Stop Telling Me About Your 6-Figure Launch!

I’m pissed off.

If I see one more blogger telling you about their $234,500 launch, I’m going to scream!

I get so mad when I see popular bloggers sharing info from their latest “$450k launch in 14 days” or posting an income report (who thought that concept up?) saying “my launch earned about $275,000 in revenue with 419 sales”.

It’s SO unrealistic to compare yourself and your newer blog to experienced bloggers that have blogged for years.

And it doesn’t motivate you. It just makes you feel crappy.

Do you know what misery is?

Misery is comparing yourself to other people.

Whether it’s a younger woman’s great skin when you’re in your fifties. Or the 6-pack abs guy when you’ve just started going to the gym.

Reading income reports also creates misery.Click To Tweet

You are NOT doing anything wrong. Those experienced bloggers have a team – a copywriter, a virtual assistant (or two), a launch manager, an affiliate manager, etc. They can have, what I call, a Rocket Launch. They have tested their idea with their audience, have built a big list and are ready to rocket their income.

All you want to do is just make money – reliable, consistent money.

$1000 a month to start.

And down the road, $4k to $6k a month.

That’s realistic. You CAN be making a full-time income in less than a year with your blogging business.

This is how it works…

Instead of a Rocket Launch, I want you to have a Pocket Launch™. I’m a huge believer in having a tiny launch to a small portion of your list when you are just starting out.

This is how it works:

  1. You need to have a blog with at least 3 posts, an About Page and a Contact Page. (if you don’t, check out my Website In A Week experience).
  2. You will have already started collecting email addresses from your blog visitors and have the beginnings of an email list.
  3. And (key step) you solve a problem for your readers.
  4. Then you can do a Pocket Launch™ to part of your email list, just like I teach my clients to do.

Definition of a A Pocket Launch™: It is a tiny launch where you sell a new offer (your product, eBook, course, freelance service, or coaching) to your hyper-loyal fans (people that are either open all your emails or that you have connected with on social media).

When I did my first Pocket Launch™ 5 and 1/2 years ago, I had 324 people on my list and made $5,400 in a week.

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When my client Jaime did his Pocket Launch™ last week, he made $5,825 from getting just one new client. When Eli did his Pocket Launch™, he made $2,500 in just one month.

The Pocket Launch™ lets you test your offer to make sure:

  • It solves an important problem for your potential client.
  • It is what your potential client really wants and they will take out their wallet, buy it, and become a client.

Then you can grow that offer. You now know the offer works and people will pay you for it. Now, expand the offer – teach more modules in your course. Create more chapters in your eBook. Or raise the price of your coaching since now you have had clients and can put some testimonials on your website.

And then when you launch that offer again, you can make close to $7,000, like my client Shannon. Or $14,500, like I did on my 2nd launch.

Let’s be realistic.

A newer blog doesn’t make $7k in its first month. But your blog can make $1,000, then $2,000, then $5,000, growing your income consistently and reliably that first year.

And that makes you a very successful blogger.

If you want to learn more about how to have your own Pocket Launch™, jump over here to get more info.

47 thoughts on “Stop Telling Me About Your 6-Figure Launch!”

  1. Oh, I'm so glad you wrote this. Let me tell you how irritated I get when I see all those spam-pages "I made $43,235,239 on my first launch in 1 day! Let me show you how I did it!" Actually, I was "complaining" to one of these people yesterday when she tried to hard-sell me her product about how I was suckered into buying these things from blogger before, only to realize that their product was complete garbage. Love your idea of a pocket launch.
    June Rostad recently posted Fabric Headband Refashion from a Thrifted T-ShirtMy Profile

    • Thanks for honoring my rant, June! I was just fed up when I read the an income report early this week.

      I appreciate your comment today.

  2. I just love that you finally said what I have wanted to say for MONTHS! I am so so SO tired of unrealistic income reports. I refuse to read them. I will, however, read the post on how I made $750 a month blogging. That is more my speed. That is more realistic.

    I am so guilty of comparing my beginning to someone else's middle. It is really hard not too. I have found that recording my stats weekly or monthly on my blog gives me the only comparison that really matters. My own. As long as I am consistently doing better each week and month I know I am moving in the right direction.

    I am so excited to finally do my own pocket launch and I can't wait to see where this takes me. What began as an unreachable task has turned into a smooth transition thanks to the easy step by step road map. Thanks for all your help Sue, I could not have done it without you and your amazing coaching!!

    • Tracy, you made my day!

      I LOVE the comparison middle vs end – so true, right?

      I so appreciate that you took the time to comment today. You are doing great!

  3. Good Job Sue,

    Loving the idea of a Pocket launch, it is something I am doing with my new course.

    Truth is, if you want six figures you need to stop dreaming and start small, this could be said for a lot of things in internet marketing. Want to get featured on a big podcast, start with smaller ones. Want to connect with celebrity bloggers, connect with people who aren't as big and when you find someone who can introduce you… Bang!

    Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is a six figure launch!



    • Love the "Rome wasn't built in a day", Joe! So true and easy to forget.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment today. Looking forward to our interview on Monday!

  4. Sue, Thank you for telling the truth! I so dislike those hypey and sometimes untrue claims. First of all… that is NOT what the 'guru' actually made… maybe its the launch's gross [if its even true]… but consider all the time spent, affiliates that get a piece of the action, credit card fees…. that is not what they made… so its misleading at best.

    I can always count on your for sound advice Sue. Your PocketLaunch strategy is solid and as you have shown, gets real results for your clients – even if they are just starting out with a small list! It also sets a great foundation to continue to grow launches and profits consistently!

    • Hi Jane,

      Great point about how they figure out what they are making – it's always before expenses of a launch and paying affiliates.

      I so appreciate your comment and compliment!

  5. Totally on the money Sue. Nobody reached 6-figure income in a year. It takes nurturing for a few years to reach that goal. So keeping small goals and achieving them is critical.

    Thanks for bringing this down to earth and realistic expectations 🙂

  6. Love this, and I hate those posts although I have to say when I saw that I earned more than a lot of popular blogging experts I was secretly thrilled that I was doing something right.

    When you share an income report you also have a percentage of clients get jealous. They ask for a refund on a product that they've bought not because there's anything wrong with it, but because you have "enough" and you "don't need the money". In other words, greed takes over and clients start decising what you can earn or not. Then you have the suppliers – you've earned 60k from your launch and now your copywriter wants 10k per sales page and not the 3k she charged you. You earn enough, she can have more…

    And people, your suppliers and clients make these decisions based upon how much you tell them you earn. Money makes people behave irrationally. I'd like to think we are all enlightened human beings and would think someone has worked hard to get their results etc, and maybe if I worked with them I'd get results too… sadly that's not always the case.

    • Hi Sarah,

      I neve thought of that!The whole "supply chain" issue. I appreciate you bringing up that side of income reports!

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

  7. I love this post, Sue! I hate income report posts, as well. I think a lot of bloggers feel like they get more credibility by bragging about how much money they are making when really it just leaves a gross after taste behind. And so many newer bloggers shoot themselves in the foot by focusing on becoming wealthy rather than making a thoughtful plan about how to bring in money. I love the idea of the Pocket Launch. It's a way to bring in money with your blog even with a small list. Come to think of it, maybe I'll do one next month…

  8. Sue,

    We've been friends for years and I have always respected the points of view expressed by our mutual friends as well–but you know I reached out to you for this EXACT REASON!

    What I was being taught over and over and OVER again DI…NOT…WORK for me, and that's because I was not in the same place with the same tools/conditions as those shouting 'LOOK AT ME!"

    It's all one step at a time. One day at a time. But know that it won't be "perfect" so much as 'doable'….and YOU, my darling, wonderful friend, and mentor, are the QUEEN of 'doable' and I adore you for it.

    I'm grateful to have you show me that I was doing more than 95% right…but some of it was in the wrong order. Then you showed me that 4% were the tools I was lacking, wich made my progress easier and more efficient….

    But it's the 1% that always killed me. The tweaks. The slight shifts in perspectives.

    It's the 1% that lets you hit the moon…and without it, you'll miss the planet entirely.

    So for my part Sue, thank you.

    Still have a long way to go and to fine tune things the way I want them to be, but now it's not only possible, it's probable.

    No longer 'IF', but "When".

    Jaime Buckley

    Your BIGGEST Fan!

  9. I love the "Pocket Launch" concept – and very doable.

    It is an odd thing out there … last night I attended an AMAZING locked room presentation by an absolute master of huge launches and a gazillion funnels for multiple businesses.

    And he gave a hugely profitable roadmap. I picked up lots of ideas.

    But the problem is one that the marketer himself noted in the presentation:

    Almost no one in the room would ever be able to implement on the plan. By my count, probably only 2 or 3 of us had some milage on it, and in my case, I've done maybe about 70% of the roadmap he presented.

    The sales part was quite low pressure relative to ones I've been too where people are running to the back of the room with credit cards raised high, but I can't help imagine it would have been a more successful thing overall if the "wow" was more attuned to something you really can put in your pocket instead of NASA-sized efforts that really will take a rocket to propel into space.

    Thanks as ever for the great and clarifying ideas and direction. Even if I have some of the bells and whistles, fundamentals always apply and this concept is great! 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing that story, Anthony. I think a lot of marketing gurus make it complicated – I love the ones with a step-by-step system. It fits the way we humans can actually work on our solopreneur businesses.

      I appreciate you taking the time to read and to share in the commments!

  10. Hi Sue,

    This article is awesome. I joined into online blogging business three years ago after reading a post saying 6 figures income in a month. I was too happy and instantly joined in. But I could not earn even a single penny for two years. So much frustrated, and it even affected my personal life and as well as my family life.

    The rocket launch way to influence someone to join in can impact a newbie blogger's life greatly.

    Today, on behalf of all the new bloggers and on my own behalf, I would like to thank you for making the online business marketers understand why not to give unrealistic promises.

    Have a Good Day

    Ugyen Dorji recently posted 10 Sure-fire Ways to Write an Engaging Blog PostMy Profile

    • Hi Ugyen,

      I totally understand how those income reports can suck you into to Internet Marketing. I so appreciate you sharing your story with my readers.

      Thanks so much.

  11. Hey Sue,

    You nailed it.

    I was about to write an article on the same concept. Just a couple of days ago, I had to encounter a few bloggers who were bluffing all about million dollar launches.

    The worst part is how people compare them to others. That's not a blogger should do.

    The goals should be realistic. Making $1000 per month can be done. I have been blogging for a long time and living my life as a full-time blogger.

    A Pocket Launch can be something people should look forward to.

    Ravi Chahar recently posted How To Move Your Blog From LiveJournal To WordPressMy Profile

  12. Hello Sue,

    I have always reading the income reports of pro bloggers and you are right, It really feel creepy to me and I cannot focus on my objectives. It really a confusing situation to me. Thanks for this post. Its feel me happy.
    Vishwajeet Kumar recently posted SEMrush, Best keyword research tool.My Profile

  13. Hey Sue,

    Glad to read your wonderful experience and I agree with your points. Pocket Launch really sounds well to sell new offer regarding various products including eBooks, courses, freelance service or coaching etc and these are really in trend. Eventually, thanks for revealing a light on this topic.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  14. Oh!!! Now I got to know how these bloggers show offs their income report on their so-called "Blogs". They just wanted to create the hype among their readers and wanted to catch their eyeballs. This is also an unethical way to work in the blogging world. A beginner who is reading such blogs would always feel low when he would compare his report with "Show-off" report after 14 days.

    Pocket Launch is something I found very realistic. It is not only realistic but also give you chances to enjoy your success every time you achieve your realistic goals.

    Thank You so much, Sue, for sharing it with us.
    Jayant Gosain recently posted 20 Google Assistant Commands You Must Try For All New ExperienceMy Profile

  15. Hi Sue,

    Awesome post, I loved it. I agree that reading people's income reports can be a drag, especially, if you're brand new. I remember when I first got started online years ago. I always got discouraged whenever I read how fast someone was able to make money from their blog or product. I was always wondering what's wrong with me? What am I doing wrong?

    With my new blog, I no longer read income reports. After all, I've learned that you can't compare your beginning to someone else's middle. Instead, I now just detach myself from all those types of blog posts and stories.

    Although it is challenging because they're everywhere. It's nice and refreshing to read blogs like yours that tell it like it is. I wish more people were like you.

    I've learned that if you choose a niche you love and enjoy what you're doing, it doesn't feel like work. Now I enjoy what I do and I love it.

    Oh by the way, I love your Pocket Launch (trademark) 🙂

    Thanks again Sue for letting all of us know that we're not doing anything wrong. I am sure that so many people will appreciate it.

    Have a great Day!

    – Susan

    • Love this comment, Susan! You are doing it the right way – your business will be sustainable and consistent, and that is most important.


  16. Those popular bloggers are sending mixed messages. Instead of making blogging a pleasurable and gratifying experience, ( the reason why most of us are in it ) they are turning it into a ratrace..

    Thanks for clearing up the confusion, Sue.


    I had watched SO many of those "live" webinars and even tried a few of the programs but if I didn't make my money back by their refund time limit, I was OUTTA THERE. SO. MUCH. HYPE.

    One thing I found consistently was they don't bother to tell you how much you'll likely need to spend in advertising to get those revenue numbers!

    I like the idea of a "Pocket Launch" I'm just starting out and I have a few projects that I am working on launching but I don't feel ready to go public yet until I do a beta test and I am nowhere near ready for that yet either.

    • Totally understand that one! I fell for that once also with the big FB ad budget needed for the program.

      Let me know if I can help with your Pocket Launch.

      Thanks for commenting.

  18. Sue, I've recently had a similar reaction to this type of stuff.

    I even get readers emailing me directly to ask whether other marketers talking about these 6 figure launches are real or just hype. It creates such crazy expectations.

    Hired a new carpenter recently to do work around my home, even he was roped in by one of these hyped up product launches and he has no marketing experience.

    But I'll tell you what riles me up even more than the straight up 6 figure launches…

    It's those that follow up their 6 figure launch with how they spent less than a weekend creating their course, planning the launch and creating their sales funnel.

    Also, you've hit the nail on the head with exactly why I don't publish income reports. Sure, it's great for increasing readership. People love to read about that stuff, but at the same time it creates unrealistic expectations.

    This had to be said, Sue. Thanks for saying it!

    • That is the worst part for sure.

      It also irritates me when they put so many students in the course that you can never get your questions answered.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Adam!

      • I agree – that's a super important factor that people need to consider.

        And it's a legit reason for scarcity – a reason that I rarely see marketers use these days.

        I'd feel far more confident in purchasing a course that was only open for a few weeks if they said something like – "We're closing this down in # days. Not because scarcity marketing is so effective at selling, but because we can only support so many students. If we let too many people in on this offer, we'd be doing a disservice to everyone. And we wouldn't be able to offer everyone the level of support they deserve."

        – Adam

        • Totally agree 110%. Fake scarcity is just a trick and tricks don't work in the long run.

          Thanks, Adam!

  19. I guess I'm in the minority here. I actually enjoy reading income reports. (Well, the ones where the blogger is earning an impressive amount.) It inspires me and makes me realize what's possible. Note I said "what's possible," not "what's guaranteed." But I can see why they would be frustrating to some. So I agree that they can lead to unrealistic expectations for newbies.

    What I don't get are these income reports where the blogger isn't earning much (or loosing money). Nothing wrong with that, of course. We all start at zero, but how is that interesting or inspiring to anyone?

    Lastly, you asked who came up with the idea of an income report. I'm not sure if he came up with the idea, but Pat Flynn was definitely one of the first successful bloggers to post them.

    • We don't mind that you like them, Matt. It motivates some people – so you are just fine with me!

      Thanks for sharing your opinion today.

  20. As always this post is right on point Sue!

    I hate seeing them as I scroll on Pinterest, I even came across and entire group board dedicated to income reports. Let's just say unless they have one for negative incomes, I would not be welcomed. haha.

    I'm not worried at all. Before you build a building, you dig down into the foundation, and I believe that about my blog income. I have to invest, build the foundation then rise floor by floor.

    I'm excited to do my pocket launch, but COMPLETELY content with where I am right now, even if my blogs making nada.

    Thanks for your candor,

    Nadalie recently posted 12 Easy Ways to Spring Clean Your MindMy Profile

  21. Thanks for this, Sue. I had a launch planned for February 24th and have pushed it back twice because I just don't feel like I have enough traffic yet. Reading about those crazy successful launches did kinda squash my gusto.

    In 2 months I've gained over 1100 Twitter followers, over 500 Pinterest followers, and a Facebook group with close to 200 members.

    I have my launch scheduled for April 30th and this post has brought back my confidence!

    Loving your blog, by the way…spending my Saturday night getting acqainted with it 🙂

  22. Oh, those awesome 6-figure launches. They don't tell you anything straight.

    A swarm of locusts, these posts have become. They tend to mislead everyone else who's on the web still trying to figure out how to even get started and then comes along a launch report, an experiment (that obviously led to millions of dollars), a regular monthly income report, an affiliate earnings report, and what not.

    I am not saying everyone out there is lying, but I'd appreciate a bit of honesty.

    Something along these lines:

    " Yes, I made a million dollars but I also spent $750,000 in total for my team, the ads, the fancy tools I used, and that 750K was spent for a total of 36 months leading up the launch. If I spread out the actual profit of 250K for those 36 months, I made a grand total of about $6,944 per month in profit.

    Remember that I live in New York so I had to live on my spouse's income for all those 3 years I didn't make any money at all. By the time the 250K profit came in, I still had recurring expenses like office, staff, Credit card dues coz' I maxed my cards out, and tools to pay for. "

    Oh, did I mention that for years before the 3 years leading up to the launch, I had 4 businesses and 3 launches that failed?

    It's possible to make money online. It's super exciting when you launch. But just like most things in life, it's not going to happen in a day."

    What say, Sue?
    Ash recently posted MailChimp Vs Drip: Which One Helps You Automate Better?My Profile

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