Are You Being Conned? Fair Sponsored Blog Post Rates and Best Practice Guidelines

sponsored blog post rates

Last updated September 30th 2015

Like most bloggers, you dream of making money from your blog one day.

In my experience, blogging is largely a labor of love, especially in niches like travel, a topic I started blogging about three years ago and still cover devotedly. You can check out my travel blog if you wish, but if you're not familiar with Get In the Hot Spot, I started it almost three years ago and have been selling advertising for about a year.

My main focus here on Successful Blogging is to help other small business owners or writers use blogging to sell more of their services or products.

Blogging is brilliant for that – it's helped me get a lot of well paid freelance writing work, including some sweet travel writing gigs, and it's also helped me find more clients for my web and blog design business. Well, I didn't find them, they found me through my blogs.

Normally I avoid writing about making money from blog advertising because it's not relevant to writers and small business owners. But there are more and more blog writers here on Successful Blogging who are hoping to make an income directly from sponsored post on their blog.

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Some of my  clients and readers are now being approached for advertising and don't know how much to charge for sponsored blog posts.

Plus, I keep hearing stories about how much (or little) bloggers charge for sponsored blog posts and seeing recommendations about how much to charge for sponsored blog posts which think are way too low. I can't stand the thought of small business owners and bloggers being poorly paid for valuable access to their readers so it's time for me to weigh in.

What is a Sponsored Blog Post?

A sponsored blog post is a blog post which you are paid to publish on your blog. It may be written by you or by the advertisers.

In accordance with FTC regulations you should always mention that it's a sponsored blog post, usually at the end of the post with a byline such as:

“This blog post was sponsored by (Name Brand Here).”

Even if you are not legally bound to disclose that you've been paid to publish a post, you should.

Trust and authenticity are important and your readers will soon become disillusioned and jaded if you mislead them, whether intentionally or accidentally.

Sponsored Blog Post Rate Recommendations

I've seen several rate charts lately for sponsored blog posts. I think they're way too low and cause bloggers to undersell themselves. This is why I want to fill you in about sponsorships.

Some, like this rate calculation, are based on complicated algorithms where you add you number of monthly page views to your number of Twitter followers, divide it by your Google Page Rank and so on.

Even that site admits the algorithm doesn't work because you should get paid more, not less, the higher your Google Page Rank is. And newer blogs don't get a Page Rank any more.

What Blog Advertising Agencies Charge for Sponsored Blog Posts

Based on the above algorithm I should charge about $55 per sponsored blog post on Get In the Hot Spot. Sadly it would hardly be worth my time dealing with an advertiser, writing a post, publishing and promoting it for that low rate.

I wouldn't recommend that bloggers sell sponsored blog posts for such a low figure unless they don't have a loyal and returning readership and don't care about losing the readers they do have.

In fact I charge (and get paid) about 14 times that rate.

I didn't pick my rate at random either.

I based my current sponsored blog post rate on what a big blog advertising agency charges brands for sponsored blog posts on blogs with similar traffic to mine. I can't show my sources but I got this information from a leading blogger who uses a major blog advertising agency.

The brands actually pay the blog advertising agency twice as much as that but the agency keeps 50% and gives the blogger around 50%.

Since I know some brands pay $1,500 through a blog advertising agency for a sponsored blog post on a blog with similar traffic to mine, and I charge half the price, I believe my rate offers excellent value.

Of course some companies and brands won't pay this high rate but that's fine.  I want to attract quality advertisers who value my blog and readers by offering a quality blog. Charging more and delivering better quality and results works out best for both parties bloggers and advertisers.

There's a rate card (for sponsored blog posts here), which under charges up to $350 per post according to my rates, or up to $1,050 according to what an advertising agency might charge. That's a huge difference and a lot of money potentially being lost. Or a lot of bloggers being ripped off because they don't know what to charge.

Here are my suggestions on what bloggers should charge for sponsored blog posts.

I'm using two metrics here, unique visitors per month and Google Page Rank, as a means of establishing a blog's traffic, age and authority.

sponsored blog post rates
A guideline for sponsored blog post rates – you decide what value you offer advertisers


How to Decide What to Charge for Sponsored Blog Posts

You can see there's a lot of leeway in my rate suggestions. It's up to you to decide what to charge, but when setting your rates, you should consider:

  • How many sponsored blog posts you'll write each month. For example, you could promise only two sponsored blog posts a month and charge more for that exclusivity.
  • Would you prefer to offer more sponsored blog posts at a lower rate or less at a higher rate? I'd prefer to work with few clients and charge more.
  • What else you can offer your advertisers in terms of exposure on your other social media outposts, such as Twitter or Facebook.
  • If running a sponsored blog post by a certain brand will provide value to your readers and add to your blogging credibility.
  • If the brand has the same values as your blogging brand.
  • If the brand or product is something that would naturally interest your readers and fit with what you normally cover on your blog.
  • How much time you'll spend researching, writing and finding images for the sponsored blog post.
  • If you'll write the post yourself or just edit and format a post the advertiser has written.
  • How much influence you have online, and if that will be eroded if you work with certain brands. or promote too many brands too often.
  • If the post needs to be an advertorial about the product or if you can just write your normal blog post or a post on a related topic without pushing a brand or product.
  • How engaged your blog readers are. I believe engagement is more important than the number of readers a blog has.

Best Practice Tips for Sponsored Blog Posts

1. Start small

If you haven't sold any sponsored blog posts yet, start by charging less until you can build up a portfolio to show other advertisers and get testimonials.

Remember, these will be your first paid advertisements and sponsored blog posts which you can show other clients, so you want to make sure they look good and get comments.

2. Set a rate according to your experience, reputation and influence

I'm qualified and have 17 years experience writing copy for the web. I charge $125-$250 per hour for web copywriting and my rates for sponsored blog posts show that.

3. Take payment in advance.

I won't start writing a post until I've been paid.

4. Be professional

Establish a clear process for accepting and publishing sponsored blog posts such as:

  • payment taken;
  • headline approved;
  • blog post written;
  • changes made if requested by client;
  • final copy approved;
  • blog post scheduled;
  • blog post published.

You can do this in your media kit by explaining what you offer and for what price. In my media kit I say all sponsored blog posts are written by me. That also accounts for the high rate as it pays for my time.

I rarely take posts where the advertiser writes it but when I have, I suggest the headline, have final say and edit their copy. I charged less as I didn't have to write it but remember that editing, formatting, and promoting still takes time.

5. Compete on quality, not on price

Generally I will only accept a sponsored post if I write it myself because I don’t want to run the risk of having boring content on my blog and losing readers in exchange for money.

So I need to be paid for writing time, for building a conversation around a brand and for making them look cool.

Many companies that approach you aren't interested in that anyway and look at sponsored blog posts as a way of building incoming links and improving their search engine optimization.

I'm not selling an incoming link on set key phrases though, I'm selling access to an engaged readership, exclusivity (because I limit the number of blog posts) and the chance to be featured on an established and high quality blog.

6. Prime your readers

When you start writing sponsored blog posts let your readers know why you're doing that and how it will benefit both the blog and them. Ask for their support and explain that it's a mutually beneficial relationship which you're excited about nurturing.

7. Ask for repeat business

Since some companies, such as advertising agencies, where you will be acting for their clients, may be able to offer you multiple sponsored blog posts. You  might want to offer a discount for that.

Always let your client know when the post goes live, tell them the post is going well and let them know that you'd love to help them again in the future.

8. Follow the Google guidelines

Google frowns on sites that sell text links and can even ban such sites from search engine results. They do this because there are so many search engine optimization agencies buying links and so many low quality sites that exist purely to sell links and improve search engine rankings.  Google says:

“Not all paid links violate our guidelines. Buying and selling links is a normal part of the economy of the web when done for advertising purposes, and not for manipulation of search results. Links purchased for advertising should be designated as such. This can be done in several ways, such as:

  • Adding a rel=”nofollow” attribute to the <a> tag
  • Redirecting the links to an intermediate page that is blocked from search engines with a robots.txt file”

9. Consider using a blog advertising agency

Blog advertising agencies will usually only want to work with big blogs and trusted bloggers, but they will be able to negotiate the best rate possible, as well as save you time finding suitable advertisers. It's a service that's worth considering if you're struggling to run the advertising side of your blog alone.

10. Build a strong, trusted brand first

I waited a long time before monetizing Get In the Hot Spot because I didn't want to plaster my blog with ugly ads.  Stay true to your values and avoid overloading your blog with advertising or sponsored blog posts because it will cheapen your brand.

The Final Word on Sponsored Blog Posts

Charging more for sponsored blog posts and delivering quality is better for readers, advertisers and bloggers like you and me.

Remember, a sponsored blog post is a personal recommendation from you – from a real person your readers know and trust. Don’t sell yourselves or your readers short. Price high because quality lasts and doesn't come cheap  and brands know that.

Your time, work and recommendation is valuable and it's worth paying for.

Here's What To Do Next

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    EXCELLENT, excellent post. What I gained the most from it is the very detailed steps to best practices. This, this I will refer to so many people – who are always asking and searching. Thanks for the reference guide!

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    Great post, and very timely at the moment when I think there are a lot of questions about montisation going on! Just one question, and I know it is probably a really dumb one, but I can’t figure out how to find out my Google PageRank?

    • says

      Hi Janine,

      Great to see you here. There are always lots of questions but not a lot of concrete answers. Of course everything evolves and changes but hopefully this is a good starting point.

      Just google “check google page rank” and you will find several sites that do that or you can get a Chrome extension to help you check other blogs PageRank which is useful when looking for blogs to guest post on.

  3. says


    While I don’t understand much of the detail, I can truly appreciate the effort you’ve gone into ensuring bloggers look out for themselves and get what they are due.

    Like many situations, if one takes their eye off the ball (or doesn’t realise there’s a ball in the game), then one can lose out. It looks like you’ve got the collective back on this one.


  4. says

    Useful information. An SEO company wants the link without paying–they’ll write a guest post for free though…paying is a last resort. Domain Authority is also a consideration for SEO company.

    Ask yourself does this email request want a link or do they want my audience? or both? This will help determine your response. Have an email drafted ready to send off for either.

  5. says

    Found your informative post via Mrs Woogs’ link at DP. Thanks for sharing all this info Annabel, it will help many bloggers.

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    Thanks for being so generous and open about this topic. This is such a useful post Annabel! Updating my rate card now x

    • says

      Hi Christina,

      No worries:) You have such a great niche so I’m sure hair product brands would understand the value of your ideas and endorsement.

  7. says

    Thanks for sharing this very informative advice. It will be very helpful to lots of bloggers.

  8. katepickle says

    “I’m not selling an incoming link on set key phrases though, I’m selling access to an engaged readership, exclusivity because I limit the number of blog posts and the chance to be featured on an established and high quality blog.”

    Loved the above quote so much! I seem to be getting more and more requests where it appears the brand just wants a link and they don’t care how they get it. It doesn’t sit right with but I’ve never been able to easily explain why till I read your post!

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom so generously 🙂

    • says

      Hi Kate,

      Yes, it’s depressing when you get those requests and doesn’t add value to anyone.

  9. says

    Thank you so much for sharing this Annabel. I feel like an information sponge at the moment. I’m learning so much about blogging from really great people and having a ball writing my posts.

    The take away I got from your post was: Be patient young Padawan.

    Happy Friday

    • says

      Hi Rodney,

      Good to see you here and yes, patience is key. Content first, then readers and finally (maybe!) monetization:)

  10. says

    Thank-you so much for doing this post. All the algorithms and different rate cards confuse me so much. I always felt I was undercharging but this has just cemented my concerns. I shall go update my rate sheet right now!

    • says

      Hi Kimmi,

      Best to err on the high side with your rates, you can always negotiate down but not up.

  11. says

    Great post Annabel. I always find it difficult to decide on advertising rates. According to your chart, I seem to be charging the right amount. It’s good to know that I’m not under/over charging people. Cheers.

    • says

      Hi Dean,

      Yes, that is good to know. Could we ever overcharge?! I think these rates are great value for brands.

  12. says

    So great to see this discussion out in the open. Whilst I think it is important for each blogger to determine their own value, it is helpful to have some guidelines. I don’t think there should be arbitrary standard rates based on just one figure ie Uniques because there are so many variables that determine reach, engagement and influence. I think it’s great you’ve presented a number of options.

    • says

      Hi Laney,

      It’s true it’s a tricky subject because we bloggers are all unique, but I’m happy to have a rate range to work within.

  13. says

    Hooray! I so need this information here and am bookmarking this post as I will use it again and again. Just dipping my toe in the water here, and totally agree with you that quality is best. It takes me time to write my posts and I like control and good pix, so will be very picky.

    Have also just started doing giveaways which I enjoy and which I am hoping will benefit my blog and my readers. I am not charging companies for this so far as I gain out of.

    All a big new adventure. Thanks for your openness and huge help!!

    • says

      Hi Seana,

      Your questions inspired me to write this so thanks for asking me:) I really want to help all of both bloggers and advertisers work out a system and price guide that works for everyone.

  14. says

    Wow! You have just outdone your self in the demonstrate your value department! This information is priceless. I don’t have knowledge in this area, but what I do know that it is coming up increasingly in my client circles, and will continue to rise in importance, and I need to be informed. Thank you for being so generous with this well researched information and sharing it with us.

    • says

      Hi Krisha,

      It is useful and yet no one wants to share it. I’m over the cloak and dagger approach, I think collaboration and openess works better. Good to have you on board.

  15. says

    Oh! This is one of the best posts I’ve read about sponsored posts, another great one I remember being from Nikki of Styling You. Both posts are practical,well-thought out and backed up with your own real-life case studies.

    Lots and lots of food for thought. I feel like there’s great opportunity for my blog to help businesses reach a great audience of stylish professionals but I’m yet to work out how to deal directly through marketing departments rather than with PR…

    • says

      Hi Cheryl,

      I don’t think I’ve read that post (I wish I had!) but I have spoken to Nikki about blogging lots. She’s got the best tips.

      Ah yes, getting through the PR gates… there’s another post in that I think:) I’m sure there are many smart advertisers who’d like to connect with you and your blog readers. These things take time.

  16. Mrs Woog says

    Hurray for you!

    I found this so informative and thank you for being so generous with your knowledge. I hope you don’t mind, but I linked this post over at Digital Parents as it is a subject being discussed lately xxxx

  17. says

    Great post … this is a little scale of charges that I created based on what I thought was being sold in the marketplace. These are prices that the blogger wouldn’t necessarily get but what agencies are able to pitch and sell to media buying agencies and brands direct.

    0-499 page views a day: $220 (brands are going to be more interested when you get closer to that 500 page views a day mark)
    500-999 page views a day: $700
    1000-1999 page views a day: $1000
    2000 – 4000 page views a day: $1500
    4000 and up page views a day: $2000 and up

    I’ve shared it with Australian fashion and beauty bloggers who are part of two Facebook groups for these niches. Some agencies leverage pricing on page views; some on uniques; some on both.

    Agencies sell on your behalf but unless you’re aware of the commission (30-50% is norm in digital), you don’t know what they are charging at … just what you receive.

    Having signed with The Remarkables in May, I can honestly say an agent who has amazing contacts and understands blogging and bloggers can really add value to your blog. Lorraine has not only reduced the amount of time I spend on negotiation but sells me better than I could sell myself! I’m also fully aware of the commission structure.

    • says

      Hi Nikki,

      This is super useful and seems to be in line with my suggestions. Thank you for sharing it in such detail.

      It’s terrible if agencies don’t tell you how much commission they take. That seems very dishonest. Of course a commission is worth paying and a big one but not knowing what it is would make me feel untrusted and that they are not trustworthy.

      It sounds as if you’ve got a great one there though:)

  18. says

    Excellent post, hock-full of sensible advice. I’m going to add a link to this article to my own post on charging for blog posts. Fantastic!

  19. says

    Hi there, what a great post and how kind and generous it is of you to be contributing to breaking down the barriers. The Barriers which have gone up around the M word or the S word…. money and sponsorship. It’s good to know that there are many who are now coming forward to help build this community and I count you, Nikki, Mrs Woog, Nic amongst those who are helping people like me understand more. Thank you so much. Denyse

  20. says

    Thanks so much! This information is fantastically helpful.

  21. Dorothy says


    I’ve learnt that you basically charge what you will be paid and you can only learn that with experience. Sometimes I am shocked by what companies will pay, but seeing how much they pay advertising agencies, it is not that surprising.

    Just wanted to clarify – should all links in sponsored posts be “no follow” links?

  22. says

    Hi Bethaney,

    PR5 – how did you do that in a month? I mention it in my media kit.

  23. Joanna says

    Fantastic post Thank You. Great that you did write it and having asked some of those questions it’s helped clear things up for me. As you say there is too much cloak and dagger stuff and not enough clear guidelines for bloggers who are just starting to be approached by advertisers. Most of us want to know what the rules are and abide with them in an ordered playing field. Your post has really helped clear up some issues.

    • says

      Hi Jo,

      It will change all the time but I hope we can all stay on the same page.

  24. says

    Excellent advice and timely for me. I am actively looking for sponsors that are a good fit. What to charge is always the question. Thank you so much for this post. I’ll be saving it.

  25. says

    Thank you for such an informative post. It can be difficult to judge your worth when there are so many opportunists. The sort of information is priceless.

  26. says

    Thanks so much for this article! It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a good while now, and your chart is really helpful in making the decision to break out of the networks.

    Do you have any estimates/guesses for the “beyond 50k” crowd? I can’t imagine a blog with 100k views/month would be the same as 50k (and of course it would change more as views go up and up).

    Thanks again!

    • says

      Hi Emily,

      Yes, it should change though if it carries on the same trajectory I’m not sure.

  27. says

    I’m also curious about the PR5 in a month! So awesome for you. How’d you manage it?

  28. says

    Wow, thanks so much! Possibly the most useful post EVER!
    I sucked up every single word.

    If only others were as forthcoming as you… I can’t be doing with all the cloak and dagger stuff when it comes to monetization. A lot of bloggers aim to monetize, and I know many are after the same brands/advertisers, but without freely sharing some of the essential information to get on with the business side of things it boils down to a lot of second guessing. So, cheers!

  29. says

    Just got my first ‘sponsored post’ offer on my blog and you gave the most useful tips I’ve seen so far, the other ones gave me similar anxiety to when I was doing my math exams! Thank you!

  30. Susan says

    Great post, I tried Googling “Blog Advertising Agencies” but
    did not have very much luck. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    From the comments it seems a lot of bloggers are looking for advice on sponsored posts. I’ll add my name to that list; I received an offer to include a sponsored post on my site, but I had no idea if the offer was any good or not. I’m glad I found this page–you’ve been a tremendous help in assessing the offer. Thank you so much.

  32. Amanda says

    I just found this page while looking up ways to earn money from blogging. I’m disabled (but because I stayed home much of the last 15 years taking care of our children, I don’t have enough credits for Social Security) and my husband recently survived a “widow maker” heart attack (shudders). Unfortunately, we do not have short term disability for him and he needs a bypass…that will keep him out of work 6-8 weeks! I’ve written articles for small parenting websites, but I’m still a newbie! If you have ANY advice, I’m all ears, or rather, eyes! 🙂
    If you don’t have time to respond, I’ll understand! I’ll be continuing my search either way! It’s just difficult as most of the sites are no longer up or current. I am not expecting riches as a newbie, but any amount is more than I’m bringing home now, right? 🙂 By the way, I linked to this page on my Facebook (700+ friends). I hope some of them come here & perhaps even follow your blog!
    Again, thank you for any personal advice. I must say your information seems extremely informative, and I hope someday I can be successful in a blogging career. After years of my husband supporting me, I really want to help support HIM. Cheers!

  33. says

    Thanks so much! I appreciate the time you took to share all this and help out those of us trying to navigate the murky waters of blog advertising! I just found your site today – and am glad I did. (I’ll be back!) Thanks!

    Lori 🙂

  34. says

    Hi Linda,

    Totally agree with your thoughts in that last paragraph. I have been rewarded in many ways for my blogging. Advertising money is just a small percentage of those rewards and shouldn’t be a major focus, especially to begin with.

  35. says

    I want to get into more blog reviews and sponsors so this was EXCELLENT. THANK YOU!!

  36. says

    Thank you very much for the information.

    FYI: I have been paid between GBP30 and GBP100 to host a blog post written by the advertiser for a PR3 with 4,000 visits per month (not sure if unique). I’m not sure if that is too low.

    So those fees are just for a striaght ad placement with minimal effort from me.

  37. says

    Awesome and informative article! Well yes, one should start by charging less until one can build up a portfolio to show other advertisers and get testimonials and as you mentioned it’s better to mentioned that the post is a sponsored post as per the FTC regulations. The table is just excellent which provides the details for charging for sponsored blog posts. Thanks Annabel for sharing this info 🙂

  38. says

    That’s quite a big amount. But people who acts as a mediator swallows the money and pays us $20-$30 here in India. Even some people pays only $2.75 in form of online mobile recharge. May I know how can we get direct clients who pays for posting links. I have 2 PR3 blogs and 1 PR2 blog.

  39. Ashley - Embracing Beauty says

    Great article! …and can you recommend me to a few of your guest authors? I have a PR 4 site. 🙂

  40. says

    I’m sure Page Rank and keyword relevance are the main factors for advertisers wanting to place sponsored posts but the cost also depends on what niche you’re in.

    I run a PR3 gaming blog that gets over 200,000 uniques per month (and over 500K in peak months) and the most I’ve been offered so far is a mere £120.

  41. matt says

    Clarification- It is a U.S. blog thanks-matt

  42. matt says

    Great article!! Really informative. I tried to find blog advertising agencies and had no luck. Do you have some agencies you could recommend?


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    Very helpful post. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  44. says

    Do you have some sources of site where sponsored posts can be purchased? I cannot find any credible ones.

  45. Pawel says

    don’t agree with how you rate your sponsored posts. I think Google Pagerank has nothing to do with the spons. post price.

    I would say that
    – domain authority ( – Predicts domain’s ranking potential in the search engines based on an algorithmic combination of all link metrics.
    – Unique Visitors – the number of unduplicated (counted only once) visitors to your website in a 30 past days
    – Visits – the number of visits
    – Pageviews – Pageviews is the total number of pages viewed. Repeated views of a single page are counted.
    – Social Networks your sponsored post is promoted like numbers of fan on your FB, G+, Twitters etc
    – how frequently you publish – if you do 2 post per day – your sponsored post go down on the list – means less people read it. It is not about “How many sponsored blog posts you’ll write each month”

    those are factors that affect price

    Very important is how the post perform in time – how many shares on FB it has, + on G+, retweets on Twitter etc.

    anyway great post and give lots of good tips for bloggers that didn’t write spons. post and would like to in a future.

    One more thing – take payment in advance – you can always consider to use virtal for managing sponsored post campaigns. Your money is safe there as the system will keep the money you earned before you finish the job.

  46. says

    Lovely post. Thanks for the tips. You have given me a clear insight on what to charge for sponsored posts.

  47. says

    Thank you so much! I have been approached about doing a sponsored post and I had no idea where to start. This saves me a lot of research time because you covered all the bases.

  48. Heather says

    Thanks for this post! It gave me the confidence to ask for the lower end of the rate your chart recommends. It was immediately accepted, so I may have to raise that a little- but it was a good place to start & without your post I probably would have started lower! So thank you!

  49. says

    Thanks for this post. Like Heather, its also given me confidence in asking the appropriate amount for the posts I publish on my site.

  50. Jane says

    I’ve never heard of page rank having any value on what to charge for sponsored content, although I think it could play a small roll. In my experience brands want to see not only PV and Uniques but your reach in other social media outlets (Pinterest, FB, Twitter, G+ etc)

    I think your rates might be off a bit. I’ve worked with many large brands for the last several years and have been making very good money at it. My page rank is 5, my uniques average about 400k+/mo with pageviews at 700k- 1M+/month and on average I get about $1,500 per post, but have worked with a few brands that paid much higher, but they were very few and far between.

    (kept my identity anonymous because I don’t feel comfortable sharing that personal information publicly)

    • says

      Hi Jane,

      I think PageRank is just a quick indication of blog and blog post authority.

      Thanks for sharing your sponsored blog post rates. That’s great news and I do mention in the post that other bloggers charge and get paid that rate. Unfortunately there are still a lot of brands and advertisers who don’t understand that and think even 50% of that rate is too much. In fact I just got a rude email from one of them this morning so reading your comment has cheered me up 🙂

      You have some amazing blog statistics there – keep up the great work – I’m sure more and more brands will want to work with you and hope the rates will stay strong.

      Bloggers deliver huge value so it’s really just a case of us choosing to work only with brands who appreciate that and are prepared to pay reasonable rates for sponsored blog posts.

  51. says


    Thank you so much for this valuable and informative post! There are so many helpful points here; we will definitely bookmark it for use in the future as we work on monetizing our website. We are a little worried about adding embedded links, after reading the part on Google’s disapproval of them. We will have to look more into the methods to legitimize them as we are teaching ourselves as we go.

    Thanks again! Keep up the great work!


    The Wandering Soles

  52. says

    I wish brands would follow the outline you provided above as to how they pay. I am a PR 5 with about 10K uniques and I can tell you that brands scoff if they are asked to pay more than $50. The sad fact is that there are so many blogs out there willing to accept the lowball offers, that they simply will go elsewhere if you won’t agree to less than your worth. 🙁

  53. says

    I have set my own prices and guidelines for sponsored posts by now, but I think this is a great post for anyone needing initial guidance.

    • says

      Hi Liz,

      Agencies seem to come and go. It’s always in flux but these sponsored blog post rates are still up to date and based on my rates and those of other bloggers.

  54. says

    Great post! I just received my first sponsored post from a national brand. Since, this is my first, the pay seems to be write along the chart above. As I become more experienced, I will be more comfortable with exact amounts that I will charge. At this moment, I am concentrating on doing a fabulous job for this post. I am also doing my first review of a product. My blog is been in effect for a solid year and love that it is taking off. Thanks for this info. Definitely bookmarking for later use also.

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    Hi, thanks so much for posting this! I’ve been approached recently for the first time for sponsored posts and really needed info on how to proceed. This is invaluable! Thank you Thank you 🙂

  56. says

    Regarding “nofollow”, doesn’t that defeat the object of the whole thing? i.e. aren’t these companies looking for a decent backlink as well as some exposure? If so how do you manage it so that you don’t get blacklisted by google but you keep the advertisers happy?

    Also what’s the standard practice regarding whether the link opens in the same window or a new window? I’d obviously prefer readers not to be taken away from my site, but do the advertisers expect that?

    Thanks in advance.

    • says

      Hi Lauren,

      Sell links is bad business practice. Sell sponsored blog posts for the access to an engaged readership, exclusivity (limit the number of sponsored blog posts), the chance to be featured on an established and high quality blog and your personal endorsement.

      I always open links to external sites in a new window.

  57. says

    I realized several years ago that allowing unsolicited guest posts on my blog for free was essentially handing out free advertising to whomever asked.

    How stupid is that? I now treat solicited guest posts as a form of paid, permenent advertising. I charge $125 per post. $250 if I write the post.

    This has done two things for me:

    1. Kept the majority of link dumpers out of my hair
    2. Sent a message to sponsors and advertisers that I’m serious about what I’m doing on my blog and if they want to partner with someone who is professional, then I’m their girl.

    I’ve gotten a little push back from other women bloggers who think I’m abandoning the sisterhood and not promoting “community”

    As a business woman, I happen to think those women need a lesson in Econ 101.

    After looking at your chart, I also think I might be under charging for these posts based on my traffic numbers.


    • says

      Hi Magnolia,

      Great to hear your feedback on sponsored blog post and guest post rates. I think your rates are low too considering what you’re offering.

  58. says

    I will very likely charge more in the coming months. Usually, once a year, I evaluate my advertising prices.

    As my traffic and page views grow, so do my advertising prices. I STILL can’t get above a PR3, however, and it drives me bananas.

    I actually reached PR5 for a time. I do not know who/what/when/where/or how. But, it didn’t happen – briefly.

    But, I do not spend a lot of energy trying to improve that specifically. I’m very busy with so many things, it’s very difficult for me to focus intently on getting a higher PR.

    Anyway, like I told you. I love this post. I’ve been posting everywhere for fellow bloggers to see…..particularly those who are perfectly happy to write for free and to accept guest posts for free.

    I don’t understand how they cannot understand that they are providing free service, access, and advertising to other blogs, sites, companies.


  59. says

    My blog is PR3 but the traffic is low. How much should i charge?
    Need your help.

    • says


      I wanted to add that perhaps efforts to drive more traffic to your site might be helpful?

      I find that as my page views grow (though my PR sits stubbornly at 3), that advertisers and sponsors are very willing to pay my advertising rates. I push a lot of traffic to my blog via Twitter, Facebook, and other sites that I write for.

      So, perhaps you could try to get more page views? Then you can apply your page views to the formulas?

      • says

        Well thanks for you valuable advice Magnolia. Well I will definitely do what you said to me. I will use social media to gain visitors.

  60. says

    Extremely useful – that algorithm has never made any sense to me. We could try to develop a new one all day to account for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc, but the reality is that those metrics will mean different things to each advertiser. The real question: how much do we really value ourselves, our time and the space on our blog?

  61. says

    Looks great. According to this, I should be getting $600-$1,200 for a sponsored post. Now where’s your post on finding the people who will pay that? I would love to see that one 🙂 I’d be happy to charge that much if I knew how to get connected with someone who’d actually pay it. And I think that is a common problem. I could set my rates for whatever I want to, but that doesn’t mean I would ever sell anything.

  62. says

    Somebody just asked me for a sponsored blog post and have no idea how much to charge. Glad to find this. Yay! 🙂

    Thanks for this informative post. I think I’ll start small. 🙂

  63. Sofia says

    Thank you for interesting information.

  64. says

    My blog is almost 7 years old. I have been blogging it on and off. It had rose to PR 2 but now it is PR 0. what would be the cost of this blog

    • says

      Hi, Sumit

      Since it is just Page Rank of 0, it may be hard to get sponsors unless you have a large email list. If you have a large list, probably between $40 and $80. Work on getting some guest posts and more traffic and you can command a higher price.


  65. Cher says

    Great post Sue! It was incredibly helpful as I’m currently trying to determine how much I should charge. Could you address how to frame a reply to a company that is asking for a sponsored post? Do you just respond that you’re interested and your rate is x or do you try to explain your rate and back it up with your page stats, followers, etc?

    Would you mind sharing a professional reply to an inquiry? A lot of times I find that companies who reach out seem to expect or take for granted that a sponsored post will be free..

    • says

      Hi, Cher,
      I would send the response email saying you are interested and that you charge for sponsored posts and you have X page stats, subscribers, followers.

      At that point, you have let them know its not free by saying that you charge.

      If they are reply that they are interested, sometimes they will quote a price and sometimes they don’t. At that point, you can negotiate a rate or just be firm about your rate – then it’s your call!

      Good luck and stick to your guns about getting paid for those sponsored posts!
      Sue Anne recently posted…Successful Blog Writing Tips: Sharon H. Hall’s Success StoryMy Profile

  66. says

    Hello! Thanks for the great information. We had our first company reach out (Yahoo Food Blog) and request a sponsored post. We get about 100,000-110,000 page views a month, however I’m curious if your graph above is for page views on the site or page views on the sponsored post itself? Thanks so much!

    • says

      Hi, Blake,

      Thanks for dropping by the blog! Great amount of page views on your site. The graph is for total page views on your site – not just the sponsored post.

      Now, some brands/companies want a certain number of page views on the post itself, but you cannot “guarantee” that number. Usually, it’s just a request and the total monthly page views is what they are looking for.

      Good question! Happy blogging,

  67. says

    Very nice post, Sue.

    I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts.
    Bernadette N. Emms recently posted…Bernadette N. EmmsMy Profile

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    So detailed. There was a time, a few months ago, when I wanted to go the route of the sponsored post but then later pulled the plug on the idea.

    But info like this, I never stumbled upon such then.

    And so I save this in case I want to go down this route with any of my blogs in the future. What I took from this: competing on price alone isn’t worth it – for the blog owner and the readers coming to their site.
    Philos recently posted…Savvy Kenya interview, Harriet Ocharo on starting a blog, growing traffic and publishing useful contentMy Profile

    • says

      Hi, Amar,

      This article was written several years ago. My blog is also a PR4 and I get offered more than what you are getting offered.

      Perhaps it is the niche you are in. I usually negotiate and, if I were you, I would say that I only accept $150 for a sponsored post.

      Good luck and let me know how it turns out!

  69. says

    This is an excellent piece of information !! I will be returning to your blog,I’m a new blogger, for the time being I’m focused on writing but I have added passionfruit for sposored posts. Have you heard of them ? They help out beginner bloggers.

  70. says

    I’m glad to be reading this post today
    As a matter of fact, I do paid posting on my blog and charge something between $100 and $500. I have had some clients that have paid $300 and above and some $100. It’s part of the main sources of my blog income.

    This information here is so helpful and thanks for posting. My readers will really appreciate it 😉

    Do have a wonderful weekend ahead
    Enstine Muki recently posted…One Year Report! $5500, 189 blog posts, 7922 comments, 20k AlexaMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks for commenting on the post, Enstine!


  71. says

    Hi There,

    A great detailed post on sponsored reviews. I would just like to say that these days advertisers are hardly spending more than $200 for a single post. Even I don’t get $100 for a single post though I get 20000+ unique visitors monthly with most of my posts ranked on page 1 of Google.

    Anyhow, I also wrote a guide + trick on how to get sponsored blog posts for your blog and I hope you will not mind visiting it once. I am linking it through Commentluv. 🙂

    Moreover this is my first visit to your blog and it looks really clean and I really like the way you present your posts. Will visit your blog again. 😀

    Iftekhar Ahmed
    Iftekhar Ahmed recently posted…Complete Guide on Sponsored Reviews and Paid PostsMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks, Iftekhar, for stopping by today and commenting. Thanks for including your resource!


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    Thank you so much for the great advice. I hadn’t planned to read it all, but I guess that makes a difference between a boring post and an interesting one. Now, it makes me wonder how I could make a better posts.

    There are so many instances where I question myself on whether I’m charging too much for sponsored posts at . Most SEO marketers asks so low for a post ($10-$25 for a PR3 blog). Often times, they don’t have the decency to return a reply. Am I overpricing?
    Haopee recently posted…Taiwan Excellence to the Philippines: A Tech-Savvy Blogger’s PerspectiveMy Profile

    • says

      Hi, Haopee,

      It’s hard to earn a living with sponsored posts these days. I would agree with you – don’t accept the low amount because it is too hard to write the post in a short amount of time. Stick to your guns!

      Thanks for stopping by to comment,

  73. says

    Great one…The formula you used for offering a post rate was awesome..i have a new blog and going good..How much should i charge as i don’t have any PR and in future also i won’t get it as PR stop’s updating..

    is $10-15 per post is reasonabl for my new one month old blog..
    suryateja recently posted…Should We Comment On Commentluv Enabled Blogs {Case Study}My Profile

    • says

      Depends on your amount of traffic, Suryateja. You may not get any requests until your traffic goes up. But, yes, start small, do a great job for the sponsor and you’ll get more gigs.

      Thanks for commenting,

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    Wonderful blog post, Sue Anne! Just landed on this post via Enstine Muki’s blog. I am his casual reader and commentator.

    He wrote about you, I have been following his tips since long and I believe all of it works when Enstine brotha says something to do.

    Landed on your blog, read this article and I cannot just imagine what a great feeling I have to read this great article about sponsored posts.

    Yes, sponsored posts are a great way to earn and sometimes with a bit of good luck you can make huge money within a single sponsored post.

    Thanks for writing this Sue Anne, keep writing 🙂
    Ammar Zeb recently posted…PDF Unlocker: Amazing Tool For Removing Assigned PDF RestrictionsMy Profile

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      Thanks so much for coming over to read and comment, Ammar!


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    Hi Sue,
    What a pleasant thing to be here!
    I am here via Enstine Muki’s blog post about this wonderful post!
    Indeed this is a new concept and I was not aware about it.
    This post very clearly explains everything about Sponsored Posts!
    Indeed this is a wonderful tutorial too!
    I am bookmarking it for my further reference on this line
    Would like to know and involve more in it as my page traffic is in a good position
    I think I can catch up with it
    Anyways looking forward to be involved more here in this informative space
    Thanks Sue and thanks Enstine for this wonderful intro and guide to this page! 🙂
    May you have a great and profitable weekend!
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip
    Philip Verghese Ariel recently posted…A Priceless Gift From AhaNOW On International Men’s DayMy Profile

    • says

      Hi, Philip,

      Enstine is terrific and I’m so glad you found Successful Blogging.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment,

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    This was a great second introduction for me to sponsored blog post. I found out about it the first time on Enstine Muki’s blog and it was pretty intriguing to me. I only been promoting affiliate products, but this looks like it would be a great alternative to affiliate marketing.

    I like the fact that you share a criteria to go off of when deciding what you can charge. I know a lot of people wouldn’t have a clue. At least i wouldn’t LOL.. but as you said, if you don’t have any experience, start small, build an impressive portfolio, then you can work your way up to charging more.

    Thanks for the share! I hope you and Sue have a great weekend!
    sherman smith recently posted…My Lead System Pro Review: A Network Marketing Lead System To Instantly Generate Quality LeadsMy Profile

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    Hi Sue,

    I Read this article when i was on mobile yestaday and due to the magnitude of great stuffs in it.. I decided to come back the next day to declare this.

    Never believed sponsored posts can be priced at high amounts such as these.. 🙂

    That’s a complete eye opener post there.. First time here! Am impressed 😉

    Thanks and keep writing!
    Babshaybell recently posted…Comment on How i Went From 280+ Spam Comments A Day To ZERO On My Blog Using AntiSpam Bee WordPress Plugin by BabsHaybellMy Profile

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      Thanks for coming by to read and to leave a comment, Babs!


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    Really awesome information. More I visits to the various blogs more I get to know about it. In fact I am wondering that how one can get so much amount of money by just a sponsored post. It is incredible that few of you are making it possible 🙂
    You really motivated me to work on quality not on quantity 🙂
    Sumit Thakur recently posted…Why you should not feel shy that you are a blogger?My Profile

    • says

      Thanks for stopping by today and commenting, Sumit!


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    Thanks for this wonderful post. i never believe one can make up to that with sponsored post but after reading this post i found its possible. Thanks again.

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    Wow, what a great article for us newbies! I’ve spent a few years now developing a quality travel blog and certainly do not want to waste my time with nickle and dime advertisers. I’m sure this would drop my ratings and quality of my site. I am progressing slowly but hopeful on the right track to eventually lure quality higher paying advertisers. Embedded links seem to be a real issue, I always use nofollow unless it is directed to a high quality reputable site.
    What is your feeling on textual links for paid advertising?
    Thanks for the great post!
    Robert recently posted…Necessary Vaccinations Before TravelMy Profile

    • says

      Hi, Robert,

      In your travel niche, I believe textual links for ads work fairly well. Keeping your site quality is the key and only using links for products/services you know will help your readers.

      Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment!

  81. says

    Hi Sue,
    evergreen post, with a lot of useful information.

    The graphic you have created to help people decide the rate of their sponsored posts is still valid, even today that Google PageRank seems dead.
    I’ve just written an article about sponsored posts on my blog and linked to this article.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.
    Have a great beginning of this week, Sue.
    Erik Emanuelli recently posted…How to Make Money with Sponsored Posts (+3 Sites You Want to Use)My Profile

    • says

      I’ll go take a look at your post.

      Thanks for commenting!

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    Nice! I wish I had read that much time ago. I would definitely had made lots of things in a different way.. 🙂

    • says

      I think we can all say that about something with our blogs, Ueritom!

      Thanks for commenting,

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    Hey, Sue Anne. For the very first time I visited your blog and seems that I am going to be a loyal reader of your upcoming posts from now..

    I have recently started a new blog and this post on sponsorship rates added value to my information level regarding this topic.

    As I’ll be going for sponsored posts after establishing my blog… and this post gonna help me for that..
    meanwhile I have bookmarked this post.

    Thank you for this valuable and worthy post.

    • says

      You are so welcome, Shubham. Let me know if I can help.

      Thanks for commenting,

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    I just received my first pitch to publish a sponsored post, and then after a very quick Google search I’ve found you.
    Thank you very much! This post just confirmed what I was thinking: build your brand first with solid foundations, only then start to monetize it. I’ll have to decline the offer, but I am sure many others will come.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Daniel recently posted…Supermarket specials: 2/$5My Profile

    • says

      Smart move, Daniel! It will be worth it down the road.

      Thanks for commenting,

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    Excellent post. I’m looking into sponsored posts now to build up some referral traffic, but had no idea what the costs involved would be. This is good quality content here.

    • says

      Hi, Nick,

      Glad it was helpful! Let me know how I can help.

      Thanks for commenting,

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    Glad to find this post, It’s very informative and helpful post for me. I have learned some important staff here. It would be more better for us if you mention where to get sponsor blog post?

    By the way, thanks for everything you shared.
    Srimanta Ghosh recently posted…How to get a Tourist Visa for IndiaMy Profile

    • says

      Hi, Srimanta,

      You can work with brands or with other bloggers. Sometimes, they contact you but you can be proactive and contact brands and bloggers to see if they want to work with you. You should have a one-page media kit – I like the ones that Pauline created at:

      Thanks for your comment.

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    Hi.. This arti9cle is very nice.really i glad to find this post, It’s very informative and helpful post for me. I have learned some important staff here. It would be more better for us if you mention where to get sponsor blog post.

    • says

      Hi, Arun,

      You can start to find brands to work with by doing a Google search or by applying to a large company that works with a lot of brands, like SkimLinks.

      Thanks for your comment and question.

    • says

      This post will help you and you can also go after brands and other bloggers that want to post on your site due to its traffic and ranking.

      Thanks for commenting.

  88. says

    Hello Sue,

    You are amazing, thanks for the detailed article on sponsored blog post. I had a one year old blog which generally gets a sponsored blog post of close to $20 and Its pretty decent pricing for a PR0 blog which 150 blog posts. But I got an idea about how to go for it in the long term.

    Thanks for the informative content. Really helped me.

  89. says

    I was recently contacted about sponsored posts no my site and had no idea what to charge. Thank you for providing this information. It was very timely.

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    Great article Sue! I just want to offer all your readers a brand new marketplace for sponsored articles. Where publishers meets advertisers. is the website. Hope this marketplace will help all your readers. And they can become advertisers or publishers.Good luck Sue and greetings Peter

  91. Nee says

    Hi, i ve been contacted by a few advertisers but now there s one that i am interested which is to test and write about an apps connected to food, which is what my blog is about. My blog dfomain is new since i move from my old site which went hiatus for a year due to illness. So my page rank, twitter follower are low. Will it be okay if i ll just let the advertiser quote what they deemed fit?

    • says

      Yes, I would ask them what they would pay since you had a downturn on your blog. Start lower and you can gradually raise the rate over time with an increase in traffic.

      Thanks, Nee.

      • Nee says

        Thanks Sue. I am newbie in sponsored post so i would like to get the proper process straight. After i accepted the invitation and the fee agreed, i will put my effort into publish the post and the fee should be paid after the post was published? Or they will ask for the draft and payment upon approval? I wish to ask when and how are the payment plan, but don’t wish to sound rude.


  92. says

    How I wish I’ve seen this article before sending my service fee to a client earlier today. Well, the information here will be the guide next time, Thanks

  93. says

    Hi Sue Anne!

    Thank you so much for this excellent post. I’m basically on the other side of the bridge: I’m looking for bloggers willing to talk about our company.
    Do you know if there is such a thing as a Sponsored Posts marketplace? Do you have any clue on how to identify bloggers that would be likely to publish valuable content including mentions to our services in exchange of a fair compensation?

    • says

      Hi, Paul,

      Your best bet is to look for blogs that have a low Alexa ranking (under 100,000 is good) and ask them if they are interested in your sponsored post opportunity. You can use NinjaOutreach to find that number – they have a free Chrome extension.

      Thanks for your comment and questions!

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    Nice post!
    shared on twitter.
    Was looking how much to charge for sponsored post for my blog
    Above algorithm will be very helpful 🙂

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    I loved this post! Quite informative and I will be reading more of your blog. Thank you for sharing

    • says

      Since the majority of my content is evergreen, I have taken off the dates of my posts and comments, like you said. Just a personal decision.

      I will add some updates to this post. Thanks for the idea!

  96. says

    Hi Sue,

    Excellent post, I thoroughly enjoyed reading, so thanks! I’ve learned a lot on here that I never considered as a blogger, and you’ve got a great resource for people just entering the blogging world.

    I would say about the Page Rank thing. Google don’t update the toolbar anymore so new blogs will never know what their PR is. The indicator that most go on nowadays is Trust Flow or Domain Authority. Just a little something that you could add in, if you wanted the post to be more up to date. But apart from that, excellent. I’ll share it as widely as I can 🙂
    Steve Ceaton recently posted…Hourly SEO Services – The Only Way ForwardMy Profile

    • says

      Great idea, Steve!’s free account will help with that. I’ll add it to the post.

      Thanks for your comment.

  97. says

    Great information. One clarification/change though. Where you say “In accordance with FTC regulations you should always mention that it’s a sponsored blog post, usually at the end of the post with a byline such as…” As far back as 2009, the FTC was already publicly recommending that disclosures NOT be buried at the bottom of a post or on a separate page. Please read this, it helps a lot on what you are required legally to do.

    And, yes you are always legally bound to disclose if you receive compensation for your post (that means if you take product too) That means on social posts too. So on Twitter, IG, and FB, if you post and link to the content, you need #ad or #sponsored.

  98. says

    Thank you for such a beautiful explanation.

    Well, every blog has a specific niche on which it focuses on. Now, often I get sponsored post offers from off-niche topics. Should I consider writing post for them?

    And another query is up to how many days should I keep my post on my blog? If there is no time contract between me and the advertiser, does that specify I need to keep my article posted in my blog forever?
    Nirmal Sarkar recently posted…Disa All in One Messenger: Merge Facebook Whatsapp SMSMy Profile

    • says

      Hi, Nirmal,

      I don’t see a reason to take down the post. It will “disappear” from your blog the more posts are added. But it’s up to you and what you want to do.

      Thanks for your comment.

  99. says

    This is amazing Sue. I am so grateful for this post as I was offered my first sponsored post yesterday and had NO clue what to charge! At first I was thinking $50-75 and now I see how truly laughable that is. And you’re absolutely right, I want to make sure that I am compensated for my time AND make sure that what I write does not erode my readers’ trust.

    On a sidenote, I didn’t think that page rank was really relevant anymore but maybe it is? I just checked mine and it is way lower than I thought it would be! :[
    Marianne // DYOB recently posted…How to Create Stunning Blog Post Title Images with Resources + a Giveaway!My Profile

    • says

      You are right, Marianne – Page Rank isn’t as revelant anymore. Don’t worry about it – look at pageviews on Google Analytics.

      Thanks for your comment today!

  100. says

    Thanks for writing this post. Till now I was charging $50/per sponsored post. Should I call it less, but I think sometimes less is more, as I am getting posts written by brands also. Still your article is quite helpful.
    Gaurav KUmar recently posted…How to Win the Competition with PsychologyMy Profile

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    Thank you so very much for the info…..stumbled upon this website and I’m definitely not sorry!

    thank you again


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    Hey, that are some of the good criteria for paid posts. it usually takes lot of time writing the post and then promoting it. You said it right. I agree. Thanks for sharing the article.

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    Hi Sue,
    I was doing some research on the topic of native advertising and sponsored posts, and found your amazing article. We are currently offering sponsored posts on our site, and this was a very helpful post to determine our pricing. As I suspected we were a little low. I am also curious since our site is also built on the curation model, if you have any thoughts about curated content as a way to build a brand? Thanks for the article.
    tom george recently posted…What’s The Deal With Sponsored Content – Here is What You Need To KnowMy Profile

    • says

      Hi, Tom,

      I think curated content is great. It’s very popular and works well when done nicely.

      Thanks for your comment.

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    Hi everyone,

    I need answer i need advice. I’m lost. I hope you will help me to understand. I create my website 4 nouth ago and recently sponsored post contact me and ask me if i want collaborate with us. I don’t know how to answer. If someone know if sponsored post if reliable ? They say it’s free but is it really free ?
    If someone know the answer please contact me and tell me what can i do

    [email protected]

    • says

      Ask for $50 for the first one since you probably don’t have much traffic. But don’t do it for free!


  105. says

    Simply a great post. It’s true that sponsored post is one of best way to establish brand and has its disadvantages for some bloggers. Even, I personally do not accept any sponsored post below 100$ for my blogs.
    Rahul Singhal recently posted…Top 5 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites 2016My Profile

    • says

      You are so right, Rahul. You have to be mindful of the content you put out for your readers.

      Thanks for commenting.

  106. says

    For getting sponsored blog post opportunities, your blog needs to have a professional looking design.

  107. says

    Thank you so much for this article. It is very informative. I am a PR student in my final year and I must admit, I had not learned in school about sponsored blog posts until I needed to start pitching for my internship. The company is a brand new start-up with practically no marketing or advertising budget so it has become very difficult to get anyone to write an article…not bloggers or reporters.

    From courses I have taken, we were taught that paying for articles is not ethical but I have found that even magazine writers and new reporters now take compensation for writing and publishing articles. So, my question is, if I want to pitch to lifestyle bloggers through say…blogdash, for an article review of the website for the business I am doing the PR for, what is fair compensation, seeing that I haven’t even gotten a budget for it?

    • says

      It really varies, Pamela. You can ask them what they charge and offer a little less and see if they go for it. You can check their traffic numbers on or

      I hope this helps. Thanks for your question.

  108. says

    I think writing paid reviews actually lower your credibility and people lose faith in your blog. Although I have a review blog but I don’t ask payment to write reviews. And I think I am right.

    • says

      Each blogger has their own guidelines on whether they take sponsored posts. I appreciate your opinion.


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    Its really hard to find such nice blogs which gives detailed information and kept you reading till it finishes otherwise normally what happens we get bored as the information is not so informative or captivating that can engage the person.

    I loved this blog and thank you for sharing it here

    • says

      If they write it, I recommend starting at $200 and negotiate. If you write it, start at $400 and negotiate.

      Thanks, Tahir!

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    sometimes its so costly to sponsor a post, some of web owners ask more then $250.

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    Hi there, what a great post Thanks for writing this post. Till now I was charging $60/per sponsored post That i Written. Still your article is quite helpful For Me

    Thanks Again

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    Great post! Since it’s awkward talking to other bloggers about what they charge we are often unsure of what to charge brands. Thanks for the informative post and we will definitely remember this going forward!

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    A potential client just emailed me about publishing a sponsored post in my blog. They’ll be doing the writing though I get to choose the topic. They don’t want me to indicate the post as a sponsored one, however. They just want me to label it as a “guest post.” Is this acceptable or should I reject the offer? Also, for how long should I keep the post up? The pay rate they mentioned is okay, by the way. Thanks a lot!
    Patricia recently posted…Why I stopped running regularlyMy Profile

    • says

      It’s up to you, Patricia, and what you want to do with this client. Usually you leave the post up forever (evergreen) unless it is a short-term offer in the post.

      Thanks for your comment and questions!

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    I do accept sponsored post which helps you to establish as an authority in your niche and with which you can earn passive money.

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    Nice,very good post. I was searching from long time such type of excellent post. What I gained the most from it is the very detailed steps to best practices on blogging and earning. This, this I will refer to so many people – who are always asking and searching. Thanks for the reference guide!

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    “All at one place”
    Hey Sue,
    Amazing and very informative post. I have each and every line of this post.

    I was going to start sponsored post on my blog but before starting and contacting advertising agencies i and thankful to you to provide this information.

    I really like below points: Thanks for the steps in point 4 and Suggestion in point 10

    4. Be professional
    10. Build a strong, trusted brand first
    Ankit Suhane recently posted…IRCTC Registration & IRCTC Create New Account | Sign UP Process 7 StepsMy Profile

  119. says

    Oh wow, this was so helpful! I definitely undercharge for sponsor posts! Saving this for future reference – thank you!

  120. says

    Thank you for offering insight on what rates to charge. As a blogger who hasn’t really dabbled into the world of guest posting and sponsored blog posts it can be a little overwhelming. Thanks again!
    Jessica recently posted…Skylar Rae® Cherry CrumbleMy Profile

  121. says

    Nice,very good post.Awesome and comprehensive guide for all bloggers.Thanks for sharing.Have only one question Is it better to take 30-40$ for first sponser post? Thanks once again this post is to much helpful for me.

    • says

      It totally depends on your traffic and social media numbers. Each company is different so ask high and let them come down.

      Thanks for your comment and question!

  122. says

    Nice,very good post.Awesome and comprehensive guide for all bloggers.Thanks for sharing.Have only one question Is it better to take $30-40 for first sponsored post? Thanks once again this post is helpful for me.

    • says

      It depends on your traffic. Start at $100 and see what they offer you.


  123. says

    Hey, i am having two blogs and i am getting 1000 and 1500 unique visits monthly. Those DA is 15 and 24 so how much could i can charge for sponsored post on those blogs? Please suggest me.

    Thanks in advance!

    • says

      I would start with $250 and see what the brands say.

      Thanks for your question.

  124. says

    Thank you very much for this write up. I have been rejecting those who wish to do a sponsored post on my blog. I think after reading this article i will have to rethink on how to tackle this.

  125. says

    I just received my first request from a seller asking me to put a link on my website to their website’s page that has a freebie that would interest my readers. I did not know how to respond but now I do – thank you so much!

    Question: can you request that the sponsor put a link back to your website and if so, how would that impact pricing? This is a Google P2 site, but I don’t know their monthly visitors…

    • says

      It doesn’t hurt to ask, Maureen. See what you can negotiate.

      Thanks for your comment.

  126. says

    Hello, Sue!

    That was so excellent for me that I landed to the first-opened search result I found when I was looking up for the info to sneak into sponsored posts’ rates! ?

    And your this awesome post gave me the exact idea of what I was searching for!

    Thankful for you!
    Arnab Mohapatra recently posted…Dead Easy Way to Root Redmi 3s Without PC [In 5 Mins]My Profile

  127. James Brands says

    Google PR is dead. It hasn’t been updated for several years, so to base the amount to charge on PR is flawed.

    We purchase sponsored posts based on Majestic TF & CF, Moz DA & also the amount of traffic the site is receiving via organic search.


    • says

      Great points, James. This hasn’t been updated in awhile.

      Thanks for your comment.

  128. Gemma Goodman says

    Great advice.
    How long do you give your sponsors to pay? (30days?)
    How long after receiving payment do you post the article?
    I’m just wondering about deadlines.


    • says

      Once the post is written, I give them a week. Usually you have to post the article before you are paid.

      Thanks, Gemma!

  129. says

    Well I usually ask around $250 per sponsored post and most of the times I get that price as my blog is well reputed and is growing as well. So, companies have no problem sponsoring me even for such a price.

  130. says

    Wow Sue,

    Thank you very much for creating this post I usually feel bad when I ask advertisers for $100 🙁 However now I see the true value I am offering.

    Thanks again

  131. says

    hello Sue Ann3,
    I am thrilled to see the rates of Sponsored Posts, I am having approx 20k + Monthly visits and whenever i used to get sponsored review or post i was charging approx 50$ or $80 maximum for it. I am really glad to look at the rates which motivates me more.
    Btw, this is my First visit to and i am impressed with your writing quality and information you have shared:)

    Now i will be a regular visitor here :p
    Aliakbar recently posted…$1/Mo Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Offer 87% OFFMy Profile

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    Loved reading about your post. I am a food blogger , blogging for more then a year from now and was wondering how to contact the brand. I mean i would like to start with new brands first, but simply don’t know where will I find them so that I can pitch them. It would be nice if I get some advice.

    • says

      I would check some other food blogs and see who they are doing sponsored posts or private ads for. And then Google “sponsored posts + food blog” and “Brands + food blog” and start from there.

      Thanks for your question!

  133. says

    Hi, Thanks for such a detailed post. I wish I knew this when I started blogging. I used to do sponsored reviews for very cheap rates earlier. But now, I take care that my efforts are getting good price.
    Pratham D recently posted…How To Turn Off Safe Mode on Galaxy S3My Profile

  134. says

    Thanks for writing this Sue! I keep getting contacted about doing sponsored posts and have turned all of them down thus far. Glad to see I was about right on my idea of what I would charge though.

    • says

      Hey, Dustin,

      Great to see you here! Let me know if I can be of any help when it comes to landing sponsored posts.


  135. says

    It’s easy to see from reading this post why you’re both an extraordinary talented writer, Sue and successful blogging biz coach.
    Thank you for sharing this comprehensive guide on best practices for sponsored posts. I especially appreciate your considerations for charging rates, and for when marketing your site’s value.
    As I’m researching sponsored posts and content, there’s another ‘must read’ resource for you or any of your keen readers… Chad Pollitt’s guest blog featuring his 5 month sponsored content research project on Moz.
    ” Everything you need to know about sponsored content.”

  136. says

    That was an excellent post Sue.
    Frankly speaking , the charges that you mentioned in the post are far more than what I had been offered by many publishers till date.
    Unfortunately , I wasn’t aware of this and accepted few of them.

    Anyways , I won’t charge less for sponsored posts from now on. Thank you 🙂
    Pranshu Kharkwal recently posted…How to build backlinks for a long term blog ?My Profile

  137. says

    Your post has been very helpful to me and I will be using your blog as a trusted resource in the future. I have been blogging for just under a year and am just starting to charge for sponsored posts. It is a somewhat confusing process! I don’t want to undercharge or overcharge. Thank you!

    • says

      Glad it helped, Kim. You can always start high and negotiate.

      Thanks for your comment.

  138. says


    It’s good to know about these pricings and I am charging less compared to your chart. More over, As PR is dead now kindly do update the article such that we can have better idea on sponsored posts. Thank for the detailed explanation.
    Suryateja Madhavarapu recently posted…Tips, Exercises And Precautions For DiabetesMy Profile

  139. says

    Hi Sue, I was looking for information on how much I should charge for a blog post and chanced upon this post of yours. The media company said that they are usually paying $X amount for a permanent blog post (article will be provided by their editorial). This $X amount happened to be the cost I charged others for a text link ad at my site for a year. So I think the amount offered by the media company seemed a bit off but I do not know how much I should be charging since I have not done any sponsored blog post before. Should there also be a timeline to how long the post will stay on the blog?

    • says

      Always start high in negotiating with the media companies. And usually, they want the link for a year, two years or forever. Charge more for more time. And then you have room to come down to your regular price. If you start with your usual price, they will negotiate lower 🙂

      Thanks for your comment and question!

  140. says

    Thanks for this post, it was really helpful. We have a small tourism website and associated blog and have been pestered with emails from someone using a Gmail account claiming to work for a digital marketing agency. She is offering us $45 USD per sponsored post (even though we are a UK-based site, and she is apparently representing a UK-based agency….so why not offer payment in pounds?) but won’t tell us what the posts will be about, or who they are advertising to…oh and she wants us *not* to reveal that the posts are sponsored…I think we’ll pass!!

  141. says

    Well you have provided all the costing rates of sponsored posts but didn’t mentioned the duration or limiting period of displaying sponsored posts for given cost.
    Pls let me know how much to charge for day? and how much should i charge for a month on sponsored posts?
    Sandeep recently posted…8 Ways To Identify Fake Facebook AccountMy Profile

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    Hey Sue,
    I really loved this blog post. I know many bloggers who are making money utilizing the sponsored posts opportunities. Deciding charges for such posts is really a tough task. Your points regarding sponsored posts price finalizing is really awesome.

    We shouldn’t lose the trust and reputation of our blogs in exchange of money. Accepting cheap products on your blog won’t share value to the readers.

    Lovely article. I will come again to read quality stuff here.

    Nikhil recently posted…16 Catchy Blog Title Generator Tools to Increase Click Through RateMy Profile

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    i just came here first time and read your post about sponsored blog post rates its completely awesome and the way of your explanation clear the full concept of it and they way of your work I really appreciate its really helps people who are new in this field I just want to say thanks for this great post and will be back soon for more awesome stuff and tips 🙂

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    Hi SUE,
    Nice share. This is really an interesting share. These rates are good for bloggers to accept.
    Blogger should avoid mediators while accepting paid posts.
    Thanks for sharing this post.

  145. says

    Excellent explanation. But i have a question. Many peoples are saying if you pay for a post it can hurt your ranking. Is it really hurt or not?
    Thanks team!

    • says

      I don’t see any problems with my clients that offer occasional sponsored posts.

      Thanks for your question.

  146. says

    Thank you for such a beautiful explanation.

    Well, every blog has a specific niche on which it focuses on. Now, often I get sponsored post offers from off-niche topics. Should I consider writing post for them?

    And another query is up to how many days should I keep my post on my blog? If there is no time contract between me and the advertiser, does that specify I need to keep my article posted in my blog forever?

    • says

      If it is not in your niche, think about whether you ideal reader would want to see a post on that subject. Usually, not.

      And at least a year is the time frame but why not just leave it? It has “Google juice’ – potential links to the post. So, it’s up to you.


  147. says

    Awesome article. Thank god I have learnt a lot and got a great knowledge. Recently I have got an email from the agency for sponsored post and I wasn’t know anything about that. I have googled it found your blog. Honestly got a informative article.

    Great job.

  148. says

    I completely agree with the rates that you have mentioned. Personally, I think that we have to adjust the price as per the authority of the company. That means if the company is fully established then they will not have a problem with these prices. However, the startup businesses don’t have this kind of money on advertising and sponsorship.
    Mehul Boricha recently posted…17 Best Apps for Android Every Geek Must Have in 2017My Profile

    • says

      Excellent point and I totally agree, Mehul. Sometimes we have to see if, as bloggers, we want to help a startup brand/business.

      Thanks for your informative comment!

  149. says

    Truly appreciable work guys.You are truly a full guide to “Successful Blogging”.Keep helping.

  150. says

    First of all thanks Sue Anne Dunlevie for this post.
    A great detailed post on sponsored reviews. I would just like to say that these days advertisers are hardly spending more than $200 for a single post. Even I don’t get $100 for a single post though I get 20000+ unique visitors monthly with most of my posts ranked on page 1 of Google.

    Moreover this is my first visit to your blog and it looks really clean and I really like the way you present your posts. Will visit your blog again.
    Adam Barton recently posted…Best Gaming Monitor Reviews (Jan2017) Buyers’ GuideMy Profile

    • says

      That’s the way it makes sponsored post worthwhile – the way you are doing it, Chris.

      Thanks for commenting.

  151. says

    Hi Sue,
    Thanks for the info, I am starting to get a lot of requests for guest/sponsored posts. Kind of hesitant because I only want the best quality possible, and do not care about the money $$$ or should I? take care and like the clean look of tour blog!

  152. says

    This is too low. Only 50 USD for a sponsored post seems to be very low.
    But if you have a great amount of traffic and readership, the sponsors will be willing to pay 20 times more than that.
    And you said that right. Blog post agencies charge 2 times of the value paid to a blog owner from the brands.
    Shocking but true
    Vashishtha Kapoor recently posted…[List] Best Landing Page Builder WordPress PluginMy Profile

  153. says

    Smashing blog post. You just opened my eyes on many things.
    I recently wrote a sponsored review for an application for MAC OS. I’ve been proposed 60$ and I agreed for that money. It was my first time writing a sponsored blog post, and not many companies would contact me before that.
    Somehow now I get bombarded by other companies or agencies who want me to write a sponsored post for their products too. The thing is my website is in Russian language, but I get contacted by people from Canada, US and China. Is it possible the first company shared my contact with other marketers?

    • says

      Probably they did share the info. I’ve heard of that before.

      I appreciate you telling my readers about it!

  154. says

    May I simply just say what a relief to discover someone that actually knows what they are talking about online. You actually know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. A lot more people ought to look at this and understand this side of the story. It’s surprising you aren’t more popular given that you definitely possess the gift.

  155. says

    Well I usually ask around $250 per sponsored post and most of the times I get that price as my blog is well reputed and is growing as well. So, companies have no problem sponsoring me even for such a price.

  156. says

    Thanks for this guide, I was contacted by a few of top companies for the first time but I was confused what should I do. this article helps me a lot to understand the facts.

  157. says

    In the charge table in your article – is this what you charge as a ‘One-Off’? Or is this per month/year etc?

    Great article by the way, as I’m just starting to reinvigorate my business blog and had a few requests for guest blogs already. Two of which I’ve added, as I felt it would help me get content quicker – so these guys have ‘free’ links to their websites.

    Do you think I should go back to them at a later date, once the blog gets a bit more traction and charge?

    Thank you.

    • says

      It would be a one-off but you would need to leave the link in the post for (usually) 12 months. Depending on your traffic and ranking, you can go for it now and just ask for $150 and be willing go down to $100.

      Thanks for commenting and your questions!

      • says

        Hi Sue, Thank you for your input, very much appreciated. Have a great weekend and keep up the great blogging!


  158. says

    Hi Sue, this was very helpful and informative. Perhaps an updated version would provide a great deal of value as marketers generally no longer look at PR. An alternative metric may be Trust and Citation Flow. Cheers.

  159. says

    Very useful post, although I would love to find the rates of a sponsored post per traffic and not per pagerank.
    I own a site that has 3000 visitors a day, all organic traffic. I accept paid guest posts from time to time, but I insist on a very high quality content that will help me rank in the search engines. So its a win win situation: The advertiser get his link, and I get great content that can further get me more traffic. The thing is not too accept too much guest post, as your site can start to look spammy and you may get in trouble with google.
    Ron Shimoff recently posted…What is an inversion chair?My Profile

  160. says

    thanks for letting us know about the prices of blog post rates. will keep in mind them from now on.

  161. says

    Hello Sue,

    This is very helpful. I will soon start my blog so these rates is what I needed. Quick question how can I apply this to youtube? I do videos and I am stuck on creating a rate card for sponsored video content for companies.

    I am trying to see a way to apply the rate card you provided for blogging to vlogging but I am stuck.

    Please advise

    • says

      Good question, Grace. Not sure if there is a big difference for vlogging. Sorry I cannot be of more help!


  162. says

    Hey sue thanks for letting us know the guest post price from now we will keep in mind 🙂

  163. says

    Very Useful info Thanx Sue.Am new and this will help me a lot 🙂

  164. Husen says

    Thanks for the Splendid articles.

    Often I get Sponsored Posts requests from Off Topic Niches. Should I consider approving Such request??

    • says

      I would see if it would interest your readers. If not, don’t publish it, Husen.

      Thanks for your comment!

  165. says

    How you can make it easy. i was calculating the Sponsored post cost. now i am clear how much i should charge.
    As i am a beginner i should charge accordingly less.
    Thanks a lot
    manish recently posted…8 Things To do at Last once in your lifeMy Profile

  166. says

    Thanks so much for this post! In regards to pay, do companies pay bloggers through PayPal? I’ve been contacted by some brands and I have a high enough following to ask for payment. I’m just not sure how it works and don’t want to get taken advantage of! Thanks so much!

  167. says

    Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a bunch for the insightful article!

  168. says

    Hi Sue,

    Thanks for sharing this helpful article! Although it’s a little old it actually contains exactly what I was looking for.

    I’ve been putting a lot of work on some new blogs and I was able to experience some substantial traffic growth, then some advertisers have reached out to me offering to feature some of their products in the way of sponsored post.

    I had never actually done this in the past, but it sounded like a way of making some more money so I wanted to look into it…

    I honestly didn’t like the idea since the beginning because I’m devoted to recommending only products that I have used myself, and that I fully trust.

    After reading this article I’ve just confirmed that publishing sponsored articles is just not for me or anybody who values their audience.

    I think is just better to publish articles about trusted affiliated products and get recurring income from it, that’s also better for your audience if you always put value into it.


  169. says

    I found myself always returning to read this post whenever I have doubts about blogging. 🙂

    Recently I received an invite for food review. It is a restaurant that I have wanted to blog about, and actually happy to receive the invite. However, they request to have my reader statistic before the review.

    I feel offended. Am I overreacting?

    In my country, it seems rampant now, that all sponsors thought they could demand for statistics and features in a blog (and social media), simply by offering a free meal. Normally I would only take up these, only if 1. they can accommodate my time, 2. It’s a restaurant review that I am sure my readers would love to know. 3. The distance is alright for me to travel.

    You are right about requesting for payment. I am in brand marketing (full time job), and the advertising/PR companies we contracted, charged us (the brand owner) thousands of dollar for bloggers to write about our products. The bloggers get nothing but a free meal and some tiny samples.

    Back to the invite, should I tell them that I would rather not share my statistics for non-monetary-sponsored post?

    • says

      They usually want the statistics but I wouldn’t go to a lot of trouble for just a free meal!
      Thanks for your comment.

  170. says

    This post is wonderful. I am just starting to monetize my blog and this will be extremely helpful in navigating it all. I’m bookmarking this post!

  171. says

    Hello Sue, I got an offer from some advertising agency. They are willing to pay some amount too. They mentioned that they want to post TWO PERMANENT LINKS on my existing post. Can I accept it as permanent links or do I need to get some more info from them? Could you please give me some suggestions.

    • says

      That is what they usually want. You could say it would be for one year if you don’t want to give them permanent links.

      Thanks for your comment and question!

  172. says

    Hi Sue, As I said earlier about the offer from advertising agency about posting two permanent links on my existing post. Actually, they want me to post two DoFollow links. I am using Google Adsense on my blog. Is it legal to place DoFollow links when I am still using Google Adsense? Please clarify. Thanks in advance.

  173. says

    Nice Share
    Thanks For Sharing Such Aweome Stuffs 🙂

    I found myself always returning to read this post whenever I have doubts about blogging. ?

    Recently I received an invite for food review. It is a restaurant that I have wanted to blog about, and actually happy to receive the invite. However, they request to have my reader statistic before the review.
    rajan recently posted…How to Bypass Online Surveys for FREE [ 100% Working ]My Profile

  174. says

    Actually, I got an email from an one of Digital Marketing Agency asking me to whether I offer any sponsored content on my blog? And they were asking also me to what is the price per cost? Then I go to Google and found your blog post on sponsored blog post and rates. Really, this is a great post Sue Anne Dunlevie. Thank you so much. Your post helped me a lot to get the idea how much I price for per blog cost from your post. Thanks again.

    Pankaj Singh

  175. says

    You actually nailed it!!
    But let me know what do you think of off topic articles requested to be published on a site.
    Should i publish them or not?

    • says

      It depends on how off topic it is, Jane. If it would interest your readers, go for it!

      Thanks for commenting.

  176. says

    Thank you Sue for valuable information. I recently recieved a similar request for my website and did not know how to respond. I googled the topic and your blog post was the one addressing my concern right away!

  177. says

    WOAH! Great tips. For me, smart marketing is what drives every thing.

  178. says

    Useful tips for me and I’ve learned a lot from your post! Thanks so much!

    Pammy ~

  179. says

    Thanks for the exact tips Sue,
    I used to get around 10k+ monthly traffic and plenty of sponsored post mails and i used to charge around $10-$30 and all the paid companies quickly used to get agree.
    But now i understand the rates should be more sophisticated and it depends on niche to Niche.
    For more, Most of the CPA affiliate Marketing companies used to offer sponsored post, coz they needs lot of publishers :p
    Ali recently posted…CloudWays Hosting Review :Premium Manged cloud platform ($15 fee credits)My Profile

  180. says

    A valuable insight for people who charge less for getting quick money and in a longer run do serious damage to their reputation. I concur positively on your all points.

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