Why Every Business Should Blog [Infographic]

During this social media craze, blogging is not getting the attention it deserves! It is startling why many business owners are still failing to understand the importance of blogging for growth. They are still stuck with the question “Do I need to blog when I already have a high traffic website?”

business blogBlogging is one of the most valuable tools that businesses have to engage with their customers. It gives your company a voice, a personality and helps you establish your company/brand as an authority. Blogging allows you to generate high quality traffic, up to 5 times more than businesses who don’t blog!

The stats go even crazier!

  • Small businesses that blog experience 126x lead growth than businesses who don’t.
  • 84% consumers make purchases after reading about a product or service on a blog.
  • 46% consumers use blogs for initial product investigation.
  • 30% use blogs to confirm their purchase choices.
  • 81% consumers trust information and advice from blogs.

Still not convinced? Check out this infographic below and let's see if you can still resist blogging!

Why Businesses Should Blog


Business blogging may not seem to be as glamorous compared to the new digital marketing toys but it is inevitable for survival and long-term growth.

Not sure how to start blogging? Here are a few resources that will help you start your company’s successful blog.

Daniel is the Chief Marketing Officer at TruConversion.com Experience with both startups and enterprise clients have given him unique perspective and ability to connect the dots for brands of all sizes. He loves writing on content strategy, marketing, and optimization initiatives.


  1. says

    Holy moly, I didn’t know there were almost as many comments as blog posts published every day, that’s crazy!

    Good infographic Sue, thanks for sharing!
    Niklas Goeke recently posted…Duct Tape Marketing SummaryMy Profile

    • says

      Yes Nikals! And they help you in many ways!
      They not only give you an opportunity to engage with your audience but also contributes to your site’s SEO as it:
      Creates more content that is loved by search engines
      Good comment usually contain relevant keywords than can be searched

      But it is only going to work if comments are spam free and relevant. Thus every business should maintain a high quality blog.

  2. says

    thanks for sharing this and very nice info graphic

  3. says

    Hi Daniel,

    Good to see you here on Sue blog with an awesome infographics, really informative.

    Companies/businesses needs to understand the importance and benefits of starting a blog on their company websites.

    It brings them closer to their customers, and provide them with opportunity to learn more on how to serve the customers better that may eventually leads to increase in revenue.

    The benefits are endless.

    Thanks Daniel, nice sharing.
    Shamsudeen recently posted…5 Digital Marketing Lessons to Learn From Neil PatelMy Profile

  4. says

    This is indeed a great infographic.

    All brands should blog because, online search presence is vital whether it’s a local business or whatever. Creating online presence is of deemed importance because the userbase having access to the internet to growing rapidly.

    After reading this post, I’ll stick my publishing dates on Monday and Thursday.

    Akshay recently posted…5 Easy Ways to Increase Ranking of your Post for a KeywordMy Profile

  5. says

    Hey Akshay!

    Thanks for your valuable feedback.

    Check out “Hacking Social Media: What are the Best Times to Share Your Content?” on my blog to find the best possible time to share your content on social media.

    I hope it would help you design your content marketing strategy =)


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    Hi Sue Anne,
    I start getting obsessed with infographics and your wonderful guests posts are to blame;) The recent infographics from your website inspired me to create one for my garment upcycling site I published this week (was a pleasure to mention you there!).

    Daniel, thank you for the concise valuable information. Despite my blog is not a “business”, in the context of this article, I’m taking away very helpful insights I can implement.

    Thank you both!
    Mariana recently posted…Eco, Refashion or Upcycling? 39 Terms & Definitions Behind DIY Sewing And Sustainable Fashion [Infographic]My Profile

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    I couldn’t agree more! I am a huge believer in the power of blogging for my business (and since my business is Background Checks it is not always easy!). I would add one unexpected benefit ~ Blogging reignited a Passion for my Business! When I started blogging, I was feeling a bit disconnected from the business I had been running since 1996. Here it was, 2012, and it was getting stale. But once I started by blog and really honed in on my “why” and core values, I was suddenly feeling much more invested again!

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    I agree with you, because recently i wrote a how to guide on media buying and expected nothing but visitors to that blog post. But, after few days it got indexed in Google, i got two clients who are asking me to help them setup their media buying campaign.

    It was really awesome because without paying for advertising i got 2 clients. That’t the power of blogging.

    Anyways nice infographic which explains everything..


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