How To Write A Great Blog Post Every. Single. Time.

Do you ever feel like writing a great blog post, a post that gets shared hundreds or thousands of times, a post that truly inspires people, is like winning the lottery?

If so, I have good news for you.

There are actually very specific things you can do to write an amazing blog post.

Every. Single. Time.

write a great blog postAnd I am about to share them with you in this post.

Once you’ve mastered these 5 strategies, you can hit the publish button on each post knowing that it’s going to be a great one.

1. Choose your topic well

The first step to writing a good blog post is choosing a great topic.

This may seem obvious to you, but the majority of blog posts fall flat because, to be blunt, they just aren’t interesting to readers.

When you choose a topic, consider the following questions:

What do my readers (or potential readers) like to talk about a lot?

If you’re unsure about this, do some research.

Talk to people you know in real life who could be ideal audience members. Pay attention to what they ask you about/share with you.

Go into Facebook groups with your ideal readers and look for posts that have lots of comments. Check out or other online forums for discussions related to your niche.

Email your list asking them what they are struggling with the most. When they respond, you can start up a conversation to get deeper insights.

PRO TIP: Use Many Contacts to instantly look up all the social profiles of the people who email you. That way you can get more insights on who they are and have even more ways to find out what they care about. (I personally use the Chrome extension)

Above all, get curious and be a good listener. Your readers will tell you what to write about if you let them.

What transformations have I experienced when it comes to my blog niche?

If you’re like most bloggers, your readers are you a few years ago. Think back to transformations you’ve had that your readers would relate to.

What challenges did you overcome when you were just starting out? I bet your readers could learn a lot from your experiences.

What blog posts have I, or another blogger in my niche, written that were successful? Can I get more specific or approach the topic in a different way?

The best option for this is to go back through your blog and find your most popular posts. Then look for connected topics or ways to go deeper with subtopics within your popular posts.

Doing this will help you create more links within your blog, which is great for SEO and your bounce rate. And you will most likely hit on a topic people care about if it comes from a post that is already popular.

If you are just starting out and don’t have any popular posts of your own, use to look up the most shared posts in your niche. Then skim the first few posts. If you find one you like, think about how to approach the topic from a different angle or to go deeper with one section of the post.

Also, head down to the comments to see what people asked questions about. Those questions are a fruitful place to find blog post topics.

2. Evoke emotion

It’s not enough to just pick a worthwhile blog post topic. For your blog post to be truly memorable and shareable, it must also make your readers feel something.

Make them laugh. Create a sense of wonder and joy in their hearts. Surprise them. Bring tears to their eyes.

Whatever you do, bring your readers into your posts and get them to respond emotionally.

How do you do this?

By telling jokes. By sharing ideas that surprise you. By paying attention to how other writers spark feelings in their readers.

One of the easiest ways to make your readers feel something is to write from an emotional place within yourself. It’s amazing how clearly your own feelings speak to your readers when you let them out onto the page (or website, in this case).

3. Tell stories

Speaking of emotion,

a powerful technique for bringing your readers into your world is to tell stories in your blog posts.Click To Tweet

Humans have told stories for thousands of years.

You can hear them being whispered next to campfires, watch them play out in dark movie theaters, and roll your eyes at the dinner table when your spouse tells his favorite tale for the millionth time.

Stories are memorable and powerful.

“Okay, okay,” you are probably thinking. “I get it. But what types of stories am I supposed to tell? I’ve heard my blog isn’t supposed to be about me, right?”

Here are some examples of stories to share in your blog:

  • Personal transformations related to your niche
  • Stories of mistakes you made on your journey
  • Client success stories
  • Stories of other thought leaders in your niche
  • Quick, funny anecdotes about your life
  • Stories you read online related to your niche (make sure to give appropriate attribution)

4. Be specific

Specificity is so simple. And it’s the most effective and powerful tool you can use in your writing.

What do I mean when I write to “be specific?”

First of all, choose a specific, digestible blog post topic.

Then be specific in your writing itself.

Give concrete action steps to your readers. They should be able to imagine themselves actually doing what you’ve laid out for them.

When you write a story, be as specific as you can with your nouns and verbs. Instead of writing “I walked my dog,” write “I slogged through the rain, my Goldendoodle running beside me.”

Get specific with examples. (Check out my list of story examples above. Isn’t that helpful?)

Anytime you can be more specific, do it. Your writing will feel clearer and more actionable.

5. Give them a “party favor”

Every blog post you write should contain a takeaway.

What are your readers going to bring away with them?

They should…

  • Be able to write a quick list of ideas that they can refer to later.
  • Walk away with a feeling of inspiration or the sense that they can take action.
  • Have your blog post bumping around in their brains long after they close the browser window.

How do you do that? By following the rules above.

If you need a quick refresher, they are…

  • Choose a great topic
  • Evoke emotion
  • Tell stories
  • Be specific
  • Give them a “party favor”

What writing techniques do you use to make your blog posts jump off the page? Share in the comments below.


  1. says

    Hey Daniela,

    nice to see your post over here at Sue’s blog.

    I’ll try to keep these strategies in mind when writing my next blog post. I have to work especially on evoking emotion and telling stories.

    Thanks for sharing these strategies,
    Torsten Mueller recently posted…Free Tools To Unfollow Non Followers On TwitterMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Torsten!

      I am glad you enjoyed the post. Let me know how those strategies work for you!


  2. says

    Hey Daniela,

    Telling the stories always works. People like to relate their blogging career with the stories you tell them.

    One of the most important and effective things is to add some emotions. Write everything about your readers and make them feel good around your content.

    Thanks for sharing the guide.
    Ravi Chahar recently posted…How To Enable Automatic Updates In WordPress Only For Big Releases?My Profile

  3. says

    Hi Daniela,

    I always say that there’re better ways of doing everything in this life.

    And not until you discover how, you’ll continue to shake in whatever you do.

    Thanks you for sharing your insight about how to write a great blog post.

    I’ve written a post on this subject before. You’ve added some more points to my arsenal. Still learning.

    Francis Quarshie recently posted…Still struggling to write better blog posts? Read thisMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks for your comment, Francis! I am glad you learned something from this post. I will check out your post on writing, as well!


  4. says

    I’m gonna print this out. Thank u so much!
    This is one of the most helpful posts I read lately.

  5. says

    The website ideas were really helpful. I have already started to see what types of posts get the most traffic. I’m starting to go in some different directions with my blog because of what I learned through this post. Thank you!

  6. says

    Hello Daniela
    Great post ! Very insightful and informative all five of your tips resonated with me,especially being specific. I will definitely be implementing a couple of these tips in the coming year to take my blog to a higher level. Thanks for sharing and have a prosperous day.
    Darrell Harris recently posted…Affilorama Review Is it Legit or a Scam?My Profile

  7. says

    Hey Daniela !
    This is perfect post for beginner, but what I do. Be specific because most of person like only to the point content. Because when reader start reading and don’t found any point about the required thing he will move on to other site in search of specific content.

  8. says

    Hi Daniela. Great post thank you. You’re right, as a blogger today, you have to evoke emotion from your readers. If you manage to do that (plus the other four things you mentioned), your blog will be much more successful.


  9. says

    Hi, Daniela!

    It’s a wonderful blog post. It’s tough to stand out from the crowd. You’ve given some amazing ideas to think out-of-the-box in order to write helpful and engaging content.

    I think the blogger knows when he or she decides to start writing on a specific topic that this blog post could turn out differently. One of the reasons could be that it may impact a large segment of the audience as compared to the topic that is good enough for a smaller audience.

    Although, it does require a little brainstorming while choosing a blog post topic.

    I loved the point you made here.

    Hassaan Khan recently posted…Starting a Blog: 4 Things You Need to KnowMy Profile

  10. says

    Thanks for awesom post, from this post i come to know about to get content ideas every time. once again thanks

  11. says

    Hey Daniela,

    While choosing topic for our post we should careful about that it should be educating and interesting so that we can proceed it with more funs. Yes, I agree with you – our post must be memorable and shareable to our readers. But this will possible when we add informative as well as some funny stories in our post.

    One technique the writer can make use of to create reality out of fiction is to induce emotion in readers, make them feel something of what the characters are experiencing. Writer and reader know the fictional events aren’t real, but the emotion can be. Readers can fear and feel joy and be excited and know grief. They can laugh and cry, shiver and rage. All from reading a whole scenario. Eventually, thanks for sharing your amazing tips with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  12. says

    Hi Daniela,

    Storytelling is my key weapon. Though I don’t use it much on my blog but I pull lots of people from my Facebook group using this.

    When you share your story or a relevant story of someone you know or have read about in the past, it makes it easy for your readers to relate.

    People need to be told that the challenge they are facing or the goal they are aiming to achieve is not peculiar to them alone. If it’s bad, they will be encouraged and if it’s good, as in their goals, they will be fired up. They will feel the sense of urgency to take action immediately without waiting till tomorrow. That’s it.

    There’s a connect with readers emotion when you tell stories in your post.
    Emenike Emmanuel recently posted…5 Simple Tasks Top Bloggers Do Daily to Grow their BlogMy Profile

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