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The Whole Truth About Making Money With Your Blog

Last week I had a coaching call with Sally, a new client with a 2-year-old fashion blog. I asked how she was making money with her blog and she replied "ads". So, just like Dr. Phil, I asked, "And how's that working for you?" She said that in November; she had 83,132 visitors and made $194 […]

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Just The Facts About Blogging

Ever since the blogging trend started, almost every website has a blog and everyone with a hint of experience in any field became a writer. But that wasn’t just beneficial for those who wanted to quit their jobs. People worldwide with questions got their answers and engaged with people that help them with their problems. […]

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11 Quick Ways to Make Blogging EASIER

One of the toughest things about learning to blog is the self-imposed pressure to always have a terrific, earth-shattering, life-changing blog post that makes people catch fire just reading it. You know what I mean... ...You've got that little voice whispering in your ear that if your posts don't measure up to some impossibly high standard […]

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5 Blogging Mistakes That Can Be Fixed [Right Now!]

Blogging feels so complex sometimes. A lot of bloggers don’t have a plan to grow their blog or to create content or to gain more leads. In reality, blogging is one of the finest ways to drive inbound site visitors and convert traffic into leads. Want to know the best part? All you need to […]

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Top 10 Writing Apps for Bloggers For 2019

Put these writing tools on your holiday list and get ready to make a clean start in the New Year. Writing Apps #1 Scrivener It had to be you. We have tried them all. Ulysses, Novelr, and more and we are unanimous that if you're tackling a big project, the organizational engine of Scrivener will ensure everything goes […]

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8 Factors To Consider When Choosing a Web-Hosting Provider

So, you have finally decided to launch your own website on the internet. Everyone you know and every article you read, tell you to find a reliable web-hosting company; one that never fails to live up to your expectations. But what do you really need to look for when choosing a residing place for your […]

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