Pivoting Your Blog Instead Of Jumping Ship

Every week this question pops up in my inbox about 800,435 times…

“Sue, what do you think about my idea of blogging about…?” (tells me what they are thinking of blogging about)”…any advice?”

No matter what the idea is, I always ask “What are you going to sell if you blog about that topic?”.

pivoting your blog topicThis question stumps more than 50% of the people that ask the “What do you think…?” question.

If you don't know what you are going to sell, why even start a blog on that subject? You DO want to make money, right? (and it's perfectly OK if you don't.) But you do, don't you??

And if that entails picking just one niche/topic, so be it.

That doesn't mean you have to stick to that topic/niche/audience the rest of your life. Most of us don't.

Take Me, For Instance

I started out with a stress management blog. I was struggling with a ton of stress in my corporate sales management career. So much stress that I got physically ill.

So I took some time off and wrote a book so I could help other women under stress (that is still on Amazon to this day and free with Kindle Unlimited). Stress Management Decoded: The Practical Path To Inner Peace For Busy Women.

After I wrote the book, I decided to take (very) early retirement to work on my health issue. So, to fill the time, I started a blog on stress management. Right from the beginning, I knew I was going to sell something that helped their stress to my working Mom audience.

I came up with a 4-week video course about reducing stress for busy women. But it wasn't quite as easy as it sounds.

The first 4 months of blogging I made nothing. $0. Nada.

Not until I got a great coach in my life did I make money with that blog.

I hired a coach the third month of blogging and in the fifth month…

…I made $5,400 selling that 4-week video course.

I blogged about stress management and sold that course for 3 years and loved every minute of it.

Then I Decided To Do A BIG Pivot

I was getting more emails from people asking me how they could successfully blog rather than asking about their stress at work.

So, I decided to switch niches.

I went to my coach at the time, Yaro Starak, and he said something I didn't expect him to say.

He said “Go for it, Sue, but buy your next blog on Flippa. You know how much work it is to start a new blog. Get a head start this time. And, by the way, I have an eBook on this exact subject that you need to read”.

Needless to say, I grabbed his book and read it that evening. The next day, I was on Flippa investigating blogs. (If you are reading this, and decide to just pop on over to Flippa and check it out, just realize you will not sleep for a solid week. (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!)

After a week of sleeping 3 hours a night, I owned a new blog purchased from the most delightful Australian woman, Annabel Candy. She had two blogs and decided to keep her travel blog, Get In The Hot Spot because Coca-Cola had just sent her entire family on a free trip to China!

After 3 months of working exclusively on Successful Blogging, I sold my stress management blog (yes, on Flippa) and have never looked back!

So, you can do what I have done and just pivot.


There is a big difference between giving up and pivoting. Pivoting is as easy as changing:

  • your focus on your topic (for example, from attracting more traffic to making money with your blog)
  • your brand (colors, fonts, graphics to appeal to a different audience)
  • who your target audience is (from busy working women to coaches, authors, speakers, bloggers and small business owners)
  • changing the format you deliver your information (for example, blogging to podcasting)
  • or it can be even grander – like totally changing your domain, your target audience and what you sell. (stress management to teaching how to blog)


…a lot of the time, the blog you start with isn't the blog you end up with.

Don't be afraid to pivot. Go with your gut. Yes, you may make mistakes – it's OK.

Just do it – doing something and screwing up is better than just thinking about doing something and never acting. You'll learn from your mistakes.

And keep at it because you CAN make money with your blog.

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Here's what Marina said:

Just wanted to let you know that I just closed my launch for my online course and got 14 people to sign up at $197 so I am pretty excited about it!

Jenny saw repeat sales day after day:

Sale #5 came in today! I’m speechless!! Your system works amazingly!

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  1. says

    Hey Sue,

    Congrats on pivoting with your blog, I had no clue that you used to blog about stress management. Congrats on selling it on Flippa.

    I’ve sold a few sites on Flippa, and I agree it can be an addictive site Sounds like Successful Blogging and teaching people how to blog was your calling.

    I’ve made the switch a few times because it just didn’t feel right. I agree, it’s okay to make the switch and do what really makes you happy. You’re right, the important thing is to NOT quit and keep striving towards your goals.

    Thanks for sharing and very motivational to read.

    Have a great day 🙂


    • says

      Hi Susan,

      I so appreciate your thoughtful comment. Flippa is crazy, right? But it gets the job done for both of us.

      Thanks for spending time with me today!

    • says

      That may work, June. Or maybe you just pivot your current topic.

      Let me know what you decide!

  2. says

    Hey Sue,
    Sometimes people do get stuck in a way with too many options. Especially this holds true for the bloggers as they are working online and internet is full of distractions. Bloggers tend to switch the tabs more often than anybody else. It’s more likely to get confused in the beginning but i suggest to stick to one path until you are too sure of the failure in that niche.
    Having said that i totally agree with you that doing something and screwing is better than never acting. At least you get to learn something through your action even if you fail.
    It’s better to change a niche rather than drawing a conclusions of blogging sucks.
    These are those people who never gave it all to blogging, a half-hearted attempt always take you the failure. And if you gave it all to it and still not succeeding then it’s high time that you either change your niche or accept the fact that you need to learn more about blogging, in that case join a program that teaches you all.
    Why not join the same program that Sue is suggesting? Sue can never go wrong with her choice.
    I did not know that you have done so much for the women of society.
    There is a lot to learn from you. Thanks for letting us discover the goodness in you.
    Nayab Khan recently posted…Instant approval CPA networks for beginnersMy Profile

  3. says

    Hi Sue,

    Its good as always, At start we try we fail until we find a clue to success.

    Thank You ForPosting,

  4. says

    Hello Sue,

    Pivoting a blog is really a cool concept and like it. I am 100% agree with you that we all learn from our mistakes and I never mind to take risk with my blog. It will help me to make effective strategy. Thanks for this awesome post.
    Vishwajeet Kumar recently posted…VPSTrust: Reliable VPS hosting Provider.My Profile

  5. says


    Great job with this one! I agree with you completely, and it’s crucial to understand just how important it might be to pivot when needed – no matter what you’re blogging about or selling. As you mentioned, sometimes it’s simply re-branding a bit and other times it might be taking a bigger leap in a different direction. Either way, thanks for giving bloggers and businesses the confidence to do so! Here’s to your continued success!
    Alan Goode recently posted…What is Teletherapy?My Profile

  6. says

    Hey Sue,

    You’re right. People should learn the difference between giving up and pivoting. Giving a new direction to your work is what pivoting is but most of the people confuse it with giving up.

    I am amazed to know that you used to write about stress management. I never had such niche in my mind.

    Maybe I am not so good with that.:)

    Turning your blog with an advice from Yaro really helped you.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    Ravi Chahar recently posted…How To Add Custom Fonts In WordPress Using TypekitMy Profile

  7. says

    Love it Sue.

    I made a massive pivot 3 years ago. Left the MMO blog. Created Blogging From Paradise. Things popped pretty quickly. Things have expanded since. Ya gotta know when it is time to shift but I feel we all do; fear is the only thing you yield to, that makes the pivot so darn tough.

    Good question too as far as monetizing. Have ideas in mind before you dive into the blog. I already thought of eBooks and audio books and courses, and had an established freelance writing business at the time as well as savings from my network marketing business. Nice little cushion to ease my transition into BFP. But it sure as heck helps to know you’re gonna monetize because even if we do this mainly for fun, to detach some from outcomes, we are monetizing too. We would like to receive money for our efforts.

    I am huge on just making the leap knowing that you gave up nothing, but started from a clearer, more intelligent, energetically rocking space. You actually sold your blog and made a financial profit. I left an energetic anchor behind in my old blog. Win-win both ways.

    Because my blog income jumped the split second I literally had one income stream online. Just freelance writing. But letting go the other anchors helps me make more through freelancing, then Rob Cubbon told me I should write an eBook, Chris Brogan tweeted it and everything grew from there.

    Happy you made that pivot Sue and I am happy veterans like Yaro and Annabel were there to lead and inspire you. I am also happy that you are feeling so much better these days. I have been in good health my entire life but only through a habitual FULL commit to my health and fitness, and in truth, sometimes it was a sick, not too healthy, obsession. Now it’s fasting and walking and push ups and meditation and prayer, and being of service to others.

    All those steps helped me to dissolve much of my stress and to handle it pretty well when it does arise.

    Thanks for the power message Sue.

    Signing off from Thailand.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…10 Branding Tips for Confused Bloggers (Amazon eBook)My Profile

    • says

      LOVE, love, love this comment, Ryan! So true – sometimes it’s a leap of faith, right? We were both lucky plus we worked hard and our leaps of faith worked out so well.

      Thanks for your thoughtful and lovely comment.

  8. says

    Hey Sue.

    this is very informative article/ thank you so much for writing great post as you always sharing great information for your reader i always share your article with my facebook friends

  9. says

    That’s a pretty helpful article Sue. Really hit me hard.

    I actually started blogging myself earlier this year and i’ve found that every so often I struggle with staying on track as the temptation of just giving up and not doing any more can get so strong sometimes! I think however, reading this and learning more about what you call pivoting, it might prove helpful in the future!

    So cheers for the article and keep up the great work!

  10. says

    Hey Sue,

    This is very informative article. Thanks for writing this post.


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