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The Role of Guest Posts in Successful Blogging

People start blogs as a way to share their expertise on an important topic with a community of like-minded followers. Many bloggers are surprised how much time it takes to successfully write posts, promote them on social media, and interact with a community of followers. To spur growth and expand the conversation, the next logical […]

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How to Create Your Irresistible List Building Freebie (before lunch tomorrow!)

So, I thought I've written all I could about Lead Magnet freebies. (Check out this post and this one). But there is SO much more! Why a Lead Magnet Freebie? You can get more traffic due to marketing the lead magnet, build your list from the readers that sign up for and download it, and […]

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How to Quit Your Job and Become a Full-time Blogger

Being a professional blogger and content creator, I have interviewed a number of people who are full-time bloggers in India, USA, UK, and other countries. When I interacted with every one of them, I found one thing in common. The passion for creating content has made them quit their million dollar jobs and start their […]

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The 4 Commandments for Designing an SEO Friendly Website

The undying rule in search engine optimization (SEO) marketing is that page ranking defines a business’s success. Even when you take the time to make an aesthetically pleasing website that serves as a hub to brand your business, search engine optimization is the most vital element for your website. SEO ensures that consumers find your […]

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The Ultimate List of 85+ Free (or Low Cost) Blogging Tools

I get this question daily, "Sue, how do you..." (fill in the blank with the latest problem that has been causing you to tear your hair out) So I decided to create a list of the best free (or low cost) blogging tools that answer that very question. And, yes, I use 67 of these […]

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