How to Write With Passion


There are more than one billion blogs worldwide so about one in six people have a blog. Many are hobby blogs, folks who write about gardening, antique collecting and needle pointing, for example. Some blogs have an established business behind them. Other blogs try to rally support or awareness around a cause.

I’ve been blogging for more than four years and have read hundreds of these blogs. After landing on one, I get an immediate sense if the blog has quality, integrity and character by what is written. I’ve found that good writing isn’t related to how long the blog has been around, or how many subscribers it has, good writing is related to one simple component – passion.

While proper sentence structure, good grammar and mistake-free spelling can improve the experience around how a blog post is read, the best way to deliver a message is by allowing passion to leap off the page and into the reader’s mind, heart and soul.

One advantage of blogging for a long time and writing my first book, Saying Yes to Change: 10 Timeless Life Lessons for Creating Positive Change is I’ve found my voice. I don’t hold back; I’m vulnerable and I share parts of my life so my readers won’t feel alone with their thoughts or feelings.

Writing with passion has helped me claim my spot in the blogging world because it has separated my blog, for the better, from millions of over blogs. Three posts that show the passion I try to put into every article are My Brother’s Keeper: A Journey Into Healing, The Point of Being Human and Confessions from a Recovering Father.

How to Write With Passion

Here are two strategies that will inject a little more passion into your writing style if you want your blog to stand above the rest:

1. Blog about what you know

As mentioned earlier, there are blogs on every topic. If you are a gardener and blog about gardening, you can do it with passion. Write about why gardens are important; how flowers can inspire someone, or the feeling of digging your hands into the cool, rich heart.

Start with what you know and then offer a depth of feeling and emotion about how you feel about the topic Go beyond the mechanics of what your do and to that deeper place of how your hobby, interest or talent stirs your soul.

2. Be comfortable with being transparent

The purpose behind my transparent approach is to offer a properly sized window into my life so others can see their lives in the reflection of the window’s glass. Often we feel like we are alone with our thoughts, feelings or fears. But by being honest with how I feel, may give someone the encouragement to be honest with their feelings, too.

I do guard about being too open. Before I publish a piece of writing so it must pass the Emily test. Emily is my 13-year-old daughter. I consider how she would react to my writing; if it would make her feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, etc. I’m mindful that my book, and blog, is mine and although my family is incredibly supportive, I respect their privacy.

Writing with passion has less to do with technique and more to do with having something to say and then using your blog as platform for your message, and your voice – your inspiring, passionate voice.

What topics can you write about with passion?

This is a guest post by Alex Blackwell.

Alex is the Founder of The BridgeMaker. His first book, Saying Yes to Change: 10 Timeless Life Lessons for Creating Positive Change is now available on Amazon check it out here. Connect with Alex on Facebook.

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  1. says

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for sharing your blogging tips with us here:) I love the Emily test – my oldest son is 13 too and it’s a great reminder that we want to create a legacy we can be proud of:)

  2. says

    It’s my pleasure to be here Annabel. I love connecting with other bloggers and writing about writing!

    With sincere appreciation,


  3. says

    Hi Alex,

    It’s so fun to see a friend pop up on a blog I subscribe to! Well done!

    I had not considered that passionate writing includes the willingness to be transparent. Like you–and one of the many reasons I love your writing, including your brand new book–is that you let the readers really know you. I try to do that too with my writing and friends sometimes ask how I reached that level of comfort in being so public.

    I tell them that I lived a life of secrets for far too long and I’m no longer willing to hide. Sure, we both still respect and honor our privacy (if I may speak for you, that is) but I figure that if I’m living a life of integrity, then there is nothing to hide.

    Thanks, Annabel, for hooking up with Alex! Isn’t he a gem?

    B Well!

  4. says

    Every blogger must know about this. Even if you are just selling a product, you must still give you 100% passion into it as you write the details about that product.
    Thank you for this eye-opening post!

  5. says

    I am an active Android Smartphone user and write about it on my blog. Its something that I enjoy writing about and helping others who use the smartphone.

  6. says

    Annabel, passion, passion, passion!!

    I agree and I think that that quality is the one which we find the most useful in writing our blog and communicating in the social media. And of course pursuing the vision and mission of our beautiful winery. Failure is not an option! Brand quality is everything.

    I like the idea of an Emily test – that’s amusing. But I don’t think one has to cross the line between privacy and passion too often. Sure you have to write from the depth of your heart and that does involve strong personal feelings but I don’t believe it has to cross into areas where family values or private secrets are violated. At the same time it is also well worth remembering that passion is…just that passion, a heart felt committment to something, someone, a project but it should never spill over into being rude or insulting to other people. It’s about well expressed use of personal energy and leadership in a specific direction. Positive influence for good without the need to belittle others is a talent in short supply these days. Let’s lead through the strength of our dreams and passion rather than look to defeat through negativity.

    Alex, nice looking book, I have added to my next Amazon book order.

    Have a great weekend everybody – pursue that dream with passion,

    David Stannard, Paradise Rescued

  7. Sebastian Aiden Daniels says

    That is true. Write about what you know and are passionate about is a true thing. I know mental illness from a personal perspective and then I have researched quite a bit into it.

    Passion must be relit!

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