30 Ways to Breathe New Life into a Frumpy Blog

You’re starting to doubt your blog.

Your friends are your only readers. You’re not getting any comments or shares. You feel like your blog pales in comparison to other blogs in your niche.

Well, every blogging newbie feels the same at some point.

blogging tips

Don’t worry … there’s a way out. In fact, there are lots of ways to take your blog from blah to breathtaking. Below are 30 ways to make it happen:

1. Pick a catchy name for your blog. The first thing your readers see is your blog’s name. It should be memorable and catchy. A great name hints that the content will be great as well.

2. Care about design. Similar to choosing a good blog name, your blog design can make or break your blog, so dress to impress when it comes to blog design.

3. Set a goal. Before you start bringing your blog to life again, define your direction. Is your goal to increase your readership? Are you going to share your experiences and write about what you enjoy?

4. Blog about what you truly love. What are the things you find most interesting? People can only write well if they write about what they like. It makes it an enjoyable process.

5. Be unique. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Combine multiple interests. Suppose you like singing and cooking. Why not to write about both things in your blog?

6. Arrange the About Me page. Let your readers know who you are and what you’re going to tell them. Don’t disappoint their expectations.

7. Keep an eye on the blog statistics. Use Google Analytics to see the full picture of your blog’s metrics. And it’s always a good idea to check what type of content your readers like best.

8. Google Alerts. Monitoring mentions of your blog is an indispensable part of running a blog. Google Alerts is a perfect helper here as it tracks everything automatically.

9. Provide links. Try to include links to both external sources (of course, only the trustful ones) and your own blog posts. It lets readers see the wider context and allows them to explore related material by just following the links you put in your posts.

10. Read more about blogging. Of course, learning something new about blogging is an advantage. Diving into the nuances of blogging is a must for those who want to be professional bloggers.

11. Become a part of the blogging community. Try not to view other bloggers as your competitors. First of all, they are the ones who can share their experiences with you, answer questions, and maybe even inspire you.

12. Add new plugins. New plugins mean new cool features. They help both you and your readers work with the blog, comment, share materials, and so on.

13. Define your perfect reader. Know your readers with as much detail as possible: Age, gender, location, occupation, lifestyle, hobby, and so on. Later, you’ll be creating your blog content based on these characteristics.

14. Create a stunning content plan. Yes, plan. Conduct research that will let you know what types of content are popular among your target readers, then create a posting schedule and pick interesting topics that you’d like to write about.

15. Post regularly. Stick to your posting schedule! Publish posts at least once a week (in fact, the more often you post, the better it is for your blog).

16. Make sure your content is unique. When researching, bloggers run the risk of accidental plagiarism. Before publishing posts, make it a rule to check them for similarity with other material by using a plagiarism checker. Plagiarism is a serious issue all bloggers should pay attention to.

17. Mind headlines. The headline is the first thing that draws readers’ attention to your writings. If it sounds catchy and promises to entertain or help, you’ll see your visiting statistics grow. If you’re not sure you can write a stunning article, try HUBSPOT'S BLOG TOPIC GENERATOR for ideas.

18. Optimize your blog. Blogging is not just about writing. You need to learn lots of other blogging stuff, including SEO (search engine optimization). Your blog may be well worth noticing, but you have to know how to help the search engines find it.

19. Pick appropriate keywords. High-rate keywords are great for your blog, but other blogs use them as well. Long-tail keywords are less used, and may be your best chance to let the web know about your blog.

20. Use tags. One more way to be noticed is using tags. They help readers sort and track materials that they are interested in.

21. Interact with your audience. Blogging doesn’t work without communication. If there’s no communication, the blog is prone to failure. Your readers are the ones who make your blog successful.

22. Email your readers. Do you appreciate your audience? If so, then congratulate your new subscribers with a welcome letter, and from time to time let them know there’s something new and interesting on your blog.

23. Interlink old posts. Got some good old posts? Refresh the memories of your readers by giving links to them in your current postings.

24. Exchange experience with other bloggers. Ask more mature bloggers for advice as well as consult blogging newbies.

25. Accept guest posts. Guest posting is a form of collaboration among bloggers that helps let the world know about you and your fantastic blog. Try it!

26. Be an active blogger. Besides letting guests post, try contacting awesome resources where you can publish your own articles. Authors usually write in their bio what blogs they run, so it’s a chance for you to announce yourself.

27. Join an affiliate program. Affiliate programs are quite popular among bloggers. It’s a way to earn some rewards for advertising those products or services on your blog.

28. Engage social media. Add social media buttons to your blog so readers can easily share your materials. For example, if you use WordPress, there’s a number of plugins you can use for this.

29. Invite contributors. These can be opinion leaders or just other writers you hire to create great content. Posts written by opinion leaders can drive a lot of new traffic to your blog.

30. Submit your blog to blog directories. Including your blog in directories provides you with a chance to get more traffic. What do they do? Blog directories such as Best of the Web Blogs boost your blog and get yours ranked higher in search engine results.

You see, it’s not that difficult. You don’t need to be a magician to make your blog superb. Just spend a bit more effort and time and enjoy your work.

Leona Hinton is a young writer, blogger, and educator from Chicago. She loves reading classic literature and dreams about space travel to the Moon. Follow her on Twitter!


  1. says

    Great post Sue!

    Thanks for the motivation. Quick question: where can we find the blog directories to submit our blog?

    Thanks again!


    • Leona says

      Hi Bharat,

      The easiest way to find the blog directories is to type “Submit blog” in Google Search. The system will automatically suggest you a huge list of possible websites.

      I’m glad you liked this post!


  2. says

    Hi Sue! Hi Leona! It’s great to meet you!

    These are super awesome tips to help revive that once dull blog. I find that even a change of color can awaken your blog, including ones motivation.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Leona says

      I am so glad you liked these tips.

      Thank you, Brenda!

  3. Soon Wah says

    Another great how-to post! Glad to have subscribed to your blog. I am compiling your posts into an indispensable reference guide to help me along… Thanks again

    • Leona says

      You’re absolutely right, Soon Wah, Sue’s blog is fantastic!

    • Leona says

      I hope these tips will be helpful for both types of bloggers.

      Keep blogging,

  4. says

    Lots of great advice here Sue. Is Google Alerts a plugin? Is there a plagiarism checker that you recommend? Thanks as always!

    • Leona says

      Hi Jan,

      As far as I know, Google Alerts plugin is available for WordPress platform.
      I recommend exactly this plagiarism checker in the article, because I use it daily. If you are looking for a high quality tool with accurate scanning across the Internet, that would be a good decision to try Unplag.

      Many thanks,

  5. says

    I believe blogging about a topic you really love is a huge factor in making something people want to visit.

    I also think using tags is very useful to users. They can easily find more content on a topic they are interested in. And it helps you by having more page views, since users can find more content they want.
    John recently posted…Medical TourismMy Profile

    • Leona says

      Great notes, John!


      Leona 🙂

  6. Fernanda says

    This is the most informative post I’ve ever read! Thank you, Leona. Just Thank you!
    Thirty fundamental steps for blog creation. I also agree with you about originality. Plagiarism is an arch enemy for every blogger!

    • Leona says

      I agree with you, there is no place for plagiarism in blogger’s life.
      Thanks, Fernanda 🙂

  7. says

    Hi Leona,

    Wow – you’ve got a smorgasbord of ideas here. I also love this word in your title – frumpy. (Actually, I thought it was an English, not an American word.)

    As you’ve demonstrated here reinvigorating a stale blog is more than simply giving attention to the aesthetic side of things. The type and quality of the content as well as other factors, need to be looked at as well.

    I love this post- thanks so much

    Kim Willis recently posted…8 Ways to Convert Uncommitted Lookers Into Hot Prospects OnlineMy Profile

    • Leona says

      I’m also not sure about the etymology of this word, but I love how does it sound 🙂
      You’re absolutely right, Kim, you should be very attentive to every single component of your blog.

      Thanks for stopping by!
      – Leona

  8. says

    Hey Leona,

    I love these tips, I always make sure I follow these tips. I love Hubspot’s Title Generator tools which is very helpful for blog title. It increases our blog title lists and we can easily figure out the attractive blog titles.

    Do you know any other Blog Directory Submission which is free but reputed and well known?

    Waiting for your reply Leona.

    Yogesh Shinde
    Yogesh Shinde recently posted…Why Video Marketing Is Best And How To Get Started With Video MarketingMy Profile

    • Leona says

      Hi Yogesh,

      Title Generators by BlogAbout and TweakYourBiz are both pretty nice. Check them out 🙂

      • Leona says

        Sorry! I thought you’re asking about Title Generators, my mistake.
        Visit theblogpress blog, you’ll find 10 blog directories there 🙂

  9. says

    Thanks for sharing these nice tips .Most are new to me. I will follow your tips

    • Leona says

      You’re very welcome.

      Thanks for your time 🙂 Leona

  10. says

    Thanks for sharing. i will try to implement your formula on my blog.

    • Leona says

      You can do it, Rajat! 🙂

  11. says

    Hey Leona,

    Great list. I definitely have to do something about my websites speed. I keep putting it on my list to do but get distracted with other things.

    Good I read your post because it reminded me 🙂


    • Leona says

      Good morning, Esteban.

      I understand your problem as I had the same. Time-management is the key! Don’t let the routine kill your inner blogger!

  12. says

    thanks for sharing it is very useful information

  13. Vicky says


    Thanks for your tasty blogging recipe! It will be also nice if you organize you tips according to the alphabet 🙂
    By the way, I’m in search of a good plagiarism checker. Could you explain please what is Unplag and how does it work?

    • Leona says

      Hey Vicky,

      Such a wonderful idea! I’ll use it next time 🙂

      Sure, I’m glad you care about plagiarism issue as it’s a common problem among today bloggers. Unplag is a reliable software and among all the advantages I’d emphasize its fast scanning speed, clear plagiarism reports (with the opportunity to exclude citations and references), real-time checking, privacy (no one except you can ever access your docs) and really nice interface.
      The system is intuitively simple in use – upload your files, click “check for plagiarism” and wait a moment. That’s it!

      Originality is a secret blogger’s weapon, use it to be successful 🙂

  14. says

    Yes, I agree with the rest. Very well-put post
    I’ve learned a lot today.

    • Leona says

      I’m so glad to hear you liked it. Thanks for kind words, Sam.

  15. says

    Hey Leona,
    Great list. And useful tips… Most are new to me. I will follow your tips.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Leona says

      My pleasure, Mansi. Enjoy blogging! 🙂

  16. says

    All the 30 tips are so true and worth sticking to! I am amazed how my first blog got better results since I started caring about SEO (I was blogging blindlt for 2 years, caring about the content only)

    Love SB and I always find great suggestions here, so helpful, please keep going! You’re a source of inspiration

    • Leona says

      Many thanks, Monika!

  17. says

    Hi Leona. That’s a great list. What you said in #5 about combining your interests stood out to me the most. I have read several other bloggers who have gotten jaded after writing about their chosen topic for a few years but are unwilling to talk about their other interests. I think that if a reader has followed you for a while that they would be very interested in seeing an off-topic post every now and then that gives them a greater appreciation of who you are, what motivates you and what you enjoy. It shows you as more of a human being. Thanks for the list.
    Ben recently posted…What’s All the Talk About in Nikken?My Profile

    • Leona says

      Exactly! It’s very important to make your readers feel like you’re a good friends.

      Thanks for your feedback, Ben.

      Leona 🙂

  18. says

    Hi Leona,
    My interest in blogging increasing by reading articles written by the famous bloggers like You, Neil Patel, Harsh Agrawal. You are the people that inspired me for making my career in content marketing.
    About this blog, I just want to say that you have done fantastic work. Surely, I will achieve huge amount of success by working on different tactics and strategies suggested by you…
    Can you also tell me some new SEO plugins that I can use for making my website more creative?
    Vickie Boswell recently posted…WP engine Discount CouponMy Profile

    • Leona says

      Thanks Vickie, you’re so kind.
      It’s an honour for me to be called a famous blogger, I wish I was as talented as Neil and Harsh 🙂
      Do you mean WordPress or Browser plugins?

  19. says

    Hi Leona,

    So nice to see your outstanding content on sue’s blog. You provide brilliant information on this content to set up a blog.

    A good keyword domain name can drive more visitor and sell on your blog. I always love to choose domain name which is shorter, unique, branded or keyword with name.

    Thank you for your all great resource to set up blog. I like unplag.

    Kind Regards
    Yasin Rishad
    Yasin Rishad recently posted…Bluehost Vs Dreamhost: Which Hosting can Satisfy you?My Profile

    • Leona says

      Thanks for your pleasant feedback Yasin!

  20. says

    best keyword leads more accurate traffic to the website,
    everybody invite more visiting to their site na.
    and this post supports how to get quality traffic to once site

  21. says

    Hello Leona,

    Thanks for the awesome (& quick) guide which is sharing several essential tips.

    Definitely you guide is sharing all the fundamental things that a blog needs. Just like human body needs water (jokes apart :P)

    I like one thing, most of these tips are given for generating good traffic and UNIQUENESS of the blog.

    For a blog, after content the most important thing is traffic. A blog without traffic is just like a fish without water. Imagine your speaking loudly in an empty field then no one is listening to you. Did you got any benefit while speaking in such field? No!

    Similarly with blogs, creating a blog is easy but maintaining it’s traffic is a big job.

    If you’re writing something good, then promote it in madness shamelessly. After that, you blog would stand up in the flow of competition.

    That’s all from my side! 🙂

    Abdul Haseeb recently posted…How To Start A BlogMy Profile

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