Blog For Money: With Yaro Starak [Podcast]

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I’m so excited that Yaro Starak is on the podcast today!

He is one of my mentors and is tops at the blogging game.  He and I talk about: his success, productivity, mindset, launches of products and more. (And he has a lovely accent)

Please join the podcast by listening here on the website, or download it to your phone or get the transcript and read it. You’ll get so many great lessons from the “Blogging God” Yaro Starak.

Click on the microphone below to read the transcript of the interview:

8 thoughts on “Blog For Money: With Yaro Starak [Podcast]”

  1. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for sharing this podcast interview. I am bookmarking it and will listen this on weekend.

    I am very sure that it will be going to great,.


    • Hi, Nisha,

      He is great on the podcast – gave so many actionable steps to take that are realistic and doable.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog and commenting today!

  2. Hi, Ryan,

    Yes, the was a big "get", as they say in TV. Yaro doing my month-old podcast – what an honor! He was so down-to-earth and gave such great advice that it was a lesson-filled hour talking to him.

    My grown son is visiting and was wondering why I was so deliriously happy last Monday when I recorded it!

    Thanks for listening to the podcast, Ryan, and dropping back to comment!

  3. What a great interview, Sue!

    I listened to the podcast in its entirety and found so many golden nuggets to take away. I may listen again just to take notes again.

    I really resonate with Yaro and love his traffic methods as well. When he mentioned teleconferences, does that mean using software that is just audio? I was interested in knowing more about what platform he uses.

    Thanks for sharing, and now I'll be sharing this awesome interview with my friends! 🙂

    Have an awesome day, Sue.

    – Carol

    • Hi, Carol,

      I know, I was taking notes during the interview – 4 pages worth!

      Yes, Yaro uses teleseminar services – just audio. I'll ask him about which one he uses.

      Thanks for sharing and commenting!

  4. This guy is great — he has a real entrepreneurial spirit. I get intimidated by trying to make a career out of blogging because it seems like there are already so many blogs flooding the marketplace. Thanks for sharing!

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