5 Little Known Reasons Podcasting Can Help with Your SEO

Have you noticed how much SEO has changed in the last few years? There have been algorithm updates, more optimization options, and even videos have their place in SEO now.

Lucky for us bloggers, good SEO now has a lot more to do with great content marketing than it does with keyword optimization. .We’ve always known that the point of content marketing is to not only help our readers find us but to make them want to come back again and again. And Google finally agrees.

podcasting helps your seo

Do you podcast as a part of your content marketing plan?

If not, you should definitely check it out. It is a great way to create more blog content, and it will also help you with your SEO.

Value-Added Content

Did you know that Google and other search engines like it when your blog includes value-added content, like images and video?

Podcasts and audio are counted as value-added content, too, which basically means that they give your readers more relevant information in a different format.

But don’t stop at just adding audio to a blog post – make sure that your podcast is really helpful to your audience. To get started with podcasting, put together great interviews that provide further insights on your blog topics.

Get More Social Signals

According to the Pew Research Center, 20% of U.S. adults over the age of 12 listen to at least one podcast a month.

That is a LOT of podcast listeners!  This number has risen since 2008 and is expected to keep going up even faster.

When listeners share your podcasts on social media, they send social signals to search engines, which can help your blog’s SEO ranking and performance.

So make sure that your podcasts are easy to share. I use Social Warfare as my sharing plugin, and I love it.

The SEO of Your Podcast

Not only will your podcast help your site’s overall SEO, your podcast and podcast page itself could also do well on Google. One important way to increase your rankings is to upload your podcast onto directories like iTunes or Google Play.

Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world?

Sometimes you just want to watch a video instead of reading an article. It’s the same thing with podcasts – people may be looking for information they can listen to rather than read.

Make sure that every time you release a new podcast episode, you also include a transcription of the recording.

Don’t have time to transcribe a long podcast? Hire an affordable agency like Speechpad Transcription Services to take care of it for you. When you add a transcription, you have double the content and a greater chance of ranking in SEO.

More Blog Traffic

Do you ever find yourself obsessively checking your blog stats?

Guess who else cares about your blog traffic? Google. And having a podcast is a great way to get more blog visitors.

When you get regular listeners on iTunes, Podbay, or Stitcher, those listeners will also come to your blog for the show notes. Your blog will get more traffic, which will make both you and Google very happy.

Of course, it does take hard work to rank well on those podcast networks, but that effort will be well worth it.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that podcasts can positively impact your SEO and be used to significantly improve your blog’s rankings.

But there’s no such thing as free lunch when it comes to SEO. (Sorry.) If you want to get great results from your podcast, you’ll need to work for it.

Follow these guidelines:

  • Produce a high-quality podcast that is tailored for your audience
  • Make pages for your podcast episodes that include show notes and transcriptions
  • Submit your podcast to distributors like iTunes and Stitcher
  • Make sure that your podcast is easy to share (I recommend Social Warfare)

Finally, don’t stretch your time too thin by making a lot of extra work for yourself. Creating a great podcast is a big task, so pace yourself and make sure it’s right for you.

Do you have a podcast? Have you considered starting one? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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    Wow, Sue, you did it again! You really expanded my horizons. I guess I just didn’t realize that in this quickly changing world called the Internet, the blog can’t just be only a blog anymore. You gave me a lot to think about as I strive to make my blog more relevant and accessible. I particularly appreciated some of you practical tips as to how to streamline the “podcast creation” process without sacrificing quality.

    Thanks so much,
    Howard Goode recently posted…5 Signs Your Preschooler Needs SLP ServicesMy Profile

  2. says

    I always thought that adding videos or audios to your blog post decreases page load speed because they have bigger file size than normal text so I never considered them. Buy I came to realise that videos don’t add up to the overall page load time as it only loads when the user decides to play it.

    With this post, you have even aroused my desire to add videos to my posts.

    • says

      It’s more important to interest your readers/listeners, Isaac. Plus you host your videos or audios on a separate hosting platform – I use Vimeo for videos and Blubrry for audios.

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. says

    Hi Sue,

    SEO has evolved a lot in the last years. Before bloggers were stuffing their posts with keywords to get more organic traffic. Now everyone is crazy about backlinks . The thing is that Google is smart. Its algorithm relies on over 200 ranking factors and it’s much harder for black hat SEO guys to manipulate it. People that try to trick Google may get faster but on the long-term they are putting their business in danger because they can be penalized.

    Quality content that provides solutions is the best way of growing your audience.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Minuca Elena recently posted…Pinterest Marketing – 20 Pinterest Marketing Tips And StrategiesMy Profile

    • says

      Great point about the past mistakes some bloggers made, Minuca.

      I appreciate your comment!

    • says

      Hi Minuca; I agree its smarter to provide quality traffic than to try to game google. By the way I wrote a great post about Pinterest a couple years ago. Take care my friend, Max

  4. says

    Hi Sue,

    Just like content marketing, SEO is always changing day-by-day. If we want to get ahead of our competitors, we must be updated with new SEO tactics.

    If someone has no new topic to create a podcast he can con convert his top performing content into a podcast. It will help him two ways first time saving and second is it is already having done well. So, chances are high that podcast will do well, too.

    Thanks for this awesome article.

    – Umesh Singh

  5. says

    Hi Sue; Yes, I have a podcast now. Its one I co-host with Frederic Bye on his platform the Creative magic Network. I knew that I didn’t have the time or energy to do it all myself, so I waited until a friend who I respected offered me the opportunity to do a show on my terms. Its called “What’s Your Excuse”, and its about how people become the person they are. We have inspiring guests who share the good and the bad and the steps they took to get to here. Since the podcast isn’t mine alone, I write a new blog post for my site each time a new episode goes live. I include the embedded audio player along with direct links to iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. I hope this is helping me with the search engines. One of the things my friends told me I could expect was to receive new opportunities as a result of having a podcast. My friend Maura Sweeney just got an impressive speaking engagement from someone who heard her on her podcast. And I sold several copies of my books last month because of mentioning them on the show. Thanks for sharing this, Max The Blind Blogger

  6. says

    Great post and one that is close to my heart!

    Podcasting is also good for developing yourself as a human being with your audience. Writing can certainly demonstrate expertise, but voice adds so much passion.

    Plus, you can present the voices of guests in the form of interviews and guest posts can also be narrated by their authors. I’ve had several guest posters on my site also narrate their posts and my audience loves hearing those other voices.

    It’s also a great way to repurpose your content. Throw a solid YouTube channel into the mix and you’re golden. 🙂
    Anthony Metivier recently posted…Learning How To Learn: On Altruism and Memory With Barbara OakleyMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Anthony,

      Totally agree with all your points. Podcasting, if it’s up your alley, really works well.

      Thanks for commenting!

  7. says

    Hi Sue,
    thank’s for a really nice, informative post. You focused on podcasting, but I guess each visitors friendly communication method may have similar efect. First thing which came to my mind were webinars. It gives a good reason to promote it widely, and also you may have a nice material afterwards. Do you think it may be effective?
    Also thank’s for the stats on podcasting audience in U.S. I gues in my country podcasting is not that popular, but as a nation we usually follow global trends, so this can be a very perspective area for blogers. I will have to slep on it – maybe I will add sth on my website too.
    Patryk recently posted…Wpływ alkoholu na organizm człowiekaMy Profile

    • says

      When you start your podcast, Patyrk, let me know. I’ll put it out on my social media accounts!


  8. says

    Hey Sue,

    This is a special miniseries to challenge the ideas podcasters have accepted as truth for years. Some will stand up against the challenge while others crumble, and some will reveal new options we may have never considered. Search-engine algorithms are frequently tweaked and updated. These focus on improving search results by recognizing high-quality content, diminishing shady practices, and better indexing relevant and related content. Generally, search engines are becoming more human-like in how they prioritize content.

    Podcasting is an easy way to generate unique content for our website. Optimizing our content for search engines is about making it easy for people to find. Showing up in relevant searches is a big way to grow our podcast audience. Each piece of content we produce can help or harm our ranking to searches. Titles are the most important text in SEO. Google, YouTube, iTunes, and every search engine will prioritize the title more than other text. Humans also use titles to decide whether the content interests them. Titles are also commonly used in social-network shares. Regardless of whether we podcast in audio or video, we show notes on our website should have at least one relevant image. Eventually, thanks for your amazing support with these kind of informative post.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  9. says

    Very interesting and very timely, Sue.

    I was just talking about podcast with my Facebook group the other day and they agreed with it, in fact I’ve recorded my first podcast, the only hitch in it is editing, adding music and segments because that’s how it captures interest, and although audacity is a great tool, the interface is complicated.

    And also setting up the show for the first time, but with your post, I guess it’s worth the effort.

    Thanks for writing this.


    • says

      Hi Tessa,

      I have a great podcast editor on Fiverr. Email me and I’ll get his name and URL for you. Inexpensive!

      Thanks for your comment.

  10. says

    Hello Sue,
    I never expected that podcasting is such importance has, Because Radio era replacing by podcasting. I read your post and found so informative.. thanks for sharing.
    Simran Kaur

  11. says

    Hi sue Anne,

    Yes now seo techniques are changed. But these all tricks of seo are very important for gain the goal for pro-blogger.
    value able content are most important for every blogger.than social signals are keys role.
    than use all the other seo techniques like commenting,bookmarking,forum working etc.
    Thanks to share these useful post with us.
    Maqbool Azam
    maqbool azam recently posted…Belated Birthday Wishes Messages for FriendsMy Profile

  12. says

    Bingo Sue.

    Podcasting is another way to express the thoughts and views. Or we can say another marketing strategy as its a variant of providing content. People love to listen podcasts while travel or maybe lying on the bed.
    Hence it helps us to get more people connected with us.
    Mike recently posted…Types of Web Hosting ServicesMy Profile

  13. says

    Podcasts are great, and they should be on one’s content marketing plan. But, there are still many who don’t podcast. Adding podcast simply improves the content. It not only makes your content diverse, but also makes it interesting. Webinars are great for a blog. I also often make podcasts of my top performing posts. It’s easy and effective.

    This is a great post., and thanks for sharing the stats.

  14. says

    A very good write up SUE. Really effective and informative to implement. By this post i have gained lots of knowledge about podcasting. Those idea and tricks are really effective and good to implement for to help on bloggers SEO.
    a new social networking site where users can manage their work-life balance.

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