5 Things Blog Advertisers Want to Know

Blog advertising and sponsored blog posts remain a hot topic for bloggers. My personal blog advertising story and guidelines on sponsored blog post rates still get comments over a year after they were written and I continue to get emails from other bloggers about those posts.

Some bloggers just want to thank me for sharing that information and want to let me know they’ve put their rates up and have already sold advertising and sponsored blog posts at the higher price. Other bloggers are still uncertain about the best way to work with advertisers and have more questions about dealing with advertisers or sponsored blog post rates.

What Blog Advertisers Want to Know

1. Unique monthly visitors

The number of unique visitors each month is the holy grail for advertisers and considered to be the equivalent of the monthly circulation for a magazine. To get a fair tally of your unique monthly visitors take the total of unique visits for the last three months and divide it by three to give you an estimate monthly figure.

Make sure you use the correct figure for unique views, not page views which are different. Mention where you got your statistics and ideally use Google Analytics because that’s the most reliable source of blog statistics. Explain the number quoted is the monthly average of unique visits for (say) March, April and May.

Always be honest. It’s rare for advertisers to ask for a screenshot of Google Analytics but if they do you should be able to supply it.

Always tell the truth. Although having a large number of monthly visitors is a great way to persuade advertisers to deal with you sometimes size is less important than being able to show your readers are from a specific place, in a certain age range or specifically interested in a certain topic or niche.

2. Reader demographics

Google Analytics can also tell you where your blog readers come from. In your emails or media kits list up to five of the countries the majority of your readers come from along with the percentage of readers who come from each country. If you’re outside North America you might want to combine the USA and Canada into one percentage. For example, 50% North America, 20% Australia and New Zealand, 10% UK, others from around the world.

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It’s also important to be able to tell advertisers more details about your blog readers such as gender, age group, and socio-economic background. The best way to do that is to create a reader survey. Alternatively, you can use Alexa.

The free version of Alexa isn’t perfect but you can register your blog then check under the site info tab where you can get statistics on gender, browsing location (home or work) and education. You can also subscribe to Alexa Pro to view all reader demographics including age, income, ethnicity and family situation.

Another alternative to get your reader demographics is Quantcast.com although you have to add code to every page of your blog.

Reader engagement is also important and you can show this to advertisers by mentioning the number of comments on blog posts and shares on other social networks.

3. Significant followings on social media outposts

Anything over 5,000 is significant. If you can’t compete with that add up all your social media followings and use the total then explain the figure given as your combined followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.

4. Email subscribers

Advertisers love email subscribers. Include this statistic if you have over 1,000 subscribers and if you don’t have many email subscribers explain why. For example, tell advertisers your blog is just not the type of blog people subscribe too but they do follow and engage deeply on Facebook.

5. Social proof

Social proof shows advertisers that you are trustworthy and worth backing. If you’ve won any awards for your work, blog or writing mention it. Also mention other brands you’ve worked with, even if you weren’t paid for the work.

So those are the five main things advertisers want to know. Include that information and keep your media kit or emails short and simple to make sure blog advertisers can find that information fast. If you do that blog advertising won’t  just be a hot topic, it will be a handy source of income too.

Is there any other important information advertisers want to know before working with a blogger?

18 thoughts on “5 Things Blog Advertisers Want to Know”

  1. I've been so busy the past year that I've neglected by email list. After checking it recently I learned I had 1,500 subscribers. I was pleasantly surprised, but then stricken with guilt that I've not capitalized on a great opportunity.

    But, I'm a little clueless…….do you sell advertising spots in a newsletter? Do you have some other posts I could read on monetizing an email list? I'm thinking I probably have enormous opportunity right under my nose.

    And FYI, for anyone who doesn't know, you can download a PDF file from Google Analytics to send a nice report document for all your traffic data.

    Thanks for another good post,

    • Hi Magnolia,

      That's a great point. Of course you can sell advertising in your newsletter too separately or if the sponsored post is emailed to people in that.

      I wonder if Google can tailor those reports to only pull a few details. Either way it's an easy option to send blog advertisers if you don't have a proper media kit yet.

  2. Hi Johanna,

    I haven't done a survey for ages but last time I did the results were so interesting. Best way to find out about your readers and why they hang out on your blog. You might be surprised 🙂

  3. Annabel

    I feel like advertisers (I'm the right target audience myself) want to also know the conversion numbers, like how many clicks past advertisers achieved over a 30-day and 60-day period, so they know what to expect.

    This estimate would help them make the right decision when advertising on your site and give advertisers another reason to go with your blog instead of the others…

    Hope it helps?

  4. They also want to know about your rates and if the links are followed or not. I now specifically mention already on my public advertising page that they are not and that I do not accept text links ads (in accordance with google guidelines) in order to avoid any confusion and avoid too many pointless enquiries.

    • Hi Sylvia,

      I don't think genuine advertisers care about follow or no follow links, only SEO companies and it's easy to weed them out by telling them you use no follow links. Great point, thank you 🙂

  5. Great post Annabel! Your original post on blog post rates inspired me to lift mine and it's proved a successful strategy. I find that lower rates can negotiated up. It's all about deciding what you are worth and setting reasonable rates. Your tip on combining different social media platforms into one figure is also a great one. Thank you.

    • I've felt like I've been swimming upstream by charging for guest posts on my blog for so long, that I was ecstatic when I ran across Annabel's post.

      A lot of women's health bloggers don't charge for guest posts and seem to think that simply networking and building community is all that is needed to be a successful blogger.

      As a former accountant and finance major, that entire notion just went against all of my capitalist sensibilities. 🙂


      • Hi Magnolia,

        There's a big difference between accepting guest posts from friends and strategic alliances and from brands who are looking for free advertising. Good for you. At the end of the day if bloggers don't make money they won't be able to carry on blogging, no matter how much they love it. More success to you 🙂

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  8. This is such a well explained, lucid and brief article, thanks for the information 🙂 I have just started getting some inquiries from different brands about advertising on my blog and this will help me in talking with them like a professional.

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