Blog Checklist: The Ultimate Blog Post Publishing Checklist

How would you like a blog checklist, designed to help you with pre-and-post-publishing of your blog posts?

After failing at blogging for the longest time, using a lot of elbow grease, I know for a fact that blogging is not a cakewalk, especially the content creation, bits.

You need to wear multiple hats – all working simultaneously – to be able to create that epic post that makes readers drool over it. And to drive-in traffic.

And to do all of it effectively, there are many critical elements right from on-page optimization to grammar check to content formatting that contribute to making your blog post a success.

blog checklist

However, keeping a track of everything can be an overwhelming task.

BUT, it doesn’t have to be that way.

A simple checklist that breaks down the whole blog publishing, promotion process into easy, actionable items can make your job 10x easier.

That’s exactly what this blog post will help you with.

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