Are You A Blogger Or Online Business Owner?

2 thoughts on “Are You A Blogger Or Online Business Owner?”

  1. Hello Sue! I need your advice! I am a 38 year old women and mother of three beautiful girls all under 4 yearly old. I’m getting ready to launch my online business, selling women’s clothing and wanted to know what your opinion. It turns out that I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer this past September and I’ve been on chemo since and I had a major surgery and will be having another one at the end of this month. So I’m doing good it’s been very hard and challenging but my treatment is working and I have all the right people helping me. But as far as blogging for my business, what do I focus or should I focus my blogging on? I’m not sure if I can write a bit about myself and my experience with cancer and what advice I have? Or if I Only talk fashion? Thanks in advance for your time. God bless

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