7 Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic Faster

increase trafficHave you noticed how most blogs give away a free eBook, report or white paper to new subscribers? That's because giving something away increases your blog traffic by encouraging people to subscribe and become loyal readers.

It also makes people want to tell their friends and online networks about your blog because it has something valuable to offer.

If you haven't developed a free product you can give new subscribers you need to put that at the top of your list but it's not the only way to increase your blog traffic.

This post was inspired by a new website called Personal Development Free. It was set up by Dirk de Bruin (his friends call him Diggy) to help him, and other personal development bloggers, showcase their free products and build their subscribers faster.

Diggy's idea and the site he's created perfectly embody the blogging tips I'm sharing below so I hope you'll check out Personal Development Free, grab a few freebies that take your fancy and find some more interesting bloggers.

1. Band together with other bloggers

Blogging is much easier with a team of supporters. A blogging buddy is essential to keep you motivated and on track but a team of other bloggers are even more powerful to help you spread the word further and faster.

Form a Google Group or create an invite only Facebook page, ask other bloggers to join you then see who actively engages and is a genuine team player.

2. Be innovative

Think of new ways to help people spread the word.

While there are plenty of tried and tested ways to increase your blog traffic like guest posting, there are still many new ways that no one has ever tried before and even some old ways like simply asking people to share your posts that can be improved on.

3. Widen your blogging network

In life and in social media there comes a time when you want to stop meeting new people. Sometimes we all think we already have enough friends, more than we can keep track of and stay in contact with so what's the point in having any more?

Forget that because some friends will come on the radar then disappear, others will sneak up on you from nowhere and be the ones that stick around for years to come. But you'll never know who's who unless you open your mind to possibility and make yourself available to everyone to begin with.

So open your mind and heart to meeting more people and never stop widening your network. The wider your circle the more potential readers you can reach.

4. Broaden your perspective

People get very caught up in their blogging niche but life isn't just about travel or fishing or fashion.

Of course, you'll naturally want to spend time with other bloggers in your niche but make sure you broaden your perspective and find time for bloggers and blogs outside your niche.

No one is focused on one topic all the time so readers who like travel may also have an interest in fishing and/or fashion.

5. Invest in your blog

You have to spend money on your blog. At least on a domain name and a decent logo and preferably on a unique blog design.

The more you invest in your blog the more you should get out of it although don't invest too much to begin with until you're really sure of your topic and your goals. For a new business $3,000 should be enough to help you set up a good blog which will stand the test of time and offer a good return on your investment.

6. Go the extra mile

Every overnight success, every well-known business person, writer or blogger has put in hundreds of hours of work to attain that success. You'll have to too because if you're not ready to go the extra mile someone else will.

7. Throw in some free stuff

If you haven't already developed a free product you can give away to your readers now's the time. It doesn't need to be big, new or costly. You can create a simple eBook based on some of your most popular posts or a short email course with the information your readers need most.

If you need ideas or motivation to get you moving head over to Personal Development Free and check out the fantastic free products. I hope you're as inspired by Diggy's attitude to blogging, business and life as much as I am.

Have you got any questions, concerns or other tips to increase blog traffic? I'd love to read them in the comments.


  1. says

    Hi Steve, great to hear from you and fantastic to see you walking the walk too and noticing the effects in your blog traffic.

  2. says

    Very good points. I agree with Steve. I enjoy blogs that have a sense of community and people participate in the comment section. I aspire to do that with my blog, although it doesn’t always lend itself to lots of interaction.

    Mixing things up and making the extra effort is very key.

    • says

      Hi Barbara, it’s always surprising what people comment on and what leaves them cold but generally personal posts seem to get a lot more comments:)

  3. says

    Being innovative and helping people with realistic issues does pay off. While doing this both the blogger and the readers are benefited.

    To the blogger, he/she learns lot of new stuff, gets creative while establishing his/her expertise in the niche.

    The reader gets lots of help and suggestions. Not to mention, this is one of the effective strategies to drive loads of traffic.

    • says

      Hi Jane, I like that you say helping people with realistic issues. It’s important to stick to what’s really important and ignore the fluff.

  4. says

    Good point about the free giveaway and something I’ve been thinking about for a while!

    About niches: I do feel that my blog has a very specific niche that might be hard to relate to for other people not in the film industry. Heck, it’s even hard to relate to for my family!

    • says

      Hi Stars, I disgree! It’s a tale of someone following their dream and a dream that many other people have judging by how many Hollywoood gossip magazines there are. In my experience family are the worst career advisers, much as we love them:)

      • says

        It’s funny how you mention that, because I just posted a new article on how hard it is for me to explain my reality to friends and family! You’re totally right too. If I hadn’t been pushed so hard to go to Uni I might have gone to theater school. But who can blame parents for wanting the best for their kids? 🙂

        Oh and yes, there are many trashy gossip blogs but not a lot of blogs that are really about acting on it’s own as a craft and in a serious way. I have scrambled the internet and have only found one popular blog about it! Maybe I need to get more Google skills! :p

      • says

        It takes time. The readers are there. Keep going and they will find you.

        My parents also discouraged me from writing saying it was too competitive. I think because our parents love us they want to protect us from disappointment and failure so they’d prefer us to just become secretaries or something.

        So glad we are both following our dreams no matter what our family thinks. They do want us to succeed:)

  5. says

    Hi Annabel,
    I just added a free eBook for subscribing to my newsletter and I got a few sign-ups since doing that.

    I am going to check out Diggy’s new site and see what he has created. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • says

      Hi Justin, great to see you here and hear you’re in action:) I think you’ll like Diggy and what he’s doing!

  6. says

    Thanks for the blog, it has been really helpful. I am not a blogger myself, however the tips that you have given are just as useful with my business and my social media profile. I look forward to reading your future blogs.

    • says

      Thank you Jo for commenting and so glad you find the tips handy. Twitter is micro-blogging so you are already doing it! Yay:)

  7. gwen says

    I blog because I love it, and the joy is increased by the number of readers. thanks for showing me how.

  8. says

    Love the article, thanks Annabel! For me the greatest success has come about simply by sticking to my guns and being consistent. Basically by refusing to give up on my blogging dream!

    This hasn’t made me an ‘overnight’ success, but it’s certainly paid off in the long run. 3 years into my blogging journey and I’m so so glad that I never quit when the going got tough.

    • says

      need to learn some tips from you to be focused. blogging takes time to flourish 🙂

      • says

        Hi Prasant, it does take time but, as my granny used to say, all good things are worth waiting for!

  9. says

    building your online presence and giving things that would be useful by the community is a must. thanks for sharing great tips, will try to implement one of them. thanks 🙂

  10. says

    Very good post.

    I would add one point however: sometimes, the very best thing you can do is narrow your network, instead of broadening it. I have had the most luck when I have reduced the list of people I care about from 50 to 10, because 10 is a much more manageable number. For example, I would argue that it is more profitable to secure one guest post with Darren Rowse, and one with Brian Clarke, etc., than to comment on 100 blogs in your niche, or to do things that interact in a more surface level way with more people.

    • says

      Hi Will, you have an interesting point there. I think because we all know that on any level a few real and personal relationships are better than many shallow ones.

      The commenting is hard to quantify as it builds relationships as well as links back to your blog.

      I try to look after my closest supporters as well as they look after me!

      Definitely true about the guest posts though and I continue to recommend that route:)

  11. says

    Hi Annabel, the thing about social networking is that it’s fun in itself and there’s so much of interest to find out about. You can wander all over the planet and meet so many great people, get great ideas. My issue is sticking to one niche and that’s in the books that I have done as well as blog posts.

    Am thinking hard about this as I will have all kids at school next year and want to re-start my working life… and it’d be far better to stick to one topic. But which??

    • says

      Hi Seana, I hope you can have a bit of a crossover going on. It’s so important that the topic interests you and will continue to do so for a loooooong time! Having two separate blogs with two different topics is working for me so far and although I’m a bit divided in my activitie4s it has made me more productive:)

  12. says

    Enjoyed this article and found myself nodding in agreement all the way through. In my mind ‘content is king’, you’ve got to get that right first. You also need a passion about what you’re writing. Then social networking is a must for anyone who wants to increase their traffic. In my case facebook has been awesome for this. I must add, that as i’m doing right now, key to success in blogging is reading other people’s blogs and leave quality comments (i’ll leave you to define quality).

    • says

      Hi Larry, well thank you for leaving a quality comment here:) Content is king it’s all wasted if no one reads it!

  13. says

    I have doubled my traffic after just a few sessions of commenting. Content is king may be true, but commenting and creating backlinks is queen.

  14. says

    innovative is the thing every human being likes……..if you want massive traffic dig your mind to get innovative ideas…..well explained……thanks…….

  15. Faizan Elahi says

    Some good advice. I am thinking about writing a small ebook to give away too.

  16. says

    I really appreciate this post. I continue to look for all the advice that I can find to be successful..not rich, but successful. I like your ideas, but I am not sure how to apply them to my blog. I don’t really know that I have anything to offer..even free. I have twitter, and all of my posts links are sent to that, and a Facebook page for my blog as well. It is really hard to figure out what sets one blog apart from another. I have really enjoyed finding yours today. I just hope that I have what it takes.

  17. says

    Thanks for these great tips. I would add that it’s helpful to receive feedback from readers. What do they want? What do they need? What can you provide that others don’t? For example, I received an email from an editor telling me that she read my blog posts on the importance of SEO. She asked if I could recommend ‘good’ SEO companies. I was delighted to help. More importantly, I was happy she found my posts useful. Feedback helps.

  18. Ryan Ridgway says

    Great Post! Simplistic but very enlightening and informative! What is your opinion on strictly beginner bloggers and creating an eBook? Do you feel that someone should obtain some credibility before delving into the creation of an eBook, thus improving their reputation among other bloggers, or is it something one can do at the early stages of their blog? (I’ve only been blogging for about 5 months at this point 😉

    ~ Ryan Ridgway, WeeklyHustle.com

  19. Linda Joplin says

    This was a great post, I would only add one item and thats guestblogging. I have recently been doing a lot of guest posts myself and found it very beneficial to getting traffic to my blog. I used a site called guestwriter.net to find open guest writing positions from all over the web. Thought this could be useful to other writers and bloggers.

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      Traffic is the key, right, James?

      Thanks for commenting,

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      Hi, Jossef,

      This post spoke mostly of blogger outreach, which helps with
      1) blog commenting
      2) blog guest posting
      which both get you traffic to your site.

      Thanks for commenting!

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    I learn lots of tips and techniques from this content. To increase blog traffic for my site i will follow your instruction. Innovation is the best way to make site more creative. Finally, thank you so much for advice on blog commenting and guest posting. Great effort and enjoy a lot.
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      So glad to hear, Yasin.

      Thanks for commenting,

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    I have only one word to say, WoW!! Am really sure that all these blogging basics tips and tricks are stable and best for available options. improving my website Thanks for sharing this list with us. I always take your advices very seriously, keep posted.

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    Thanks for the tip Sue.

    I have really picked up certain points from your tips on gaining control of one’s blog, as well as reaching out to others.

    You can checkout mine, as well as share information on How you started your blog career. Once again, thanks for sharing Sue.

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  25. says

    You’ll be seeing a lot more comments of mine now that I’ve finally bookmarked you on my Laptop 🙂

    I just wanted to say that I’ve noticed a lot more returning visitors after giving out a free guide on my site!

    It does help to build trust and the hard work paid off that way!

    Love the tips here 🙂

    • says

      A lead magnet definitely helps to bring in loyal readers!

      Thanks for your comment, Esteban.

  26. says

    Hi Sue and Annabel!

    Definitely a very informative article for bloggers. Yes, it is a good points to widen your blogging network. It works greatly when you take action and implement correctly. And, we need to target our audience first before promoting our blog.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing this useful post with us.

    Happy blogging.
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    • says

      Hi, Julia,

      It depends. (don’t you hate that answer?). If you are selling on Kindle – I would say at least 50 pages. If you are selling on your site, as many pages it takes to solve the customer’s problem.

      Thanks for commenting!

  27. says

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    Great advice. Thanks for sharing. I have been actively trying to figure out what to give away as a freebie. Will continue to work on that.

  30. says

    Good article, I have already used your innovative ideas. Thanks for publishing.

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  32. says

    I am a new blogger. So this is a most important article for me.Thanks for this.

  33. says

    I started blogging 1 year ago and today the traffic is good enough now I am going to Increase my blogging network as you suggested in this post.

    BTW I have spent only $50 on my travel blog and its generating $2000 minimum every month.

    Sue, now I started making my subscribers list and subscribed your tips by entering my email address in down right popup. Waiting for good stuff and tips coming into my email 🙂
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  34. says

    Love the article, For me the greatest success has come Basically by refusing to give up on my blogging dream! I’m so so glad that I never quit when the going got tough. 🙂

  35. says

    Informative post!

    The point 5 is very true “If you don’t invest You don’t earn!”

    Hire a very good content writer because you can not write in a conversational way if you are a new blogger. So Invest a little bit wherever required then see your traffic & earning.

    PS – Always write for USERS, not for GOOGLE. 🙂

  36. says

    Hey Sue,
    It’s really awesome guide you shared. But as per my experience to get a lot of traffic needs patience and effort. We should not expect high traffic after implementing the ideas you shared. 🙂

    • says

      It’s a good start for beginning bloggers to start getting free traffic.

      I appreciate your opinion.

  37. says

    My site’s alexa rank is good but I am not able to fetch much good quality traffic.Althought I have not posted much on site yet still quality of articles and site structure is good and I kept in mind some SEO tactics so I got good alexa rank.

    Mu question is: Is there any relation between site’s alexa rank and traffic?
    from my point of view I don’t think so.Then how to fetch much quality traffic.I also share my articles on social media.

    • says

      Hi, the most important thing is to get quality traffic so you can get clients and customers. Solve a problem for them and they will become your customer/client!

      Thanks for your question.

  38. says

    Thanks author for a detailed post. I never thought about offering a free product for my subscribers. I think this is the time to create a free eBook.

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    Thanks for this great list. I am dying to increase my blog traffic and what I have in mind now is to do the giveaway. I might do it next week. Hopefull! fingers Crossed!!

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    This is truly a masterpiece. I like the way you blog and write your content.
    Thank you so much that I’ve learned so much from you. Currently, I’m building my blog using your tips and suggestions. I’m growing it. It’s slow, but it’s definitely growing.

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    Hey Sue,
    Really very good post. This is the first time I came to your blog and now subscribing for the upcoming post. Thank you so much Dear.

  42. says

    This is the amazing 7 tips that could be given to anybody for increasing their traffic. One thing I would not agree is where it is written that we need to invest somewhere around 3000$ for the design of the blog. I do not think we need to invest that amount yet. Having a decent design is much easier nowadays and that should help as well.

  43. says

    Great tips to increase blog traffic. I think traffic is the most important thing in blogging. Without traffic, we cannot get anything from blogging. I have struggled a lot for getting traffic to my blog but after following your tips I am getting good results to my site. Thanks a lot for sharing this great post.

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    Thank You so much for these actionable tricks to increasing blog traffic.
    As Far As I know & have researched, commenting on High Page Authority with backlinks in the URL can get you more targeted traffic.

  45. says

    Love the article, thanks Annabel! For me the greatest success has come about simply by sticking to my guns and being consistent. Basically by refusing to give up on my blogging dream

  46. says

    Hey anna
    nice and effective blogs. this article helped me lot . but i have a query that how much traffic is increased by sharing on google plus

  47. says

    Thank you for the insightful post and giving a great idea about creating an Ebook. I think I could give it a try.

  48. says

    Simple stuff, but really important. I’m in the process of developing a new blogger network because all of my old friends are “off the radar” now. Any tips on getting that network going again? My main strategy has been blog comments.

  49. says

    Good post, and the $3,000 startup cost seems about right. Some things could be done a little cheaper at first. Maybe outsource the setting up of the blog? Some folks will perform the setup of say WordPress. They may set up the blog for free (to you) and find compensation via a hosting kickback from a reputable hosting company. Just a thought.

    Also, don’t forget that the initial costs of your blog are tax deductible, some in the year of payment!

  50. says

    Love this Post too much… Thanks for Your Help…

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    Thanks for this great list. I am dying to increase my blog traffic and what I have in mind now is to do the giveaway. I might do it next week. Hopefull! fingers Crossed!!

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