Hire Me

Web or Blog Design

We can:

  • Design your blog from scratch. See our blog design packages or tell us your needs and budget then we’ll work out a proposal and costing for you.
  • Add a blog to your existing website.
  • Update your blog.
  • Convert your blog from Blogspot to WordPress.
  • Install a new theme and create a new look for your blog.
  • Make sure your blog is mobile friendly.

To find out more or get a quote just email [email protected].

Blog or Web Copywriter

I write copy that engages people, makes you sound as good as you are, builds trust and makes people want to buy your services or products.

Private Consultations

I can help you:

  • Plan your blogging strategy.
  • Reach your blogging goals.
  • Improve your writing.
  • Create an editorial plan and come up with great content ideas.
  • Find more blog readers.
  • Increase sales.

Find out more and book a session with me here.

Author: Annabel Candy