Dear fellow (or soon to be) blogger...

Do You Wonder Why Blogging Is SO Hard And What You Can Do To Make It More Fun And Profitable?

You’ve seen how blogs can build fortunes and create celebrities. And you know that you have a message to share with your readers that will definitely benefit them. But, are you looking around at those other popular bloggers and wondering if that will be you someday? I hate to be blunt … but you’re probably putting all your efforts into the wrong things. There’s an audience who desperately want to hear what you have to say… but they don’t know how to find you.

If you are reading this, you take your blog seriously, but passion isn’t enough. You deserve a guiding hand to lead you through the temptations that distract you from your ultimate goal.

You need to clear the cobwebs and accept help. You can get more people to listen to your message.  

What’s important for you to know is that your blog can flourish without breaking your heart from unrewarded effort.

If you want to succeed where you may have previously failed… you’re in the right place.

I’m here for you.

Almost every single blogger who ever put fingers to keyboard has obsessed over their blog to the point that they felt sick in their stomach at getting nowhere. They knew they were going in the wrong direction, but felt helpless to do anything about it.  

They saw barriers like...  

-- “I don’t have time to write.” -- “I can’t afford a premium theme or those expensive plugins.” -- “I have no clue how to figure out who my ideal reader is.”  

What every successful blogger has learned is how to:  

Save Time: “I know how to create content people are likely to share because it answers their questions.”  

Make Money: “I know exactly what pain I can solve for my ideal customer that they will gladly put their hand in their pocket to pay for.”  

Enjoy the Effort: “Now I have a clear plan, I enjoy what I do instead of stressing over what to do next.”

Your Blog Should Serve as an Embassy for Brand “You”

They say that an infinite number of monkeys given an infinite amount of typewriters could come up with the works of Shakespeare, but ask yourself this: Do you have an infinite amount of time to "try" your ideas? Every minute you waste on trial and error deprives your audience of the solutions they need. Even an average workman can build something of monumental significance when they master the simple task of building one block on top of another.

You can learn how to create a world-class blog…

You’re not average. Your message isn't average. Your blog is not average.  

Let’s show the world what you’ve got!  

• How to make a difference that gets noticed... • That changes how people think... • That builds your brand... • And, creates an additional income for you.  

I’ve outlined all the details you need to follow in my brand new course.


In Blog In A Box, I’ll walk you through and you'll...  

• Be able to define what your ideal reader wants from you.  

• Finally be able to escape the crushing expectation to constantly write new material and be able to focus on quality, not quantity.  

• Understand key blogging trends to bring your blog up to date with the new blogging styles when you understand how to take advantage of blog length, images, and metrics.  

• Find out how to make money from your blog

With my step-by-step, easy-to-follow course, there are no shortcuts, no sneaky tactics or fast tracks to success, but there is a simple plan you can follow to get there!

"Thanks again. You changed my life."

"Sue's not so secret weapon is her expertise. Her success lies in the many successes of her clientele."

Nancy Anderson Acres of

 Beth Lowell Beth Lowell

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

Identify the exact topics that your audience wants to read about

Use a simple writing style that engages your readers  

Stop faking your way, hoping that someone takes you seriously, but actually believe in your newfound ability to expand your blogging influence  

Create posts so captivating they’ll almost go viral when you share them  

Plan a real income from your blog instead of haphazardly sharing affiliate links and hoping someone randomly clicks on them  

Evolve your blog by using some proven tricks for maintaining your consistent quality as you grow and become well-known

I've divided up the course into clearly defined modules, so you won’t get overwhelmed with all the skills to learn. I'll give you specific activities to complete to make sure you implement what you learn, …along with a workbook to take notes and complete the activities. You’ll get a summary checklist to keep by your side and refer to whenever you need a reminder of the key points from the course. And you’ll also get resources to help you remember what you’ve learned and to put it all into action.

Want the specifics? 

Here are the topics we'll cover in each major section of the course:

Module 1: Modern Trends in Blogging So That Your Blog Will Look Professional Yet Stylish

We’ll start off by discussing the trends in blogging and what the most successful bloggers are doing. And take a close look at what’s not working in today’s blogosphere and what you should avoid doing.

Module 2: Define Your Audience So Your Message Gets To The Right People

The reader profile, or avatar, is often a very confusing concept for bloggers (and copywriters, business people and authors). Discover the key to unlocking this secret without breaking a sweat. 

By the end of this module, you’ll know exactly who you’re writing for and how to pinpoint the things they want to hear about in your blog.

Module 3: Create Captivating and Shareable Content

Module 2 made reader profiles easier than ever before, so now we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of content creation…. How to take a big bunch of quantity and put it through the grinder until quality comes out the other end. We'll also get into the all-important formatting that makes pro content stand out from the posts that earn amateurs nothing but silence and bounces.

Module 4: Share Your Posts To Get The Max Reach and Engagement

After finding your ideal reader and creating their ideal content, now we’ll move to social media, which is a great way to interact with your readers and get your content out there. You can automate your social media syndication using some effective tools and save both time and money so you can do something fun instead of pinning and posting all day long!

Module 5: How to Monetize and Turn Your Blog into a Profit-Making Business

By this point, you’ve clearly defined your niche, your reader, your content creation plan, and your social marketing strategy. In this module, you’ll learn the different ways to monetize your content and your interactions with your readers and followers. We’ll help you discover how to turn the gold in your content into cash (without cluttering up your site with ads that only pay pennies).

Module 6: How to Create a Consistent Writing Habit So You Make Your Life Easier

Everything you have learned so far is a foundation that needs consistent application. Here’s where you’ll find out how to create strong writing habits and structure a process that works best for you. Blogging is not a one-size-fits-all pastime and, without creating a process that suits your specific strengths and weaknesses, your hard work will continue to be undiscovered.

Take charge of your blog and carve it into a solid piece of internet real estate that rewards your regular writing habit with a solid income stream. No one other than a successful blogger knows just how tough it can be to survive and thrive without direction, so each module in this course comes with action steps in the form of learning activities to help guide you toward success.  

You can start today or you can look back 60 days from now and wonder why nothing is different.

It’s time to stop “trying out” blogging and start getting more readers, comments, and shares.  

• If you’ve lost your way… • If you struggle to demonstrate how valuable you are to your readers… • If you want to communicate from your heart while earning a living…  

This course is for you!

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