The 7 Best Ways to Include Influencers in Your Content

to write contentDo you have your eye on a special influencer?

Y'know… a certain someone who makes your heart flutter with each new blog post and tweet?

  • You started following that special someone…
  • You share his or her content faithfully…
  • You are subscribed to his or her mailing list…
  • You signed up for his or her newest eCourse…
  • You listen to his or her podcast every week…
  • And you comment on every new blog post he or she publishes…

You took a chance. And it paid off.

That influencer now knows who you are. And he or she even replies to you by name… with that super engaging winky emoticon that you treasure so dearly.

But now the time has come.

You're ready to take things to the next level.

You're not just looking for one-off interactions anymore…

You want something serious.

You're ready to invite that influencer to move into your content.

Does that sound about right…?

I hope the answer is yesΒ because today I am going to be discussing the seven best ways to include influencers in your content.

I've seen more posts lately talking about influencer marketingand with good cause!Β After all, when somebody notable takes an interest in your work, it can usually be measured in shares, comments, and various traffic metrics. It is, without exception, the fastest way to grow your audience and readership – by “borrowing” from those with a much larger audience.

I'm not talking about Gary Vaynerchuk or Mark Cuban here…

But I am talking about individuals who have a reach at least ten times larger than your own.

(Do you know who I mean?)

I think you do.

See, I believe that most serious bloggers do a pretty solid job of identifying influencers in their niche.

And I have seen bloggers do a better job lately of capturing the attention of influencers through social media, blog comments, and other methods.

But where I believe many bloggers still struggle is figuring out how to take action after a connection is made…

Okay, so-and-so at least knows me by name… but what now? How does that help me?

Well, if you are truly referring to an individual with a much stronger following than your own, he or she isn't likely to go on a rampage of your sharing your standalone content.

(Sorry, but there is nothing in it for them!)

But what you can do is find ways to include that person in your content.

(Well, that changes things a little, doesn't it…?)

You can leverage his or her reach by producing epic content that they would feel compelled to share with their own audience…

And there are seven different ways to do it.

1) Interviews

It should come as no surprise that my favorite strategy to leverage an influencer's reach is to interview him or her.

Back in May, I launched my video interview series Better Blogging. Once or twice each month, I conduct a short video interview with a respected blogger to learn his or her best practices.


The fifteenth episode featured Adrienne Smith, upon whose blog I recently published a detailed how-to article should you wish to create your own video interview series.

The truth, however, is that video is just one method of conducting interviews with influencers. If the idea of being in front of the camera isn't appealing to you, you could also consider…

Written Interviews

This is a popular technique used by news sites and magazines. A written interview might be set up like…


Matilda Jeffries: So when did you know you wanted to be a model?

Derek Zoolander: I guess it would have to be the first time I went through the second grade. I caught my reflection in the spoon while I was eating my cereal, and I remembered thinking, “Wow! You're ridiculously good-looking! Maybe you could do that for a career.”

Do what?

Be professionally good-looking.

To populate the content of a written interview, you could simply craft six to eight questions that would be highly relevant to the influencer you reach out to.

Remember that influencers in your niche are people, too. In other words, don't spam the same interview questions to a hundred influencers hoping that one will email you back. Tailor the questions to each individual recipient, and ensure you already have consent to a written interview before passing along any questions.

Audio Interviews

Audio interviews – often set up as a podcast – can be conducted by Skype, phone, in-person, or through just about any medium that will allow you to capture sound.

If a video interview seems daunting, and a written interview seems too impersonal, consider choosing audio.

Remember that without the presence of facial gestures, your tone of voice is going to count for a lot… so if you can, practice beforehand by asking each question out loud and enthusiastically!

2) Linking

Linking to a blog post published by an influencer is a great way to leverage his or her reach… aside from the fact that he or she may share your post, you might even be lucky enough to get a comment!
A word of caution, though.

Please don't link to an influencer just for the sake of linking to him or her. Make sure your links are used sparingly and only in relevant circumstances.

Also, do not count on that influencer being able to magically look into a crystal ball and know that you linked to him or her. Yes, pingbacks can be a wonderful thing, but they will not work in every circumstance.

You will – more often than not – need to manually alert him or her by email or through social media.

Also, don't be afraid to…

Update Previous Posts

Let's suppose an influencer in your niche publishes a post on a topic that you have already blogged on. You may wish to update your post by adding a link to his or hers.

You can either do this by adding a link at the start or end of the post, or by linking to related posts throughout.

3) Expert Roundups

Creating your own expert roundup is one of the fastest ways to exponentially increase your reach through influencers. A great example of a successful expert roundup would be 25 Experts Share How to Get More Traction from Triberr by Ileane Smith. It even includes an infographic!

Be warned, however, that collecting and formatting responses from 20-30+ experts is extremely time consuming.

If you find yourself limited on time, and you haven't yet begun to establish relationships with enough authoritative sources in your niche, you can always create a content roundup instead.

A great example of this would be the Weekly Marketing Skinny by Ana Hoffman.


Rather than reaching out to influencers in your niche to contribute content to your roundup, you source it yourself.

In other words, you find the best of the best content online that would be relevant to your readers, compile it in one list, and link back to the original sources. Think of it as a Greatest Hits album.

As with any instance of linking out, be sure to notify the influencer that he or she was included.

4) List Posts

A list post can refer to just about anything.Rather than strictly focusing on having an influencer answer a question for your expert roundup, or linking to one of his or her blog posts, you can leverage other things he or she has done.

It could be a list of top social media accounts to follow, or the best online training programs, or the best WordPress plugins…


For instance, Enstine Muki published the 20 Top Bloggers & their blogs to follow in 2015! back in January…

(Do you think he got at least a few shares on that post…?)

Of course, he did. After all, he included Sue on that list… πŸ˜‰

5) Guest Appearances

If you want to swing from the rafters while delivering exceptional content to your followers, offer an influencer the chance to appear on your regularly scheduled program.

Examples include:

  • A five-minute spot on your weekly podcast
  • An original quote to be included in your next blog post
  • To sit on a panel of guests on your monthly Hangouts or Blab series
  • An overview of the benefits of their WordPress plugin that your webinar is promoting

Much like an expert witness on trial, the influencer is there to give his or her professional opinion on something – not to be the primary subject of your content.

This arrangement is sometimes easier for an influencer to agree to, and it can add a lot of value and awareness to the content you are already creating.

6) Guest Posts

Here is the thing about guest posts.

I am so grateful that Sue allowed me to write this post and publish it on her blog. Anytime you can convince someone influential to publish your content, that's a huge win.

But it can also work against you, too.

See, every blogger – especially every influential blogger! – has his or her own preferences when it comes to…

  • topics
  • titles
  • writing style
  • keywords
  • formatting
  • message
  • length

…and the list goes on.

Much like sending a demo tape to a record label or a manuscript to a publisher, you might face more rejection than you would expect.


Now, I am not trying to discourage you from guest posting. It is an excellent way to leverage an influencer's reach. But to maximize your chances of guest posting success, have a look at the post How To Fail At Blogging by Andrew Warner that Sue published right here on Successful Blogging…

It covers this very topic.

If guest posting for an influencer is on your radar, here are my two most important pieces of advice:

a) Get to know that influencer really, really well…

You should stalk pay very careful attention to him or her.

What does he or she write about? Tweet about?

You should ideally already have made contact with that influencer, and he or she should have agreed to a post topic before you start writing anything…

As a matter of fact, try having several post topics ready. Assuming they are all relevant, he or she can pick the one most likely to be of interest to their audience.

Gain as much clarity as you can before you start writing. Not everyone is as helpful as Sue with a whole page of guidelines on writing guest posts… some influencers will make you work for it.

b) Prepare to write the best material you can…

Ever got lazy with a Monday blog post?

I have.

You have.

We all have at one point or another.

It isn't that we, as bloggers, would ever publish something low quality. But we all have certain posts we're more proud of than others.

And if you want to get the greatest return on the investment of your time, make sure what you are writing for that influencer is straight off the top shelf.

It might be your one and only chance to impress his or her audience. And the more epic your guest post is, the more shares it will get from an already sizable audience.

And I hate to tell you this, but influencers have been known to reject a guest post due to poor quality. Sure, he or she might grant you a second chance, but don't count on it.

Consider a Branded Infographic

Hey, are you pretty good at design – but only so-so at writing?

One alternative you could consider offering an influencer is to design an infographic. It could be prepared for an upcoming post that the influencer is about to publish, or for an existing post.

Just one more way to get your name or brand in front of his or her audience…

7) Reviews

What has your favorite influencer been up to lately?

Has he or she created or published a new…

  • course?
  • eBook?
  • WordPress plugin?
  • membership site?
  • video series?

What I am referring to here is paid products.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret… even some of the biggest influencers you know need help promoting their premium content. And having other bloggers – such as yourself – review that paid content is a simple way for them to gain additional exposure.

Whether you have already purchased that premium content or not, try reaching out to the influencer and asking him or her what you could do to help promote it. Ensure that you actually feel comfortable endorsing the product and that you aren't simply doing so to suck up.

In other words, you should sincerely believe that your followers and readers would benefit from his or her product.
The main reason being is that you need to keep your review positive. Yes, you should be honest – but if you spend half the review discussing the negatives, you aren't likely to gain much favor with that influencer.

If the option exists for you to promote that content as an affiliate, that would offer a simple path towards structuring a review… if not, find out if the influencer may be able to give you a complimentary copy or online access in order to review their work.

From there, write a blog post about it, create a video review, send details to your mailing list, or share it on social media.


Screenshot from the homepage of SBI! for WP

Alternatively, you may be able to do something even simpler by providing a short quote or testimonial for the influencer, as I did for Mike Allton with SBI! for WP.

It's Time to Get Creative

I have presented you with the seven best ways to include influencers in your content – at least the seven best ways that I can personally think of!

But as the old adage goes,

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

The truth is that there are probably 700 other ways that would be just as effective.

See, a big part of blogging – a big part that I feel many bloggers don't completely grasp – is that there is more to it than just writing great posts.

Successful bloggers spend a small part of their time producing content, and a large part of their time networking and promoting.

In other words, to be a successful blogger, you must also be a skilled marketer. And that marketing extends to influencers.

So, I encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments below… how else could you include influencers in your content? What else might he or she agree to?

I'm looking forward to personally replying to each and every one of you.

Brent Jones is a freelancer, blogger, and internet marketer. He lives in Fort Erie, Canada with his beautiful wife and two dogs. His website is BrentJonesOnline.Β 


What are the best ways to include influencers in your blog post so that you get more traffic?


  1. says

    Hi Sue and Jones, this a great blog post.

    Creating relation with the influencer is a great way, and it makes blogging fun.

    The most effective methods I found effective here are expert roundup and interviews.
    The bonus thing about expert reviews is that you get to build relations from multiple influencers and experts in your niche. No doubt that expert round-up posts get more exposure and social shares.

    A simple way to build relations is obviously linking out, mentioning the blog of the influencer. The text around the outbound link matters a lot. That is the one that resonates with the influencer you are trying to build a relation.

    Another great strategy that I would like to tell is, finding the most common type of content that influencer shares and loves most of the time. You can do this with the help of finding the groups he commonly interacts with. For example, LinkedIn groups. Then crafting your content accordingly. And then getting the influencer to know about your content.

    Promoting the products of influencers also works great.

    It is the relation that lasts till the end. It may not be the love you are receiving from Google.

    Akshay Hallur recently posted…The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog CommentMy Profile

    • says

      Good morning Akshay,

      You’ve definitely listed some sound strategies there.

      Love it!

      I know the expert roundup I did is still, to date, my post with the most shares, comments and backlinks.

      I like your idea of stalking an influencer to see what he or she is in to — just be sure not to change the entire direction of your blog just to cater to an influencer. We need to be writing for our audience, not for influencers.

      Have an awesome week ahead,

      Brent Jones recently posted…Publish Your Writing with Don EastonMy Profile

  2. says


    What a comprehensive post you have here! Great tips and ways to include influencers in your posts.

    I think for me, the biggest thing that’s helped me get on the radar of some top influencers is guest posting and commenting on their blogs. The fact that I’m a freelance writer also helps too I think! I offer a service that they may need and I just happen to comment at the right time.

    I also love round-up posts too! They are time consuming (I actually did one for one of my clients) but they are quite fun to do and exciting when you think of the magnitude it can have for your audience.

    Great tips!
    Elna Cain recently posted…How One Simple Thing Turned Into $1k of Freelance Writing BusinessMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Elna,

      Great of you to stop by and comment on my guest post.

      That roundup post you’re referring to — is that the one publishing later in October?

      Blog commenting and guest posting are two great strategies — both of which I use regularly. I focus more on social media management than writing, but I do offer some writing services, and I’ve definitely got some inquiries as a result.

      Hope you have a productive week ahead, Elna!

      Brent Jones recently posted…Publish Your Writing with Don EastonMy Profile

  3. says

    Hi Sue,

    What an honor it is to be published on your blog! I so greatly appreciate the opportunity and I hope your readers find tremendous value in my guest post.

    Have an awesome week ahead,

    Brent Jones recently posted…Publish Your Writing with Don EastonMy Profile

  4. says

    Great post, and great timing Sue and Brent! I had just started creating a roundup post and had a few questions in my mind. You have answered them.. as well as many I hadn’t thought of yet!. thank you for all the great tips… and the visuals that illustrate them.

    • says

      That’s great about your roundup post, Jane! Nice stuff.

      If you’re looking for participants… *cough cough*

      If you have any other questions or I can help in any other way, please let me know!

      I greatly appreciate you checking out my guest post and leaving an awesome comment. Have a perfect week ahead!!

      Brent Jones recently posted…Publish Your Writing with Don EastonMy Profile

  5. says

    I have not try any other ways, but the roundup posts and guest posts are working fine to me. And now I’m still doing it to build my popularity for my websites.

    I would suggest anyone want to build authority and popular websites, use guest posts to do that. Choose a list of sites that accept guest posts, select a few to publish your guest post as tier 1 and then take the rest to do tier 2 to boost for tier 1. Let’s see your keyword get up on Google.
    Alize Camp recently posted…Fix DNS Server Not Responding On WindowsMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Alize,

      Interesting strategy.

      I didn’t touch much on keywords, backlinks and SEO — this post was more geared towards the relationship building end of things, which is far more important to me.

      But certainly, your strategy has a lot of merit.

      Glad to hear that roundups and guest posts have been working well for you. If you give some of the other ideas I’ve presented here a shot, let me know how they go!


      Brent Jones recently posted…Publish Your Writing with Don EastonMy Profile

  6. says

    That’s a fantastic summary, Brent, particularly how you’ve stressed the importance of trying different techniques and exploring alternatives.

    So one suggestion that I would add is to Attend Networking Events and Conferences. While all of the above recommendations are great, everything pales in comparison to live, face-to-face interaction. Whether it’s a blogger you’ve looked up to for a while, or a colleague you never really connected with, that investment of time and personal interaction will reap tremendous rewards down the line.

    Having just returned from Content Marketing World, I can personally attest to that. The presentations were great. Getting to meet and personally talk with Ann Handley, Ian Cleary, Heidi Cohen, Andy Crestodina, Lee Odden, Joe Pulizzi, Michael Stelzner, Jay Baer and so many others… that truly was priceless.
    Mike Allton recently posted…Facebook Brings Notes Into The Future, And It Is GorgeousMy Profile

    • says

      Hi, Mike,

      Thanks for your comment on Brent’s post. I’m jealous of your great trip to Content Marketing World!


    • says

      I’m with Sue, Mike! Super jealous… hope you had a blast at Content Marketing World, and I’m sure there were just as many people there that were thrilled to meet you, too.

      I totally agree on the face-to-face point… and attending at least one major conference next year (plus some local events) is high on my priority list.

      It’s hard for me to believe, but this was only my first full year self-employed online — I’ve done a lot of learning over the past 11 months or so, and I’m really pleased you’ve helped to guide me on my journey, Mike.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Have an awesome day!


  7. says

    Good tips. I think interviews are great. Guest posts are also great.

    Roundup posts make sense too. To do them well, takes time. Often they just seem like a ton of links without strong editing on what to include. I did this for years but stopped a few years ago just due to time. It is something I think has value, especially for focused topics.
    John recently posted…The 20 Most Valuable Companies in the World – June 2015My Profile

    • says

      Hi, John,

      You are right – it does take time but is valuable.

      Thanks for your comment today.

    • says

      Hi John,

      I’m right there with you.

      I have done one expert roundup post so far and it took a phenomenal amount of time and effort to do right… I’d like to do another 2-3 next year, but no more than that.

      Like everything else, anything worth doing is worth doing right. And that means plenty of time invested!

      Thank you kindly for leaving a comment on my guest post. Best,


  8. says

    Hey Sue,

    I see you have another awesome guest here today and I’m thrilled to see that it’s Brent. As you know I just had him over at my place last week and he did an awesome job so I’m sure this post will be a huge hit too.

    Hey Brent, great to see you here at Sue’s and you’re right… This is a pretty hot topic today but I’m glad you took the time to share the best ways to get influencer’s attention. We all know that bombarding them with requests when we have no idea who they are is just not cool.

    As you know I prefer old faithful the most, blog commenting. When you do this right people take notice. When you share their content, people take notice. When you tell other people about their great content, people take notice. Once you’ve done that enough you can then approach that person in a different direction and possibly start a conversation. You’re very good at this which is why I could appreciate all that you wrote here.

    Most people of course I would hope know that this isn’t going to happen overnight but when done properly it can be the start of something beautiful! It can take you places and get you noticed. Who the heck doesn’t want that right!

    Another great share and thank you for the mention by the way. I’m thrilled that we made that connection, you invited me to be your guest on your series and because of our relationship I refer people to you and you’ve been my guest. Hey, that’s an awesome thing my friend.

    Awesome guest you have today Sue and thanks again Brent for this post. I’ll be sure to share this one as well but in the meantime you two have a wonderful week.

    Adrienne recently posted…Magical Monday: Storytelling, Comments, Marketing, Relationships, ScholarshipMy Profile

    • says

      Hi, Adrienne,

      I so enjoyed your interview on Brent’s blog and was glad it included it in his post today.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment!

    • says

      Hi Adrienne,

      I love that I can always count on you to leave a detailed and thought-provoking comment. Thanks for stopping by and thank you so much!

      I’m not on your level yet (or Sue’s), but I’m amazed at how many requests I get now for things… at least 2-3 every day. And some people are awesome at understanding how relationship building works, while others (strangers) are just downright rude and expect handouts just because they asked… which is NOT cool.

      I didn’t spend much time on this post talking about how to establish those relationships — that will be the topic of another upcoming guest post. But I certainly did want to explore the benefits of those relationships in this post, once established.

      I think you hit the nail on the head by saying that most people expect these sorts of things to happen overnight… They. Take. Time. Period.

      You know how I always say blogging is a contact sport?

      I think I should start adding that blogging is a marathon and not a sprint… to do it right, you need to be in it for the long haul.

      Anyway, I greatly appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment. Thanks, Adrienne and — to take a page from your book — have a “magical” Monday ahead, okay? πŸ™‚


  9. says

    Hey Sue,

    You’ve got my buddy here today ;). So glad to meet him here with a top post.

    Great job Brent and thanks for the loud shout out buddy. That’s a wonder beginning of the week for me πŸ˜‰

    Now, I’ve had to do almost 7 of the 7 ways you mentioned in this post. I’m glad you said these are best and yes, you got it right.

    Doing any of these gets you real results. Once you do this, you find those influencers rushing traffic to you as they promote your posts.

    The example you got from my blog has been shared, tweeted, linked to, mentioned here and there, etc and that’s channeling in more traffic.

    Did you also notice that by mentioning more influencers on this post, you make Sue’s blog swell in traffic? and that has a step-over effect on yours too πŸ˜‰

    It only takes an influencer to do what you’ve done.

    Great read this Monday buddy!

    Do have a wonderful week, you both πŸ˜‰
    Enstine Muki recently posted…How to secure a new WordPress blog from hackers!My Profile

    • says

      You’re very kind, Enstine! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment on my guest post and for sharing it on social media, too.

      I was thrilled to link to your blog post… I hope *cough cough* that I can make it on to your top 20 list for next year. πŸ™‚

      I have no idea if I’ve helped to ‘swell’ Sue’s traffic today or not — I hope so! I have an email blast going out tomorrow promoting this post — that may send along some extra traffic, too.

      Wishing you a successful week ahead, Enstine! Keep being awesome. πŸ™‚



  10. says

    Interviews, Strong interlinking, guest posts, Guest appearances and list posts are great source of traffic and they help to make readers spend some good time on the site which also help to decrease bounce rate.

    I have done around 30 expert interviews and they have helped me a lot to boost traffic and build blogger relationships.

    Your advice is always helpful and I respect your efforts to share these tips.
    Gaurav Kumar recently posted…Support Digital India : Gaurav Kumar and Mark ZukerbergMy Profile

    • says

      Wow, Gaurav, 30 interviews is impressive! Thanks for your comment on Brent’s post today.


    • says

      Thanks a lot, Gaurav.

      I’ll have to check out some of the interviews you have done… you mentioned them last week when we connected on Adrienne’s blog.

      Pleased to be connected with you Gaurav and thanks for leaving a comment!

      Brent Jones recently posted…Publish Your Writing with Don EastonMy Profile

  11. says

    Hi Brent and Sue Anne. I try to include anothers post in my posts or their embedded tweets. I have seen one who make us caricatures of our profiles – I thought that was really cool. Some of the roundup posts do take a lot of time between getting links, photos and quotes but they do work very well.
    Blogging overall takes a lot of time and work, one must really love it to stick with it. Thanks for sharing these great ideas with us,
    Lisa Sicard recently posted…Confessions of Why You See Shareaholic Again HereMy Profile

    • says

      Glad you found some of these ideas useful, Lisa! Thanks for saying so and leaving a comment.

      “I have seen one who make us caricatures of our profiles – I thought that was really cool.”

      ^ Can you elaborate? I’m not sure what this means!

      You’re totally right, though — blogging can be a lot of work, especially if you aren’t just doing it as a hobby. But it’s also a great way to connect with people.

      Have an awesome week!

      Brent Jones recently posted…Publish Your Writing with Don EastonMy Profile

  12. says

    Hi Brent and Sue Anne,

    I really enjoyed this guest post. It reminded me of all the different ways there are to keep up reader interest and be a supporter of influencers. There’s always more than one way to help readers while giving other bloggers some more exposure. Thanks for this!
    Dr Rin Porter recently posted…Beginner’s Guide to Meaningful Retirement LivingMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Dr. Rin,

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out my guest post!

      I really hope you are able to take away a couple of good ideas here to help grow your own audience.

      I appreciate you leaving a comment. Have an awesome week,

      Brent Jones recently posted…Publish Your Writing with Don EastonMy Profile

  13. says

    Hey Brent and Sue,

    Although I’ve been blogging for a number of years, I didn’t realize how powerful influencer marketing was until this year. I saw this when I published an expert roundup post a couple of months ago and the results were amazing.

    I have also done content roundup posts and guest post. I look at these as marketing reciprocation. In many cases the exposure I make an effort to give is return back to me. This is how you do good business where everyone wins.

    Your tips were right on point and I have been thinking about doing written interviews. This works better for me because of my schedule and I don’t consider myself a video guy although I plan to make some more.

    This was a great topic with excellent ideas for including influencers into your co tent. Thanks for sharing Brent!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…9 Ways To Not Waste Your Time BloggingMy Profile

    • says

      Glad you enjoyed my guest post, Sherman!

      The written interviews can work really well… can I get a high five for the Zoolander reference? LOL

      Influencer marketing is pretty powerful stuff. A year ago, I was stuck in that way of thinking — if I can publish good enough content often enough, people will start to learn who I am.

      But there is no faster way than building relationships with other people.

      Your roundup post earlier was awesome, by the way.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Sherman! Have an awesome week. πŸ™‚

      Brent Jones recently posted…Publish Your Writing with Don EastonMy Profile

  14. says

    Hi Sue and Brent,

    Thanks Sue for having Brent on your blog today. This was a great list of 7 ways to include influencers in your content. I can see how all of them are effective and see most of them in practice.

    I think another way you could go about this would be to ask an influencer 1 open ended question. For example:

    Tell me about your blogging journey?

    Then have the influencer respond. In most cases this can result in an in-depth answer to that question. Depending on the length of the answer you can feature only one answer on your blog at a time or a list of these 1 open-ended question answers.

    Even though this can seem like you’re asking a lot you’re only asking one question, which a busy influencer is more likely to answer.

    I’ll be sharing around for you.

    Kurt Kummerer recently posted…3 Unconventional Ways Professional Bloggers Can Increase RevenueMy Profile

    • says

      Hi, Kurt,

      Great question to ask the influencers! I appreciate your comment on Brent’s post.


    • says

      That’s a great point, Kurt!

      Sometimes it doesn’t need to be an expert roundup or a full interview — just asking one simple question to generate a quote can be powerful stuff, too.

      I really appreciate you stopping by to check out my guest post. Thank you for leaving a comment.

      Have a great week ahead! πŸ™‚


  15. says

    [ Smiles ] This is a splendid guest post from my friend, Brent.

    Yes, he is right. Doing an expert round-up is a great way to include influencers in one’s posts.

    In my case, when I write about them, I add the links to their “About” pages in my blog posts.

    Sue, I would like to personally thank you for featuring Brent Jones (Who by the way, is one of the most influential bloggers in Canada).
    Renard Moreau recently posted…The Issue Of Posting DailyMy Profile

    • says

      Hi there Renard,

      I like the way you link to About pages. It’s a great idea — because usually if someone will click the link, that’s what they are asking… “What is this person all about?”

      “Who by the way, is one of the most influential bloggers in Canada.”

      ^Wow, Renard! That’s a pretty hefty title. In fairness, I conduct most of my business elsewhere across the globe — so I can’t take too much credit here in Canada. πŸ˜‰

      I appreciate all the support and you leaving a comment, Renard. Thank you!


  16. says

    Hi Sue Anne and Thank you for having Brent as your guest.

    Brent, you sure have given spectacular techniques of how to get Influencers in your content.

    I’ve done round ups, guest posts, but most of all I love interviews. I’ve interviewed some top marketers in the field and they were amazing people. We cannot be afraid to ask. That is what I think stops people.

    As long as I have some kind of relationship with a marketer that is high in “status” I just ask them. To my surprise, they did come on and were pretty nervous with the interview. Little old me had to calm them down before we went live. Go figure?

    I like all 7 of your tips and they do have to be included in the realm of marketing when we are blogging. It works so well.

    I do have to give a shout out to Enstine because I love the way he does it.


    • says

      Hi, Donna,

      It’s funny how everyone gets nervous, even the big guys, when it comes to speaking in public!

      Thanks for your comment on Brent’s post.

    • says

      Hi there Donna,

      Thanks for leaving a comment here on my guest post!

      You know, it’s so funny… I think you are right. The reason most people never really take advantage of incorporating influencers in their content is that they are afraid to ask.

      I’m not talking about the pesky spammers and stalkers… the types with no class that will email you (as a stranger) and ask you to go check out their content.

      But I’m talking about people like you, me and Sue. The kinds of people that would put time and effort into getting to know someone, and giving first without ever expecting to get something in return.

      When we start to build that relationship, we get more and more nervous to ask for something… and if you never ask, you seldom get.

      I love that you’re into doing interviews, too — that’s great!

      Hope you have a really productive week ahead, Donna! You rock!



  17. says

    I never did guest posting till now, but after reading your post I got the idea how to do it. Thank you for sharing these tips as these are really valuable to me.

    I believe that guest post should add value to the blog and also be interesting to the readers to generate more shares.
    Richa recently posted…How to Secure your iPhoneMy Profile

    • says

      You’re right about that, Richa.

      Your guest posts should be some of the best content you’ve ever produced!

      (Hopefully I didn’t disappoint with this guest post for Sue!!)

      Good luck on your guest posting mission!

      Brent Jones recently posted…Publish Your Writing with Don EastonMy Profile

  18. says

    Daaaaaaayum, the massive amount of epic comments from top shelf bloggers is a true testament to the relationship building you’ve done, Brent & Sue!

    It’s amazing how easy it is to build relationships when you’re genuine and put in the work. Why people think the online world as different social etiquette than the ‘real word’ is beyond me. Kissing ass and being phony isn’t going to get you any where, but honoring, featuring and celebrating others that you admire and lookup to in the best ways you can is just plain good practice.

    You’ve provided so many ways for peeps to get started Brent! I love that this early in your endeavors you’ve already become a real mover and shaker on the blogging landscape. Even more, I love that you’re already sharing HOW you’ve done it so others can see the success you are.

    Kudos to YOU, brotha! And high five to you Sue for getting his fat head on your piece of real estate. So much love for ya both!!! <3

    • says

      And thanks a million for coming by the blog and commenting on Brent’s post, Dre!

      You are the best.

    • says

      Very cool of you to stop by and comment, Dre.

      It’s true… I’ve only been blogging professionally for about 11 months now.

      (I did a lot of hobby blogging and vlogging before… just because I’m a nerd. No real purpose.)

      The thing I always try to remind people of is that blogging, in and of itself, will earn you roughly $0.

      I know Sue is a pro at teaching people how to make money from blogging — and it can be done. But the money results from building relationships.

      You can drive all the traffic you want to a blog post pitching something — if no one knows who you are or trusts you, you’re going to need a lot of traffic to make any sales.

      These opportunities to do guest posts on some notable blogs are positively thrilling for me… wouldn’t have expected so many of these pieces to come together so quickly.

      But as we all know, it’s been a lot of work… and once I figured out that producing quality content was only half the battle, everything got a lot easier.

      Have an awesome week ahead and thanks for commenting!

      Brent Jones recently posted…Publish Your Writing with Don EastonMy Profile

  19. says

    Hi Sue, Hi Brent.

    First time here πŸ™‚

    And I should let you know that the reason I am here is because I received a notification from Ggl+ about it through Brent.

    I have never thought of sharing a post with someone directly unless they were included in it, so I have to say this was a pretty effective way to share content.

    While I don’t have any of my own ideas to share at this time, I will say that I find the whole Ggl Hangout to be a cool idea. The thought of interacting with those I communicate with through blogs in a hangout sounds like a virtual coffee shop get together – and I like that πŸ™‚

    I appreciate the guidance in this list…and I’m always grateful to find new bloggers to learn from.
    For the second week in a row, awesome guest post Brent.
    And Sue, it’s nice to meet you.
    Dana recently posted…Some of My Favorite Quotes About ImaginationMy Profile

      • says

        Sue, do I earn a commission for every new reader I refer to your blog?


        I’m teasing.

        The pleasure was all mine. Quite a badge of honor to get to publish on

        • says

          I should do that – a bonus for people who get so many comments. Good idea – I’ll mull it over!


    • says

      Hi Dana,

      Nice to connect with you over here, too!

      I have you in a notification circle on Google+ — meaning I will let you know whenever I publish something new, which frankly will be once a week or less.

      (If you ever want to be removed from that notification circle, just let me know! I don’t wanna spam anybody…)

      I love the idea of referring to Hangouts as a ‘virtual coffee shop’… that’s brilliant! I might have to ‘borrow’ that if you don’t mind πŸ˜‰

      I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment. Chat soon,

      Brent Jones recently posted…Publish Your Writing with Don EastonMy Profile

  20. says

    Hi Bret,

    I know you very well. I have seen your comments over popular blogs. Well, I am reading your first article. It is a master copy to include influencers. Earlier, I have tried one of the techniques called “List posts” on my blog. I am glad to say that It did very well. I got some positive responses from the influential bloggers.

    Now I am thinking of the roundup posts. It takes much time. However, if we implement in a right way then we can make maximum out of it.

    I would like to ask you which technique do you use most in all of them? Which one is your favorite?

    I think In the beginning we should start with one technique and then should go to the next…

    Thanks for sharing……I loved this post.

    Nikhil recently posted…How to Add Site to Alexa for Looking More ProfessionalMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Nikhil,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

      “I know you very well. I have seen your comments over popular blogs.”

      ^ Wow…! I think that’s a compliment, if I am not mistaken. πŸ™‚

      Well, thanks for checking out my guest post here on Sue’s blog. You rock!

      My favorite technique has to be interviews. That’s why I launched the Better Blogging video interview series, which now has 19 episodes. I plan to turn it into a podcast before long.

      Not only does Better Blogging allow me to create some great original content, but I get the opportunity to connect one-on-one with some of my favorite bloggers.

      I also, in turn, get introduced to their followers.

      I love doing expert roundups, too, although I have only done one… they take a really long time to put together.

      I’m going to be shifting gears a little with my own blog content by the start of next year, so I’m holding off on doing another roundup post until then.

      I’m glad to hear you had a lot of success with list posts.

      Please to officially connect with you today, Nikhil. πŸ™‚

      Have an awesome day,

      Brent Jones recently posted…Publish Your Writing with Don EastonMy Profile

  21. says

    Yes, this process will definitely work. Another, easier way to create roundup posts is to use I don’t hang out there as much as I would like, but I know even a brand new blogger can get answers quickly there.

    Even if you use MyBlogU, the process explained at the very beginning of this post is still the very best idea for making yourself known to any journalist, blogger, or entrepreneur you hope will interact with you.

    • says

      Thanks for your feedback, Gail.

      Would you believe that I’ve never been on I guess I should change that, huh?

      I hope you have a wildly successful week. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, and for sharing my guest post on social media. πŸ™‚

      That’s great.

      Brent Jones recently posted…Publish Your Writing with Don EastonMy Profile

  22. says

    Hi Sue and Brent,

    To be honest, you really nailed this post, so much so I don’t even know what to contribute that has not been said.

    I just wanted to drop a comment to appreciate you for sharing this amazing post with the community here.


    Dan Ewah recently posted…125 Marketing Quotes from Top BloggersMy Profile

    • says

      That’s a huge compliment, Dan!

      That happens to me every now and then — I’ll come across a post where I want to comment, but I’m just not sure what to say…

      So I’ll take your feedback as a source of pride. πŸ™‚

      Hope you’re having a killer week.

      Thanks for commenting!

      Brent Jones recently posted…Publish Your Writing with Don EastonMy Profile

  23. says

    Hey Brent,
    Thanks for such an amazing article.
    In my opinion, expert roundups, interviews and list posts are one of the best ways to include influencers in your article and I have found it useful myself.
    Arbaz K recently posted…How to Find Your Friends on Facebook?My Profile

    • says

      Hi Arbaz,

      Thanks for your kind words!

      I agree with you — all three of those options are excellent.

      The only drawback to expert roundups, in my opinion, is how few people bother to read them. They’re great for comments and sharing power — but by the time you create a 10,000 to 20,000 word post, there are precious few people that are going to check out more than one or two answers included.

      Weigh that against creating 20 or 30 shorter individual blog posts, each focusing on a response or a quote from a single influencer — much easier to digest, and more focus on what each individual had to say.

      (Hence why I like interviews so much!!)

      Hope you’re having a great week, my friend. Thanks for commenting!! πŸ™‚

      Brent Jones recently posted…Publish Your Writing with Don EastonMy Profile

  24. says

    Hi Brent,

    Are all super smart and clever tips.

    I for one love the simple link in. A tiny little link here or there opens the way for lasting friendships. All one needs to do is to link in to a pro blogger’s post and then get in touch with them. This easy approach to building bonds is one of my faves because it’s super effective. Link in, give a pro blogger props and do so without spending too much time or energy.

    I feature influential bloggers from time to time and I also give them guest posting spots here and there.

    Note; I think being nice – as you note – just sets the table for a strong bond and free cross promotion. I found Sue’s blog through Google I think. We promoted each other through tweets and such but we also dropped each other’s links on our blogs to build a stronger bond. What a fab way to set up more promotion. When you’re friends with someone you’ll go out of your way to help them out.

    I even wrote an eBook sharing 27 bloggers who you need to follow and when the time comes i will promote that sucker freely, getting in touch with my buddies so we can all cross promote one another.

    One of the easiest, most simple ways to get some serious pop online is to help out a fellow blogger. Give the pros props, I say, and you’ll both leverage each other’s presence. Again, so simple, and it’s a fab way to make your star shine bright. Give, receive.

    Thanks for sharing Brent.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Download 7 Free eBooks for the Price of None (Limited Time Amazon Offer)My Profile

    • says

      You are spot-on, Ryan. Helping other bloggers helped make both of our businesses!

      Thanks for your comment on Brent’s post.

    • says

      Hi Ryan,

      It’s funny — because relationship building is so simple to do, yet often overlooked.

      One of my mentors once told me that the important things to do in life are often easy to do, but easy not to do, as well.

      A simple link here, or a list post there — it all goes a long way!

      I think it’s pretty incredible that you can remember how you first found Sue… gosh, I don’t have a clue how I first connected with almost any of the blogging buddies I’ve got now.

      I’m just glad that I did!

      I really appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment, Ryan. Also, I got your email and I will respond shortly.


      Brent Jones recently posted…Publish Your Writing with Don EastonMy Profile

  25. says

    Hey Sue,

    So good to see Brent here over on your blog. Really good post you’ve written here, Brent.

    Connecting with influencers and A or B-List bloggers, is something that’s important for growth of a blogger and you laid out a lot of great examples and solutions here.

    Like I mentioned a different time, love the work you’re doing with your interview series. Very well done actually. Something I would consider for myself is the podcast version. I did podcasts before but not in an interview format. So, I’m looking forward to tackling that in the new year.

    One thing that’s very underrated and under used is the review of something. That’s something that can really help you stand out and get the attention of an influencer I think.

    Great job here.

    – Andrew
    Andrew recently posted…Reader Discussion: What Do You Blog About?My Profile

    • says

      Hi Andrew,

      Pleased to connect with you over here!

      I’m glad you enjoyed my post.

      I’m looking forward to you starting your podcast in the New Year. You come across as a really charismatic guy online, so I’d love to “hear” you in action interviewing guests.

      You know, it’s funny… because I’m starting to hear those terms thrown around more and more… A-list and B-list bloggers, etc.

      (I’m not sure how exactly one gets either of those labels, but I get the core concept of applying them…)

      And the thing I’ve realized more and more over time is that I’d rather have 10 B-list bloggers in my corner than one A-list blogger. Sometimes, those connections we make with people with a strong following (albeit not the strongest) prove to be the most fruitful relationships of all.

      I appreciate you stopping by and commenting, Andrew. Thank you! And I look forward to appearing on your blog in October.


      Brent Jones recently posted…Publish Your Writing with Don EastonMy Profile

  26. says

    Hi Brent and Sue Anne,

    What an informative post you put together for us Brent.

    I have to say I have two favorites and the first one is the roundup posts. If I had not read the 131 best bloggers post, I never would have met you Brent. The second one is your interviews with influencers using videos.

    All in all it takes time, patience and consistency to accomplish all of these methods.

    Sorry, I didn’t get back to you sooner. I am having family issues and now we might get hit by the hurricane. So we have to prepare for that too.

    Terrific post Brent!

    You have an awesome day and weekend ahead!

    Linda Schrier recently posted…Top 10 Content Marketing StrategiesMy Profile

    • says

      Hi, Linda,

      I also love roundup posts and interviews.

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment on Brent’s post!

      • says

        Your feedback is very kind, Linda. Thank you!

        I certainly hope you guys are safe from any extreme weather — safety first, okay? Take care of yourself and your family.

        “All in all it takes time, patience and consistency to accomplish all of these methods.”

        ^ You are SO right.

        There are far too many bloggers trying to figure out how to be overnight success stories… when instead, they should be focused on laying a solid foundation, brick-by-brick, one relationship at a time.

        I’m grateful that our paths crossed, Linda.

        Have an awesome day and thanks for leaving a comment!

        Brent Jones recently posted…Publish Your Writing with Don EastonMy Profile

    • says

      You’ll enjoy getting the additional traffic from an expert roundup post, Ebrima.

      Thanks for commenting!

    • says

      That’s exciting, Ebrima!

      Will this be the first expert roundup you put together?

      If you’re looking for participants… *cough cough*

      I really appreciate you leaving a comment. Thank you!

      Brent Jones recently posted…Publish Your Writing with Don EastonMy Profile

  27. says

    Hey Sue,

    I have to admit that I read at least a post a day before I go to bed and it’s usually on my iPad so I forget to leave a comment the following morning.
    I just started out (4 months ago) with creating my own online business.
    I see your articles and face a lot even on other peoples blogs.
    Currently I’m writing a post on generating traffic for newbies on their website and I was wondering if it would be ok to include your name and link to your website ?
    You have so much valuable content that it’s hard not to mention you.
    Please let me know!



    P.S.: Great post on blog promotion. I had a huge success when joining my first roundup last week!

    • says

      Well, thanks so much and yes, you can include my name and a link to my site.

      If you want a quote or answer to a roundup question, send me an email at [email protected]

      I appreciate your comment.

    • says

      Hi Esteban,

      They say the information we take in right before bed is the stuff we’re most likely to remember… I don’t know if that’s true or not, but at the very least you have a routine for absorbing new content. πŸ™‚

      I’m not sure if you were talking about linking to Sue or to me (or to both), but I’d be happy to help you out with anything you’re working on me.

      Let me know.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


      Brent Jones recently posted…Publish Your Writing with Don EastonMy Profile

  28. says

    Thanks to Sue Ann for featuring Brent on your blog.

    And thanks to Brent for such a great post!

    I like all of the strategies and have used a few of them. Interviews work! My first was with Ryan Biddulph who then included me in his book on blogging, which in turn introduced me to people such as Sue Ann, Enstine Muki and Adrienne Smith (none of whom I had ever heard of before!)

    You also mentioned written interviews. I’ve done one but think the video or audio interview format is by far the best option.

    All of the other strategies are also really good. But the one I think I’ll focus on next will be Reviews – what a smart idea.

    Thanks again Brent


    • says

      Hi Kim!

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

      I hope to have Ryan Biddulph on my show shortly… and yes, I love interviews. I much prefer video or audio to written interviews, but for those who are camera shy, a written interview is a simple alternative.

      It’s amazing sometimes the doors we can open just by connecting with a few key people. After all, everyone knows someone.

      If you want to learn more about my process for creating video interviews, I linked to a guest post (guide) I published on Adrienne Smith’s blog a couple weeks ago — outlines exactly how I do Better Blogging.

      Pleased to connect — let’s touch base soon!


      Brent Jones recently posted…Publish Your Writing with Don EastonMy Profile

  29. says

    Thank you, Sue, for featuring Brent’s post. I got to know many new interesting bloggers from him and your site is great and very informative too. Following you now.

    Thank you, Brent, for sharing your thoughts. You know how to hit the spot! I follow your work and really admire how good you are in building relationships with people online.

    Interviewing is one of my favourite ways to get to people whatever online or offline. I would add that it’s even easier to make people be involved when you create a project and work on it. Do the series of posts on the one topic.

    If you think that roundup with 20-30 post is hard and takes too much time for finish it, choose a topic and do kind of research. It doesn’t bring an obligation to finish the certain numbers of posts, but you still have your idea: To know and share more about “YOUR TOPIC”. You can mention it and people will understand that it’s in a process. When you feel it’s done, write a conclusion (add the total number if you want). And start a new project πŸ™‚

    Brent, I have a question.
    You wrote:
    “Also, do not count on that influencer being able to magically look into a crystal ball and know that you linked to him or her. Yes, pingbacks can be a wonderful thing, but they will not work in every circumstance.”

    The question (not only about the influencers, but other bloggers too): When you link to the people in your article would you just let them know that you had a post with a link to them or write where/how you mentioned them so they could easily find it? How do you do it?

    I remember, you found that I mentioned you in my article even before I wrote you. I guess there was a ping to your blog. You are the first and only one person who did it ever πŸ™‚ But that makes you outstanding.

    PS: Thanks for the G+ notification about this post!
    Marina Barayeva recently posted…Top 50 Sites to Submit Infographic for FreeMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Marina,

      How are you?

      What a great comment you left here.

      Let me start by answering your question.

      If I happen to link to an influencer in a blog post, I would generally send an email to let him or her know. If I didn’t have a direct email address, I would also tag him or her in my post on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

      Pingbacks work most of the time… and yes, if I receive a pingback notification on my blog, I will always go check out where it came from, which is how you and I first connected! πŸ™‚

      Sue Anne is a wealth of knowledge, so I’m glad I was able to introduce you to her Marina.

      I so greatly appreciate all of your kind words, your comment, and for sharing this post on social media.

      Have a wildly successful week,

      Brent Jones recently posted…Here’s How to Find Bloggers in Your NicheMy Profile

      • says

        Thank you for your comment Brent!

        Would you just write in an email to the influencer that you had a post with a link to his/her blog or you will also mention in which part of the article you wrote that so they could easily find it?
        Marina Barayeva recently posted…12 Practical Tips How to Be a Better WriterMy Profile

        • says

          That’s exactly right, Marina.

          (Sue Anne gets these sort of emails from me all the time… LOL)

          It would sound a little something like,

          Hi Sue,

          I hope you are well. πŸ™‚

          I was really a huge fan of your article on __, so I linked to it in my newest post.

          –> [link to new guest post]

          I hope it helps.

          Please keep up the great work!



          That kind of idea. πŸ™‚

          Short and simple.

          This is, of course, much easier to do when you already have a relationship established with the person you link to.

          Sue knows who I am, so I imagine she’s a little more receptive to receiving these types of emails from me.

          Hope that helps,

          Brent Jones recently posted…Publish Your Writing with Don EastonMy Profile

  30. says

    i’m not sure i quite understand the reason for guest posting. do you just leave a link back to your blog or….?

    also don’t you run the risk of duplicate content?
    nathan recently posted…Can Older Guys Pull Off Long Hair?My Profile

    • says

      When you guest post, you leave a link back to your blog in the short bio that you put at the end of the post. If you put a small amount of the content on your blog, it won’t be at risk for duplicate content.

      Thanks for your comment, Nathan.

      • says


        Thanks for clearing that up. BTW I love the blog, i’ve learned a lot from you guys.

    • says

      Hi Nathan,

      Looks like Sue already answered your question, but I figured I would say hello anyway. πŸ™‚

      If you ask me, the backlink(s) you get from guest posting pale in comparison to the extended reach you get… take a look at the comments on this post, for example. Yes, some of them are my readers — the people who regularly check out my content anyway — but many of them are Sue Anne’s regular readers.

      What that means is through guest posting, I had an opportunity to connect with an entire audience who otherwise may not have known who I am.

      And duplicate content should never, ever be submitted as a guest post.

      Guest posts need to always be original, relevant, and engaging for the audience that will be reading them.

      Hope that helps!

      Brent Jones recently posted…Start Blogging Faster with Mike AlltonMy Profile

  31. says

    Hi Sue and Brent,

    A really helpful post here

    As Brent so rightly says, many bloggers focus too much on content creatio and not enough on marketing. This was the big mistake I was making up until a couple of months ago.

    I’ve now learnt that in the blogging realm marketing is really about networking. Having an influencer strategy is critically important and your post puts it front and center in the ongoing quest to build our audience.

    I love all of your tips, so I think I’ll re-commit to more interviews (already done a couple) and start doing some reviews.

    Thanks Brent!

    Kim Willis recently posted…Simple Selling Tips for Non Sales TypesMy Profile

    • says

      Great point about the influencers, Kim.

      I appreciate your comment on Brent’s post!

    • says

      That’s great to hear, Kim!

      Glad knowing that my guest post helped you out here.

      Interviews have been critical to me for building my audience, so I highly recommend you incorporate them in your influencer strategy.

      I’ve always said that blogging is a contact sport — the more contacts we make, the more success we have. It’s really no different than a number of offline industries. Networking is key to success.

      Thanks for the praise and the comment. I appreciate it! πŸ™‚

      Brent Jones recently posted…How I Wasted a Year Blogging – and Here’s What’s Next:My Profile

  32. says

    What a brilliant and extremely well stated post Brent!

    I found myself re-reading several of you excellent tips.

    This is really a step by (proven) step, “how to” effectively
    network with influencers guide!LOL!

    I constantly found myself nodding my head and saying, ‘that’s a fabulous idea!!” LOL!

    You definitely always over deliver, with regards to sharing extremely valuable content
    Brent!And this post is certainly no exception!Thanks!

    And much thanks to you as well Sue!
    mark recently posted…So What Is This Extremely Profitable Marketing Lesson You Can Learn From Your Thanksgiving Meal?My Profile

    • says


      I apologize for the delay in responding to your comment. Thank you for your kind words!

      Really glad to hear you found this post of mine useful.

      Good luck in building your own network of connections in 2016!


  33. says

    Hi Sue.
    What an informative post you put together for us. Really good post you’ve written here, Brent.

  34. says

    What do you find to be the best way to inquire about a written interview? How long should it be?



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