Behind The Scenes Of A Successful Blog

I bet this has happened to you.

You get up from your desk, having spent two hours writing and polishing a blog post. You were in the flow – creative energy surged through you. Ideas burst their way onto the page. Suddenly, a thought pops into your brain.

I wonder what it’s like to be a full-time blogger?

Let me tell you – it’s one of the most fulfilling ventures you’ll ever take.

You have freedom – freedom to explore your own vision, set your own schedule and figure out how to get paid what you’re worth.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s hard work, especially in the beginning. You’re busy building a following, getting loyal readers and growing your email list. And figuring out what you are going to sell – will it be coaching, or an eCourse or even a physical product? (Maybe you’ll start out selling affiliate products until you figure out what you want to create.)

No matter how you start, pretty soon you figure out you are an entrepreneur. You aren’t just a blogger – you now have a blogging business.

Here are my favorite reasons to start your own profitable blog:

traffic to your blogChart your own future. In a “job,” your future is limited by the perceptions of your boss.There are many factors that go into a decision about whether you get a promotion or a raise and they aren’t always fair. But as an entrepreneur, you’ll be the captain of your own ship. You’ll have some setbacks and a few failures, but a true entrepreneurial spirit can overcome anything – and will.

traffic for your blogDictate your own schedule. Of course, there will be times when meetings with clients must be scheduled and time must be set aside to complete a project. But you can set your own schedule, which means you can take the afternoon off to go to your daughter’s ballet class. Or drop into Starbucks with your computer to write a blog post. Working for someone else doesn’t even come near giving you that type of freedom. 

blog trafficChoose your place of work. Brainstorm in a bubble bath or on a park bench – or set up your home office and work in your pajamas. As an entrepreneur, plotting your own business course, you can even choose to work at a resort beside the pool. The world is your office.


blog trafficMake a difference. Solving problems for your clients is the ultimate high. Besides giving you the satisfaction of being important in someone’s life, you’ll create more business for yourself. Creating a service or a product that can help someone overcome a hurdle and having them become healthier, wealthier or more successful will provide a fan and client base that you can be proud of.

get blog trafficDo and work with ideas and people you love. Whatever you love to do and learn about can be turned into the business you’ll love. For example, if you love social media, you may think about creating a blog that teaches others about navigating social media successfully. The best part of being an entrepreneur is that you only have to work with the people that you like and respect.

With a mindset of passion, persistence, and confidence, your entrepreneurial vision is your power and energy to get things done and make it happen – just as you always dreamed it would.

What is your favorite reason for being an entrepreneur?

68 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes Of A Successful Blog”

  1. Hi Sue Anne, My favorite reasons right now are it keeps me current on topics I am very interested in. It is twofold, works like a resume for me and a way to make money in the future. I enjoy connecting in the blogging world with other like minded people.

    I love it when I get comments from folks that didn't know about something and the topic helped them in their business or life. (Self-satisfaction).

    I can't believe I've been at this for 5 years now! Time flies when you are having fun….

    • Hi, Lisa,

      Wow – 5 years for you and 6 for me. It's amazing how fast it goes, right?

      I so appreciate you sharing your "why" with me and my readers!

  2. I am dedicated to read all the hard work that you have done in your this couple of years. Thanks for sharing your hard work with us, this content will be like a type of mentoring me

    • Great reason why, Bill! Passing on knowledge is the best way to get better at the subject matter – teaching helps you cement your methods for success.

      Thanks for sharing today!

  3. Hi Sue,

    I love blogging because is the only job that brings me money while staying all day in bed with my laptop on my lap. How cool is that?

    Through blogging, I make a lot of friends all the time and it makes me happy. I like pushing my boundaries to make an excellent work and I spend a lot of time to make even the smallest detail perfect.

    I want to make my clients so pleased with my work, that even if somebody else would come and offer to do the same work at half a price, my clients would choose me because of the quality of my posts. That's my purpose.

    Thanks for being my client and my coach!


    • Love these reasons, Minuca! You are doing a great job in your blogging business and it's an honor to be your coach as well as your client.

      Thanks for commenting today!

  4. Hi Sue, great post. They remind starters like me, about why we must hang in there and make this work. Why an entrepreneur? Really wanted more time for my young children and a chance to express the sizzling creativity I know I have. It just kept coming out in squirts when I was working full time. Knowing that I get paid for having fun is the best part.

    • Hi, Jemine,

      Love this reason why to be an entrepreneur! Having a family-friendly lifestyle is a big reason why!

      Thanks for your comment,

  5. Wow Sue, these are pretty amazing reasons to become an entrepreneur.

    To be honest, starting a blog of my own has always been my thing, however, the sole problem has been deciding on what product/service to offer.

    I've been told severally of my patience and the ability to give strong advice in tough situations; becoming a coach in this aspect sounds like the perfect way to explore more. But I've been held down by the believe that I don't qualify for that.

    Heck, I don't even have a degree yet not talk off an MBA or masters in psychology.

    But I'd love to specialize in that field as an entrepreneur.

    Thanks for the tips and encouragement. Successful Blogging really is my one stop shop for blogging advice.


    • Hi, Tessa,

      One thing I have learned as in my blogging business is that you have to have a mindset of confidence, even when it's hard to do. Get experience coaching – coach friends and ask for a testimonial in payment. Get several people on your email list to let you coach them for 20 minutes in exchange for a testimonial. Read books on how to coach and perfect your system and methods.

      Build the belief that you can do this. I believe in you – you can do this!

      Thanks for sharing your story,

  6. Hi, Sue

    The idea to be a full-time blogger or you can say an Entrepreneur came to my mind three years back. It was then that I started to build few ideas for my future venture.

    It gives you freedom and you are master of your own time, but initially to make a blog or an online business successful, one has to invest more hours than his/her regular job. After a year or so, it is quite easy especially when you see regular earnings from it.

    Thanks for this post. Regards

  7. Nice blog post Sue…I love the new design and cool things that you are doing with your new blog design! I love the number bullets, as you know me, I nitpick on the details! πŸ™‚

    For me, under your guidance, I feel my strength is more in the coaching field. I decided to do coaching because I love helping people to reach their potential. I fufilled when I am able to help other succeed (and get paid for it). I have working in some type of human service field all my life, but as you have pointed out, your employer limits how you can achieve that goal. I love that I have the opportunity to be flexible….however, it is scary at the same time!

    Thanks for being a great resource for blogging as well as how to succeed in life. I get so much inspiration from you!

  8. Hi Sue,

    You've got together 5 brilliant reasons (and incentives) for being an entrepreneur here, Sue.

    For me, it's also about the joy of being able to teach people how to do what they want to do. There's so many people wanting to start a blog to share their skills, know-how and message who struggle, get frustrated with advice out there that's just lame and then they give up.

    I know because that's what happened to me when I started. But then I discovered how success really happens online and now I pass the key steps onto those people. That's my dream come true where being an entrepreneur is concerned.

    – Tom
    Tom Southern recently posted 6 Little Talked About (and Possibly Controversial) Reasons Why Your Traffic Conversion Rate SucksMy Profile

    • LOVE your reason "why", Tom! I agree that it is a great feeling helping beginning bloggers.

      Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Sue,

    For me, it's always been about helping people solve their problems… and bringing them to the point where they realize

    (1) they can achieve their biggest goal

    (2) they probably already have the tools to do it

    (3) they only need to apply those tools in an efficient, purposeful manner, and

    (4) nobody can do it for them; they can help and point the way, but they have to put in the time, dedication and work.

    Problem solved πŸ™‚

    Donna Merrill recently posted Run Your Blog Like You Would Run A StoreMy Profile

    • Love that, Donna! Solving problems is the heart of what you and I do.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comment today.

  10. Hi Sue,

    I've always wanted to earn my living doing what I love best – writing. And I've always wanted to be able to pack up my laptop and work from anywhere in the world. I'm part of the way there in that I've created a successful writing business that I operate from home, but I'm not there completely because most of my clients are based in my hometown and I still feel 'tied' to my desk (even though my desk is at home, which is a vast improvement to the 9-5 job I had previously) But I'm getting there, slowly, slowly and it's mainly thanks to the support and inspiration of other bloggers like you. So thanks for everything.

  11. Hi Sue,

    My favourite reason for being an entrepreneur or a blogger is the opportunity it gives me to positively affect other people's life and the joy of helping people solve their problem.

    I also love to learn, explore and discover new things, blogging avails me the privilege of achieving this goal and I can not deny the fact that the prospect of making money from blogging is also a big motivating factor.

    In all its been a wonderful experience and my only regret is not to have started blogging earlier. I know that the journey is still far, but people like you gives us inspiration to hang on there.
    Obodo Charles recently posted How To Get Free Stuff Online And Incredible Discount Using CouponsMy Profile

  12. Sue, I can almost see the sparkle in your eye as you wrote this post. πŸ™‚

    Couldn't agree more that it's one of the most fulfilling things you can ever do. My main reason for embarking on this journey is that I didn't want to have regrets not having started when I looked back later on in life. It's scary as hell and challenging but worth every single bit.

    I've never seen myself as an entrepreneurial or techy type and starting a blog and online business puts you through such a steep learning curve. There's is so much to pick up and learn. But I'm happy that I'm still trudging through. I want my daughter to know that the things we tell ourselves very often are just limiting beliefs and if we really set our minds to it, there's nothing stopping us. Thanks for this post Sue! πŸ™‚

  13. #1 is definitely the biggest reason for me. I want to be the captain of my ship, take care of it, and bring it wherever I want. Freedom is my biggest driver.

    Sometimes I wonder what it's like to be a full-time blogger when I write for 2 hours, feel like an eternity just passed, and don't feel like writing anymore at all until the next day.

    What I mean is that I don't think I would write a lot more being full-time (at least at the beginning, as I guess the creativity capacity can be stretched). It would also be easier to get lost of tiny details like tweaking the website etc.

    • Hi, Charles,

      Yes, having all day to blog usually means that you get involved in all the tiny details, which can eat up creative time too easily! It's always a struggle to plan out several hours a day to do income-producing work. But that is the key to success.

      Thanks so much for your comment!

  14. Full-time blogging is something that takes a lot of your time if you want to have a successful blog. There are many things you need to do and need to split your time to do many pieces of works, including setup and maintain the blog, keyword research, writing, optimize and link building.

    To have a successful blog, you need to know exact steps to do next, or you will confuse what to do next.
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  15. Thanks for such a valuable post . Its totally different from every other post .Great work done . Your post shows all your effort and great experience towards your work . I am feeling very confident about seo after reading that post . I am very thankful to you . Its my request please post more and more post . Really its a knowledgeable and great post .

  16. I absolutely love your attitude, Meera, and your daughter will definitely learn that big lesson from you.

    Keep it up and you WILL be successful.

  17. Hi, Mel,

    Your business took off quickly and, as an entrepreneur, you can set you own schedule, which sometimes means starting a waiting list if you get too busy. This was a new concept to me earlier this year – I would just push through and work long hours. Now I know my limits.

    I'm so proud of you!

  18. Sue, really loved this blog post and I love the new design on your blog. I decided to be an entrepreneur because of the freedom that it give you to be able to bless people with your talent. In a job, you usually find that your freedom is limited. Thanks for the wonderful encouragement that you give for us to hang in there in the beginning while we are trying to figure it out! πŸ™‚

    • You are SO welcome, Lucy! Thanks for the lovely comment and you are going to be great entrepreneur.

  19. You are spot-on, Tauqir. The first year is full of long days and nights but it is so worth it.

    Thanks for your comment today.

  20. Thanks so much for sharing your story, Lucy. You will be a great coach and you'll feel very fulfilled working for yourself.


  21. That's quite an awesome list of reasons Sue!

    But the main point you stressed!

    Once we figure out how to consistently provide value to our

    particular target market and build those rock solid relationships!

    Then income and opportunities provided, will provide the freedom we crave and will have most certainly earned!Thanks for always showing us the way!! Greatly appreciated!
    Mark recently posted Introducing The Sneaky Little Way Savvy Small Business Owners Gain And Keep Their Competitive Edge!My Profile

    • Very, very true, Mark. It's the key – providing value to our target market and building relationships.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

    • Hi, Julian,

      I think you should guest post at least twice a month when you are a beginning blogger. You can do it less as you approach 5000 subscribers but that first year – do it as much as you can!

      Thanks for your comment and question.

      • Sue,

        Blogging is bit difficult at the beginning, So it always nice to get bonus tips from experience bloggers πŸ™‚

        Thanks !!

        • The first year is hardest and then, I promise, it gets easier.

          Thanks for your comment, Julian!

  22. Great post! Two years ago, I never would have dreamed I would be a blogger. When I started a year and a half ago, the crickets were chirping loudly for several months, but every month my hits have climbed higher and higher since then and it is amazing and fun to watch your "baby" grow and succeed. I am an introvert and definitely not a people person at all unless I am writing to them so blogging is the perfect job for me. I hope some day to be as successful as you but in the meantime I am just kind of enjoying the journey and amazing myself a little bit at what I have been able to put together in just a year and a half. Self pride is a new thing for me, other than my kids, and I can't really take "credit" for them. But my blog, that is all me and it is a pretty awesome feeling. πŸ™‚

    • LOVE your story, Lisa! Congratulations – making it over a year is rare in the blogging world. You have jumped the first big hurdle and are on your way.

      Thanks for sharing with my readers and me.

  23. The number one reason would be the ability to work when you feel like it. I am a very moody person and there are times when I did rather just sleep and other times when I cannot stop typing away on my computer working on a blog post. A 9 to 5 does not give me that flexibility. Another favorite reason is the fact that I can avoid the rushhour traffic as I don't need to commute to a workplace. Even if I do have a workplace, I can commute when the traffic dies down and that's a huge plus.
    Mukesh recently posted List of Sites Offering High Resolution Copyright Free Images for Commercial UseMy Profile

    • Love these reasons "why", Mukesh! They are great – I don't miss being in my car commuting at all.

      Thanks for sharing.

  24. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! I've been thinking about starting a blog and I find this post very helpful! Thanks again and wish me luck πŸ™‚

  25. Love this post! My favorite reason to becoming an entrepreneur is in making a difference. I really hope my blog inspires people to be the best version of themselves.

  26. Hi Sue,

    Great Article!!

    I'm not a successful blogger but this lesson gives me something which leads me to success. Time is very important by all means. Thank You for the article.

  27. Hi Sue,

    I too want to start my own business. It's such a great feeling to have your own business and you are the boss. I want that freedom.

    Anyway, I love your blog but this is the first time I am commenting. Looking forward to more posts from you.

    • Hi, Siya,

      I so appreciate your comment! Now you are part of The Successful Blogging Team.


  28. Hey Sue. Great post. I loved reading all the comments. For me, as I've said many times, I love being able to travel the world and work from my computer. I am also working with inspiring clients which keeps me young. And, most importantly of all–let's not forget that I get to pee now when I have to. (Teaching didn't allow me that–wreaking havoc on my bladder!)

    • LOL! That's too funny – but unfortunately true, Shannon.

      I so appreciate you stopping by and commenting.

  29. I am dedicated to read all the hard work that you have done in your this couple of years. Thanks for sharing your hard work with us, this content will be like a type of mentoring me

  30. Hello Sue Dunlevie, this article is no doubt very inspirational. I’m motivated after reading this and feel positive as the encouraging lines seem to walk by you everywhere once you finish reading the article. Thank you so much for sharing this kind of a post with us.

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