Are You Making These 9 Profit-Killing Mistakes With Your Blog?

how to make money with free blogI’m over on Unsettle today with my post on “Traffic Demystified” and Sarah Peterson has taken over Successful Blogging. Let’s see how many of you can read and comment on both posts today!

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

Getting the hang of this whole blogging thing.

You open Google Analytics to see that only a handful of people had visited your blog. Your comments section is as empty as the Chinese buffet on Christmas. You’re working overtime and haven’t earned a single cent.

And you wonder..

Should you throw in the towel? Give up this blogging thing entirely?

But I have good news.

You right just be making a handful of new blogger blunders that are preventing you from gaining traction, readers, and profit. And most of them are completely fixable.

Here are nine mistakes new bloggers make and how they hurt your bottom line.

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