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I’m so happy you are here, hearing about how we can work together to make your blog profitable!

As you’ll see below, there are various methods to get your blog exactly where you want it, based on your needs and wants.

Making money as a blogger isn’t about getting popular and waiting for the money to flow – it’s about creating a plan for earning predictable revenue over and over again.

Your Blog Is A Business, But Growing It Doesn’t Have To Be As Painful As You Think!

When you know how to sell on your blog, everything just falls into place. It's seamless, elegant, and a lot easier when you have the “right” formula.

Hi, I'm Sue Dunlevie from Successful Blogging, and I've been selling since I was a little kid. I even made a lifelong career out of it.

Every month, in my blog, I make money like clockwork. I send out posts; I send out emails; I do webinars, and I convert traffic into sales with a step-by-step system.

BUT, it wasn't always that way!

The missing piece in my original plan, 6 years ago, was how to earn money with my blog consistently over time.

My goal is to help you create an approach that doesn't just make you popular – it makes your blog profitable!

I love taking doers under my wing and helping them channel all of their energy into something that is actually successful.

I recommend starting with my free online workshop. Taking this training workshop has helped hundreds of beginning bloggers that aren’t making at least $1K a month.

Earn Your First $1K Accelerator 1-1 Coaching

I only accept clients who have come to one of my recent online training workshops, so please click on the button below to sign up for the next one. If you like what you discover on the training, I’d love to hop on the phone with you afterward, when we can talk about what it looks like to work together.

During the workshop, I’ll bust the myths of blogging for you so you’ll know just what works in a 2016 blogging business. My goal is to help you create an approach that doesn’t just make you popular – it makes your blog profitable.

My one-on-one clients benefit from my step-by-step blueprints, my feedback, and my valuable blogger connections and walk away with a completed Sales Funnel that will attract potential clients and convert them to customers & clients.

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What Our Clients are Saying

Tor Refsland

As a blogger, Sue is my GPS, and I trust her blindly.

Tor Refsland,


Sue's motivation helped me to identify my target audience for my blog, write my first 3 blogs, and create my first freebie within one week!

Charlene Rhinehart,


Thanks you for giving me the confidence and the clear path to achieving my goals.

Gerald Rhodes,