Have You Made Your First $1k From Blogging Yet?

make money blogging

If you're a new blogger, then I'm sure the thought of making money from your blog has crossed your mind at least a dozen or so times, right?

Of course, when you first start out, you're not thinking about making money. You're just excited to have a blog and write!

I bet you spend hours coming up with the perfect blog topic and perfect image.

You promote your post all over social media, and you're not ashamed to do it either.

You're excited.

You have a blog, and you're sharing your thoughts, tips, and opinions to others.

It's only after a few months of blogging does the idea of monetization become an idea. Naturally, you start looking for ways to make a living from blogging.

But, six months later, that dream seems to be shattered and what little money you earned – if any – doesn't even pay the hosting bill.

Is Blogging a Viable Choice?

Of course, it can be!

But, the familiar earning methods you've probably heard about take a long time before you see any profit. According to Sue, it typically takes up to 6 months to make money from your own products and around two months with affiliate products.

Two months sound reasonable until you find out many merchants pay you on a net-30 or even a dreadful net-60 basis (Amazon Associates). This means once you finally earn your affiliate commission it could be up to three months until it actually hits your bank account!


Even blogger, Amy Lynn Andrews says this about monetizing your blog:

I'd say give yourself at least 6 months before you start pulling in an income. And even then, it'll most likely be coffee money.

Double ouch!

And you know what? This is typical for many bloggers. In fact, it can take up to a year to really see a profit from all the blogging and marketing you've done.

Why Your Blog Isn't Making You Money

Let's back up here.

Why does it take a long time to generate any cash from your blog – and the little cash you do generate is insignificant?

There are three reasons why you aren't making money from blogging:

1. Your Blog Isn't Your Business

This makes sense because I'm sure when you started to blog in the first place, you had no intention of making money.

You just wanted a place to share your recipes or DIY creations and maybe meet some other like-minded bloggers.

You felt your personal stories would help others out in a similar situation, right?

You didn't think this was a business when you started out. It was only a part-time hobby-type thing.

Treating your blog as a business means:

  • Creating value-packed posts consistently
  • Developing a marketing plan to generate more traffic, engagement, and shares
  • Diversifying your income streams – using more than one way to generate income

2. You Don't Have a Niche

You have a blog – which is exciting – and you want to share all your passions with your readers. One week you talk about home organization techniques for the slob and the next week you write about how to gain more Twitter followers.

You have no focus. This means you don't have a niche.

A niche is a topic or passion you know a lot about. You can write about it forever.

You might think people will just get bored from reading the same thing each week, but they don't!

In fact, you will generate a following of bloggers who crave your content.

3. Blogging Takes Time

Having your own blog takes a huge commitment on your part. You have to come up with content ideas, battle writer's block and have the motivation to keep going.

What if I told you there's another way? An easier and quicker way to earn your first $1000 from blogging?

You don't have to worry about constantly updating your blog, hustling to get your content noticed or even working to build traffic at all.

There's Another Way

Instead of writing on your blog, why not write on other people's blogs and get paid to do it?

That's what I do. I'm a freelance writer.

I'm also a mom to twin toddlers. I stumbled onto freelance writing out of nowhere.

My maternity leave was nearing an end, and I didn't want to leave my twins in someone else's care. The cost of full-time daycare for two children isn't pocket change either.

I was introduced to freelance writing, and I was hooked. I learned that other moms were doing this and making a living from it.

But, I had no writing experience. My degree is in psychology and education.

I didn't even have a Twitter account or a blog.

But, that didn't stop me. I started my website and blog and immersed myself in learning about freelance writing. Sure I made big mistakes, and I had to learn the ropes myself, but in two short months I was able to go from 0$ to $1k.

I landed my first blogging gig for $100 a post. Soon after, I went on to make $1k a month and these days I'm having to turn down work because there's just not enough time in the day.

I'm able to write in my PJ's and get paid to do it! I also get to stay home and raise my twins, which is the reason I decided to do this in the first place.

But, you know what? My story isn't unusual. If you're a blogger and love to write, you can totally do this.

Earn Your First $1k From Blogging Now

Offering a service like freelance writing is one of the quickest ways to monetize your blog.

If you want to get started, here are the steps you can do right now:

1. Put Up a Services Page

An easy way to transition into freelance writing is to make a Hire Me page. This is just a little write-up of what you can provide.

Some services you can include are:

  • Blog writing
  • Article writing
  • Editing
  • Rewrites

This at least alerts your readers that you have services to offer. For example, this is what blogger Sarah from the Frugal Millionaire did:

how to make money with your blog

2. Create Samples

This should be easy. You have a blog! Instant samples.

But, what if you want to get paid to write about something else? For example, if you're a work-at-home mom and your blog caters to work-at-home moms, you may not land a writing gig in that niche.

You might want to consider other topics you want to get paid for. For example, when I first started freelance writing my niches were parenting, self-development and education.

But, I didn't land any gigs in those niches (I did land a self-development gig, but that was after six or so months of freelancing). Instead, I learned about digital marketing and loved it. Now most of my writing pieces are in that niche.

To create quick samples in other niches, you can use the Pulse or Medium.

3. Start Sourcing Writing Jobs

The best way to find freelance writing gigs is to check out the job boards.

The usually have new ads daily, and most are quality gigs. Some places to start looking are:

It's a good idea to check the job boards in the morning or late at night when new jobs are added.

You can also search for specific niche writing markets:

Also, work on writing a good pitch. Make sure to explain who you are, proof that you're a writer and details of your experience.

4. Invest in A Course

Anyone can become a freelance writer.

But, not everyone will succeed. It's common to try freelance writing and give up within the first year.

If you don't have the right mindset, dedication, and support, you'll have a tough time. That's why a course specifically for bloggers and new freelance writers can help you get in the right mindset and offer the support and training you need to succeed.

So, instead of working hard to earn a few advertising or affiliate dollars with your blog, why not blog for others and get paid for doing what you really love – writing?

Make your blog a business and start investing in it.

Over to you – what's holding you back from earning big with your blog?

Elna Cain is a freelance writer and coach. She writes for Blogging Wizard, PageWiz, WPKube and more. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing blog writing, ghostwriting and copywriting services. Not quite sure freelance writing is for you? Why not try her totally free course, Get Paid to Write Online!



  1. says

    Hi Elna,

    Fantastic write up. Am not really after the money blogging has to offer although its not bad to have some of what it has to offer! Money included.

    I have not made my first $1000 in blogging yet but i have passed the half mark weeks ago.

    Looking into making more. Thanks for the options listed here.

    Will give it a look out.

    Regards, -Babs.
    Babs recently posted…Get 30% Off Youzign Graphics Design Software Today — Coupon CodeMy Profile

  2. says


    You are right. You do need a plan to monetize your blog, but many bloggers just fall into blogging not thinking about the potential.

    I found freelance writing to be a great choice for bloggers to earn that extra income. It’s reliable and pays better in the long run!

    Thanks Sue for having me!
    Elna Cain recently posted…The Proven Pitching Process For New Freelance WritersMy Profile

  3. says

    I agree that a “hire me” option is the way for most people to make the most money from blogging. The options there are significant – not just writing. Software developers can be hired as consultants or even get full time jobs. Consultants can be hired to consult (in whatever their area is – management, coaching, engineering, writing…).

    A blog gives you the opportunity to show that you have value to provide. And the easiest way (though it still isn’t easy at all, in my opinion) to bring in significant money is with a form of the “hire me” option.
    John recently posted…Investing in Peer to Peer LoansMy Profile

    • says

      Right on point John!

      Any skill you have can be turned into a service on your blog. Coaching, webdesign, marketing, blogging and more for sure!

      I think that’s what’s great about blogging. You first start to blog just to connect and share your tips, then you realize you can monetize your skills easily!
      Elna Cain recently posted…The Proven Pitching Process For New Freelance WritersMy Profile

  4. says

    Hello, Elna

    Agree with Enstine Making money using a blog is not easy as people think. Need to choose proper keyword that you already mentioned in your post.

    That’s not enough, need more dedication for getting targeted traffic that will generate money.

    Always I suggest novice bloggers Minimum two years blogging can give a proper direction that will make money.

    No short cut way, if you want to reach your goal then you must have patience.

    Thanks for your post on Sue’s blog.

    Have a great day. 🙂
    Al Mamun recently posted…Make $2898/Mo-MyThemeShop Affiliate Program Review 2015My Profile

  5. says

    Excellent post Elna! I think there is an epidemic of bloggers who don’t consider their blogs their businesses…and then end up wondering why they aren’t making any money from it. They want to make an income from it but only feel they have to ‘monetize their blog’ and make an income from ads or sponsored posts. This limits them.
    Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley recently posted…Self Publishing With BlurbMy Profile

    • says


      You’re totally right. Many bloggers only see ads and sponsored posts as the only way to monetize their blog. But, they forget that they can offer services, like writing, and earn quick money that way.

      I want to get the word out there that you can be successful blogging! You may just have to blog on someone else’s blog, but hey if you’re getting paid to do it, all the better!
      Elna Cain recently posted…The Proven Pitching Process For New Freelance WritersMy Profile

  6. says

    thanks for sharing this i like the way the explain it and you for giving this information
    fakhar recently posted…Types of computerMy Profile

    • says



      I’m glad you enjoyed my post and found it useful. So many bloggers are out there trying to monetize their blog and failing. But, if they start promoting their writing services, I’m sure they would have more success.
      Elna Cain recently posted…The Proven Pitching Process For New Freelance WritersMy Profile

  7. says

    Hi Elna,

    In my experience you have to define what the purpose of your blog is and that of your business as well.

    I use my blog to help establish my competency, credibility and evaluation. I earn on average over $10,000 per month just from my blog and I don’t sell a thing on it.

    I use it as a marketing tool to educate, inform and provide extreme value by solving one problem, meet one need or fulfill one desire, for one person in one article.

    I don’t think that premise changes for any blog but how you deliver and for whom you deliver has to be heavily considered.

    Again, in my experience it’s no different than any other business either online or offline. It takes time. Most businesses don’t make a profit for 36 months and even up to 50 months in some instances.

    The beauty of the web is that if done well that timeframe can be cut in half. It took me fifteen months but now I’m not looking back and it’s time to start scaling big time!!!!

    But, as you said, it takes time. If time is not on your side then start by creating ads on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; or wherever your audience is hanging out at.

    Great post Elna. You made Sue look FANTASTIC!!!!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving ladies!

    ~ Don Purdum
    Don Purdum recently posted…The Good and Bad: Why Artificial Intelligence is About to Transform Your Business and What You Can Do about It!My Profile

  8. says

    Hey Elena,

    I enjoy the way you write.

    Blogging blogging blogging. I think I followed a different route in this online money making thing when I first started.

    I wasn’t concerned with blogging or building an audience at all, I actually invested in learning how to do affiliate marketing through paid advertising and was hooked.

    I also did a lot of freelancing on elance and then Odesk.

    I just relatively recently I started building my blog and it really is something I should have started sooner.

    Emails from subscribers, both the good and the bad are some of the best takeaways from it all.


    • says


      Congrats on your success! And glad to see you are trying out the ol’ blogging thing too. Building an audience takes time, but once you have a loyal following, it’s the best ever. You really start to tailor your writing for your audience!

      Good luck!
      Elna Cain recently posted…The Proven Pitching Process For New Freelance WritersMy Profile

  9. says

    Hi Elna,

    This is indeed a Great Post. Blogging takes time and commitment before it actually kicks into life and started making money. And that’s the main reasons I see most People quit and gives up on blogging because they wanted that hundreds of comment and subscribe in just short period of time.

    Although I just started my blog this Year but I have been learning what it takes to have a blog while I am a freelancer on PeoplePerHour and Fiverr where I made some Income.

    Making Money Blogging can takes time but when enough commitment is in, it only a matter of months before making big money.

    Blogging should also be a see as a Business to make big money online.

    Thank you Sue and Elna for this Great Post.

    Take Care,
    Aderemi Dare.
    Aderemi Dare recently posted…How to Create Great Content for Your BlogMy Profile

    • says


      You’re exactly right! Blogging is a business and that’s something many bloggers don’t realize off the bat.

      Then they wonder why making a living from blogging is hard. As a freelance writer, though, I found it’s quite easy to make a living blogging since many companies and entrepreneurs will pay for good and high-value content.

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Elna Cain recently posted…The Proven Pitching Process For New Freelance WritersMy Profile

  10. says

    Awesome! I didn’t know that the time of the posting could be a so critical reaching factor. Thanks for teaching us.

  11. says

    Hi Elna,

    Terrific post! Your advice to hone in one topic for my niche is golden. I read in the comments that others are following this root too.

    As a multi-passionate person that’s not as easy as it sounds. But that’s a whole different topic 🙂

    I love your articulate writing style and practical tips.

    I’m off to add a hire me link to my top navigation 🙂

    Great job!

    – Carl
    Carl Brooks recently posted…10 Ways To Get Answers From Your Heart For Your BusinessMy Profile

    • says


      Thanks! Having a niche is important when you want to monetize your blog. It’s hard to earn an income if you have a lifestyle blog I suspect.

      But, if you stick to one niche you can develop a big following and grow your list. And it’s the same with freelance writing. Writer’s can earn a better income when the stick to one niche, rather than writing on multiple topics.
      Elna Cain recently posted…The Proven Pitching Process For New Freelance WritersMy Profile

  12. says

    Hi Elna, I love your example of coffee money after 6 months, so true! I think it is hard for some to continue their blog and write for others as well as a full time job. But I bet it can be done with the right amount of focus and time given to it.
    I think Don said it best in the comments about it (your blog) defining your business and your creditability. It’s a great way to get jobs and other freelance work – just send them to your blog to see your work.
    Thanks for your tips here too. Hi Sue Anne! Hope you both have a nice Thanksgiving.
    Lisa Sicard recently posted…8 Ways to Overcome Social Media Burnout TodayMy Profile

  13. says

    Great post Elna!

    And I’m so glad you’ve shared some of the less glamorous aspects of attempting to
    be a freelance writer!
    Because like you mentioned, it’s definitely not for everybody!

    But, with the proper education, coaching and determination, they can
    certainly make a go of it!

    Thanks for providing the much needed insider details!And thanks
    for featuring her Sue!She’s a dynamo just like you Sue!LOL!
    mark recently posted…How Extremely Savvy Marketers Consistently Create 25% More Business With Less Money!PartTwoMy Profile

  14. says

    Hi Elna!

    I love your post.

    When it comes to profiting from my blog — as you saw in my newest post — time and consistent publishing weren’t really the issues.

    For me, it was more like your second point. I really didn’t speak to any one niche.

    Thankfully, my main objective was to earn a full-time living through freelancing. And that has been great.

    I am, however, really thrilled to hear you talking about the viability of freelance writing. There are far too many bloggers who are convinced that affiliate marketing is the one and only choice for profit.

    You know, all the passive income and “set it and forget it” nuts out there.

    And while that can be a great source of revenue, I think most bloggers could make a lot more money a lot faster by offering real, tangible services.

    Great post and great tips!

    Oh, and Sue…

    By the way — sorry. I know it’s been a little while since I’ve stopped by your blog.

    I wasn’t try to be rude. I was on the road for nearly four weeks, and the last few weeks has been nothing but playing catch up. Thanks for understanding!

    Chat soon,

    Brent Jones recently posted…How I Wasted a Year Blogging – and Here’s What’s Next:My Profile

    • says


      I see you’re still committed to your quest to comment on five blogs a day! Way to go. I have a hard enough time commenting on one a day!

      Yes, it’s great when you can offer a service as a way to diversify your income. You can have AdSense, a product and also do some freelance writing on the side. Perfect eh?

      For me, I’m doing it backwards. I started freelance writing and now I have a product (my course) so I will see how the whole “passive income” plays out. I’m learning it’s not so passive! Who would’ve guessed 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and Happy Thanksgiving! (my Thanksgiving was in October..go figure).
      Elna Cain recently posted…The Proven Pitching Process For New Freelance WritersMy Profile

      • says

        Hi Elna,

        I’m Canadian, too. My Thanksgiving was also in October. (Not that I took the day off though…)

        I live in Fort Erie now (near Niagara Falls) but have always lived in some relative proximity to Toronto.

        I used to save up all the blogs I wanted to comment on and drop by once per week. But eventually, my list of blogs surpassed 75 and it just became far too many to visit in one day. So now I am doing exactly as you say — stopping by 5 blogs per day.

        You are so right. Most of what people say about “passive income” is crap. There really is no such thing. Even if you have a steady stream of recurring income coming through your blog, that doesn’t last forever without some work…

        I look at courses / info products as an additional source of income, but certainly not the perpetual motion machine some “gurus” would lead us to believe.

        Hope you’re having an awesome day!

        Brent Jones recently posted…How I Wasted a Year Blogging – and Here’s What’s Next:My Profile

  15. says

    Was a great read, really got me thinking about my own blog.
    I’ve been blogging for over 2 years, but don’t have a niche as I don’t feel like I known enough about one topic, just to pick one.
    Can you still get a good following and make an income talking about different topics or should I just try and pick one.

    • says

      Hi Alexandra,

      It’s probably best to stick to one niche and build a following on that. People tend to stick around when you have a core theme. Just look at this blog or QuickSprout or Backlinko. These all have a niche and people gravitate to those blogs, not only because they provide awesome content, but it’s a common topic.

      Having a niche also helps your bounce rate since people will start looking to older posts about the same topic!
      Elna Cain recently posted…The Proven Pitching Process For New Freelance WritersMy Profile

  16. says

    Hi Elna,

    Everywhere I go I see you. First, on Adrienne’s blog and now here on Sue’s blog. It’s a tribute to you and your success.

    I think the perception on “how to make money blogging” or “monetizing your blog” is very skewed. You simply throw up a blog, place ads on it and you’ll make money off of traffic. Where the reality of it is your blog is nothing more than a web presence that you use as a marketing tool to attract potential clients or customers. Which means you’re offering a service or product that is going to solve a need for whom you’re trying to attract.

    You basically hit on that here in this post, so thank you for that. You can not drive this point home enough.

    Thank you Sue for having Elna here sharing this with us. You always have great guests Sue.

    Kurt Kummerer recently posted…Blog Color Schemes: Their Impact Discussed [With Infographic]My Profile

    • says


      Yes, I’m everywhere! 🙂 Well I try to be. I do want to drive home how many bloggers are trying to monetize their blog wrong.

      There are other and better ways (freelance blogging or offering a service) to position your blog to making money.

      Thanks for supporting me over on Adrienne’s blog and here on Sue’s!
      Elna Cain recently posted…The Proven Pitching Process For New Freelance WritersMy Profile

  17. says

    Very inspiring post.
    I wish I had seen this a few months ago but never to late to start something new 🙂
    I will put this on my to-do list to get a bit of extra cash in future!
    Thanks Elna (and Sue)

    • says


      Better late than never, right?

      It’s amazing how we can learn something new from blogging every day! There is just so much you can learn.

      Offering a service fits so nicely with having a blog, but many people fail to look at what they can offer! I’m glad this motivated you to keep expanding and trying new things!
      Elna Cain recently posted…The Proven Pitching Process For New Freelance WritersMy Profile

      • says

        Very true!

        I will strongly consider offering my service from now on. Have a few projects on the table at the moment but I like the sound of helping others in a more targeted way.



  18. says

    Hello Elna,

    What an eye opener. I have only been blogging for a few months now. I feel like I have a lot to share. What a great way to leverage my resource, my content.

    I have considered other ways to promote other people’s products. Why not just concentrate on sharpening and promoting your own product?

    Full disclosure, I have been working with Sue, and I have gained a lot of confidence. This gives me another possibility in a online world that is wide open to all of us. Don’t limit yourself, there is always more people you can help. And there are many ways that people can find you other than key word search on your website.

    I’m going to continue to build that niche audience with my own blog, and explore how I can help others with their own blogs, and get paid for it.



  19. says

    Thanks for this post.

    I’ve been blogging steadily for several months.

    I don’t want to put ads on my blogs. It slows down the pages,
    and it’s maddening when I go to other blogs.
    When I am on other blogs with all the adverts, I just leave
    because of the download speed.

    Ads are everywhere! Pop ups, newsletters, those pesky
    side social media buttons.

    I would like to make money with my blog.
    Is there a way to make money with blogging w/o having ads all over the place?

    I’m a military wife, so working from the Internet would be perfect.

    Thank you so much in advance,
    Meena recently posted…PEANUT BUTTER COOKIESMy Profile

    • says

      There are a lot of ways, Meena.

      You can create an eBook, course or product. See what your readers are asking for – what problem are you solving for them?

      Thanks for your comment today on Elna’s post.

    • says

      Sue is right. You can create a product or put out a service.

      Like my post mentioned freelance blogging is an easy way to promote your services and start generating an income from your blog.

      Good luck!
      Elna Cain recently posted…4 Hard Truths on Why Freelance Writers FailMy Profile

  20. says

    Hi Elna,

    Great post on Sue’s blog! And it proves that you are very passionate about freelance writing!

    Yes, i completely agree with you! Every one wish to make some good money from blogging and for this reason there are a lot of blog is being created day by day. Actually what we think that blogging is easy before starting blog but we do not realize how it can be very difficult for us to make some good income without having good loyal followers or readers coming on our blog.

    Traffic is all in online business. Without much traffic there is no real success in every online business. If you want to sell some product online then you need to find audience who will buy this product. For this we need to spend a lot of time on researching and finding the best source of traffic where our most targeted audience hang on!

    However, the points you described in this article bears great value.

    I am trying to make living online and hope i can continue my blogging journey well.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing this informative article with us.

    Oh! Would love to see you often on Sue’s blog with mind blowing article!

    And, thanks a lot Sue too!
    MINHAJ UDDIN recently posted…How to increase traffic to my blog? Get 6 Quick tips for your blogMy Profile

    • says


      Thanks for leaving a comment! You’re right, having traffic is the real key to having a successful blog.

      But, you can always offer a service and get your name out there and have the clients come to you. This way, traffic doesn’t really apply. You just need the right traffic to see your services.
      Elna Cain recently posted…4 Hard Truths on Why Freelance Writers FailMy Profile

  21. says

    Hi Elna,

    First of all welcome to this friendly blog and thanks for Sue.
    Yes I agree with you, When someone start blogging, They have no specific Niche, They share that they think in daily routine. but with the passing of time they have an idea about blogging, What is blogging and what should we share with out readers.

    I also waste 2 blogs to learn about blogging but Now Alhamdullilah I have 2 Entertainment blog and I made 8k$ in just a year with Google adsence. and Now I am receiving great traffic. and I can say that I am also a little success in blogging.

    Any way thanks Elna for sharing such great topic with detail with us.

    Areesha Noor!
    Areesha Noor recently posted…Happy New Year 2016 WishesMy Profile

  22. says

    a great post once again I am in love with this clan

  23. says

    Awesome tips Sue, Agree with Enstine Earning money utilizing a weblog shouldn’t be straightforward as folks assume. Want to decide on correct key phrase that you just already talked about in your submit.

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