigger and move on.

Your turn

You now know what it takes to get more traffic for each post you have.

Take action and start promoting your post.

Tell me in the comments below which post you are planning to promote this way. Hope to hear from you soon.

By night, Ahmed Safwan is busy “figuring out how to make blogging simpler, not easier” over at Smart Marketing Boost. By day, he studies to be a dentist. Don’t leave without snagging your free videos on the 3 types of blogs posts that goes viral and how to promote your post the right way to make sure that your next idea go viral.

73 thoughts on “The 4-Step Process to Promote Your Epic Content So You Get More Visitors”

  1. Thank you, this makes so much sense and is easy to understand the concept. I'm still working through the valuable tips you gave me during our Skype call a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately I'm not the best at computer stuff and some of the sites baffle me but it's a fantastic learning curve journey!

    So I'm planning to promote my last blog entitled "Zakynthos" as that reached almost 500 people on the flying pancakes page within 24 hours, happy with that!

    Again many thanks for such great advice.

    Take care,


  2. Hello Ahmed

    Eek, I'm still in the shy, retiring new blogger category so this type of 'forward' connection has always seemed a bit too far out of my comfort zone! But you've broken it down to make it seem a more manageable.

    But I think if I were to do this I'd probably make sure that beyond an interest in the topic, there were a tangible value to the blogger in gaining the information contained in the post. I think I might even prefer sharing other peoples posts by email than I would my own!

    Haha – kind of defeats the purpose somewhat.

    I think a recent post might be a good candidate – not so much epic but very useful (it's the one listed via the helpful comment luv thingey Sue's kindly enabled on her blog).
    Lisa recently posted Where to Find Free Photos for your Blog – the Ultimate ListMy Profile

    • Hi, Lisa,

      Why not share your guest post you did here to test it out? It won't feel as much like promotion since it's not your blog but will showcase your content. Might be easier for you starting out. That's what I did the first time.

      But I get multiple emails a day asking for my opinion on a post and would I share it if my audience would like it. So it's done all the time!

      Thanks for commenting on Ahmed's post.

    • I like Sue's suggestion. I first tried this technique with my guest post on problogger.

      Not only I got a lot of traffic, but I also got a lot of work that I didn't expect. Many people asked me to write for their site for high rates.

      You don't know what could happen. Give it a try, and you won't regret it.

  3. Hello Sue and Ahmed,

    Thank you for this resource-filled post – I am always learning that there are tools available to me for problems I didn't even know I had – good work.

    Because I have taken a different direction in the last few months, I shall keep this post as a useful guide for future projects.

    In the meantime, Ahmed, may I say how grateful I am that, as a dentist, you are a helpful blogger and not a lion-killer. (Hope all of the killer-driller's patients come to you).

    Kindest regards, Zara.

  4. Thanks so much for this post, Ahmed. My niche is crafts and creativity, and I'll admit I've never specifically reached out to influencers to share my posts. Your method seems very doable and I appreciate you explaining it so clearly. Putting this on the To-Do list!

    Thank you, Jennie
    Jennie recently posted 12 Reasons Why You Need a Personal RetreatMy Profile

  5. Hi Ahmed and Sue Anne,
    I love your ideas and will try them especially the one about finding out who has shared my links on Twitter.
    Off topic question: I am planning on self-hosting. I have a concern that when I comment on self-hosted blogs, I don't know when the bloggers write me back since I don't receive notification. I know they reply to my comments since, when I go back to the post, I see that they have responded, but I wasn't notified. However, I always receive notification when you write me back. Do you know why this is? Is there a plug-in you use for example, that enables commenters to know when you've replied to them? Thanks!
    Janice Wald recently posted 3 Guaranteed Ways to Get You More Online AttentionMy Profile

    • Hi, Janice,

      I use CommentLuv Pro and it lets me send an email with the comment reply. Disqus also does this. If you just use WordPress comments, you need to change to CommentLuv or Disqus or have a plug-in that let's commenters check off they want to see follow-up comments.

      Thanks for your comment today on Ahmed's post.

  6. Hey Sue, Thanks for having Ahmed here!

    Hey Ahmed,

    That's a wonderful post with practical tips. You are right – even if you create the best content out there, if you don't let people know about your content nobody will know it exists! That makes all the effort you took to write that content go wasted – which is not a pleasant thing for bloggers!

    I love the tips you have shared here. I agree email outreach will be much more effective than simply sending out a tweet which may or may not get noticed.

    The only downside is the time and effort needed to find out those emails and actually sending the emails. But with the tools you have suggested I am sure it will be a much easier thing to do. Also it will be totally worth the effort in the end 🙂

    Thanks once again.


    Jane recently posted Connection first, Conversion next when it comes to email marketingMy Profile

  7. Good Morning, Sue!

    Hmmmmm. I've never tried this tactic before.

    Usually I just post my content and when I've mentioned someone, I just wait for them to discover it–usually by someone else telling them.

    Not the best idea (or lack thereof)…so it looks like I should try something different.

    Besides, Andrew Warner just did this EXACT technique with me less than an hour ago…mentioning me in his new article today and then contacted me via email to come take a look and leave a comment.


    Thanks for the instructions =)

    Jaime Buckley
    Jaime Buckley recently posted Why IS Disney So Set On Destroying My Childhood?My Profile

    • Hi, Jaime,

      I'm so lucky to have the smartest guest bloggers!

      It really does work – I also got an email from Andrew today.

      Have a great week!

  8. Hi Ahmed and Sue Anne,

    These are methods I've never heard of before. I'll have to try them out. Everyone wants more visitors to their blogs.

    You're right, traffic will not just come to your website. We have to promote it by getting it in front of other bloggers.

    I will try the methods you have given here in this post to see how it works out. I will also bookmark it as I am just learning.

    You have an awesome week!

    Linda Schrier recently posted Five Ways To Help You With Your BloggingMy Profile

  9. Good morning Amed and Sue – I am fairly new at blogging. This post gave me a blast of new hope! I am anxious to read your next post!

    I think you're doing a great job with your blog. I'm still figuring things out. If you have any feedback I would really appreciate it. My site is MS/ I have Multiple Sclerosis and use art as therapy. Thank you for your time! Teri Lissy, DDS

    • Hi, Teri,

      My best friend also has MS – I will tell her about your blog. Absolutely bautiful pictures!

      Thanks for your comment today,

  10. Hi Ahmed & Sue,

    Fantastic article here… This article is very similar to what i read on Tim Soulo's blog "BloggerJet".

    I did enjoy the part of getting their emails though… I just use contact forms on their website when i did one in the past.

    It worked Great. Got amazing people like Sue herself and Carol Amato share my article.

    Great article as usual. Tweeting & sending this to Google+ right away 🙂


    Babs recently posted WP Article Automaton Helps Add Contents to Your New BlogsMy Profile

  11. This is a very actionable post,

    Indeed, the time when we were advised to just build it and they will come has long gone. Today, they will never come unless you invite them and also give them a very tangible reason to come.

    One blogger i respect a lot (Jon Morrow) stated that "You should always spend 30% of your time writing your blog posts and the remaining 70% promoting it" and i totally agree with that.

    If you publish it and just leave it like that, it will never promote itself so, you have to go out there and promote the hell out of it.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Theodore Nwangene recently posted 17 Social Media Monitoring Tools – An IntroductionMy Profile

    • I totally agree with you and with Jon (he is my mentor). 70% of the time you need to be promoting your posts.

      I appreciate your comment, Theodore!

  12. Thank you for your wonderful article. I did too many things to get visitors but nothing helped, it seems your tips are useful and natural. I have ti try it.

  13. Hi Sue,

    Great information from Ahmed here. First time leaving a comment on your blog and I really enjoyed the tips Ahmed has shared. On first glance it's like wow. How do you find the time to do each of the 4 steps?

    I would add if you make it a priority being the first item on your to do list and commit to it, over time it will become a habit. Once it becomes a habit the time it takes to do all of these things will be almost cut in half I believe. I will be sure to share this with others.

    Thanks for sharing


  14. Hi Ahmed And Sue,

    Thanks for sharing wonderful insight on your post. I will try this trick for my posts and hope i will also get positive result. I have personally experienced that if your social sharing is powerful then you don't need to build singal link to rank that post on search engines because social count is also vote as a backlink

    Anant Patel recently posted How to Recover PST Password through PST UnlockerMy Profile

  15. That's a really great article.

    Promoting the article is as important as creating an epic article. If you spend hours to write the most well-researched post on your blog and you don't spend any time in promoting it then all the hard work will result in nothing.

    I really liked the point where you told about reaching out to pros to help you spread the word about your article.

  16. Great information from Ahmed here. First time leaving a comment on your blog and I really enjoyed the tips Ahmed has shared. On first glance it’s like wow. How do you find the time to do each of the 4 steps?

  17. If you've published something that others didn't, find related old news and see all the sites that talked about it, then email them telling them about your post.

    Most of the news site publish curated content and link to you at the end. You could benefit from doing this.

    Thanks for your comment 🙂

  18. Hi Ahmed Safwan,

    I’m glad I got the opportunity to read your Guest Blog post on the Successful Blogging website. Thank you Sue for emailing me and drawing me in for a read.

    I believe all Bloggers live for – Reader Engagement. Zero comments, zero engagement can seriously damage Blogger enthusiasm. This is equally true of newbies and experienced Bloggers as well.

    Every Blogger needs a faithful following AND having to reply to tons of comments when a Blog post is published. That’s the way Bloggers always measure the – quality of their content – delivered to the Blogosphere.

    Having said this, traffic and engagement go hand in hand. The greater the traffic the greater is going to be the engagement. Hence, when I read this Blog post title I said to myself – 4 Steps, I can do this – and I was drawn in to read.

    Lovely analogy of a new hotel. I connected with this idea immediately.

    I also buy into Derek Halpern suggestion of spending 80% time (in a week perhaps) promoting a Blog post published and only 20% of time (in the same week) crafting new posts.

    Just churning out Blog post after Blog post for publication in the hope that readers will find this content organically via search engines can be very disappointing for a Blogger. Each look at the number of their site visitors in GA often add misery to disappointment.

    Hey! How do I know, been there, experienced that.

    Promoting / Marketing, a well written and presented Blog post. is key to driving away these gut wrenching blues.

    Now I read two scary words in your post content Ahmed – Spend Money.

    Being perennially broke and almost always running on less than half a shoelace, I wondered about whether to reading on. Thank goodness I did.

    Loved the – How To – section you delivered next.

    How to identify the people who – Linked – to my Blog post.

    Hey! woweee, there are people who linked to my Blog post. Turning cartwheels now . . .

    I’m sure going to have to spend my last few bucks at the chiropractor BUT I digress.

    BTW, my personal choice – Open site explorer – by MOZ

    Never heard about – Topsy – before. Now I am educated. Thank you. I’ve begun to identify people who re-tweeted my Blog post.

    ViolaNorbet – God that sounds like my high school girlfriend. Now I have Email Ids.

    BTW Ahmed, I’d spend some time, poking around on their – Contact Me – page. Right click – View source and poke around pretty much works for me.

    Looking in the page footer carefully also works. I’ve hit pay dirt (email Ids) so very often, I celebrate.

    Reaching out to them using a really nicely worded, short interesting Email, the icing on the cake.

    Ahmed, beautifully written, packed with value, I’m sharing this Blog post on all my social streams.

    Thank you Ahmed. Thank you Sue. This is brilliant.

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