How To Get More Blog Traffic [Check Out #2!]

how to get more blog traffic

You wish that every newly published post brings in more visitors to your blog. Don’t you?

But no matter how hard you try, you are not getting the traffic you deserve. Is that sound familiar to you?

Growing your website traffic and creating content are two different tasks. But they both go hand in hand. If your content is not good, no matter how much traffic you get, it really doesn’t matter.

No matter how great your content is, if it doesn’t reach more people, it doesn’t matter!

content marketingYou need this: Great content (that people actually read) + Targeted traffic = More sales!

Unfortunately, most bloggers don’t know how to create the right content to boost their traffic and sales. If you are one among them, this guide is exclusively for you. Are you ready?

Let’s jump into the details.

#1. Use the divide-and-conquer technique

Instead of writing about everything under the sun, start creating content for smaller audiences. Focus on a small niche where you can acquire more loyal readers and more search traffic.

One of the biggest mistakes most bloggers and marketers make while creating content is covering too many topics at a time. Listen, that’s a huge mistake to building a blog audience.

For instance, let’s say you have a fitness related blog, you can get more traction if you focus on writing just about “belly fat reduction tips for women” instead of talking everything around fitness from running to diet to losing weight.

Are you getting me?

It’s easier to grab more people’s attention to read and share your content if you focus on ONE topic.

Once you get enough traffic and sales, you can then include one more topic. You can go on doing the same until you become an authority in your industry. That’s how proper content marketing strategy is done. That’s how Copyblogger went from a small blog to a multi-million dollar online business.

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