19 Tips to Getting Unlimited Free Traffic

The first thing to know about free traffic is that it really isn't free – you've got to work for it.

True, it doesn't cost money unless you outsource the work, but it does take time.

That said, free traffic can be some of your best traffic if you're willing to put in the work.

how to get blog traffic

Here are my best 19 tips for getting all the free traffic your website can handle:

Forum Marketing

On average you will get one visitor for every minute you spend on forum marketing. Do it right and those visitors will be highly targeted and primed to get your free offer because you've already demonstrated you know your topic in your response to their thread.

I was in Jon Morrow's Serious Bloggers Only paid membership forum and was invited to do a case study on my high traffic growth with Marsha Stopa, Assistant Instructor and Coach. It is, by far, the best group of bloggers around!

Tip #1: Have a great profile. If the forum you're on allows profiles (and most do) then spend some time making yours outstanding. Demonstrate you're an expert as well as a real person with a sense of humor and people will gravitate to you. Be sure to link back to your lead capture page, and offer an incentive that totally rocks their world.

Tip #2: Whenever possible, post at the beginning of threads, not at the end. Most long threads do not get read all the way through, so don't bury your responses. Instead, find new threads and post quickly to get your response up near the top where people will see and appreciate it.

Tip #3: Find forums in your niche by Googling “keyword+forum”. This is how I started in Yaro's Starak's brand new paid forum 2+ years ago. Since it was just starting out and I followed these tips, Yaro was impressed with my knowledge and he hired me to be the forum's moderator. You never know what will happen!

Tip #4: Make your signature totally great. Offer a powerful incentive coupled with a touch of curiosity to get them clicking on your hyperlink and joining your list.

Online Groups

Online groups work like forums, and you can find them in any and every niche possible. Here are a few places to get started finding groups:





Tip #5: Post often. The bigger the group, the faster your post will get buried. So, to keep traffic coming, just post more often.

Tip #6: Focus 80% of your time on helping others, 20% on promoting yourself. This is a good ratio that says you're not just in this group to toot your own horn. Focus on creating trust and credibility first before you start promoting anything for you.

Tip #7: Join smaller groups. It's tempting to join that group of 10,000, and there's no reason you shouldn't. But if you really want to get noticed and get traffic, oftentimes it's better to be a big fish in a little pond than the other way around.

Tip #8: Join private groups. You'll need to ask for admittance, but you will usually get this within hours of asking. Private groups tend to me more responsive, perhaps because of this extra step. My mastermind buddies, Andre Beltrami of The Branded Solopreneur and Daniela Uslan of DanielaUslan.com both have booming private Facebook groups. Dre's is “The Badass Solopreneur” and Daniela's is “Blogging In Your Own Terms“. (Tell them you know  me and you can join them!)

Tip #9: Once you've got experience in groups, create your own. Put your own unique twist on your group to differentiate it from the others. Then invite people from your other groups to join, and ask them to bring their friends.

Guest Posting

The trick here is to find sites related to your topic that have plenty of traffic. You can check Alexa for their traffic ranking. The hard part is sometimes getting your article accepted, so here are some tips:

Tip #10: Do your research. Study past articles to see what they cover and what they don't cover. Notice the length of the articles and the style as well. Read the ‘About Page' to find out more about the blogger, and be sure to read the site's submission rules, too.

Tip #11: Contact the blog's owner and offer two possible article topics, as well as a link to your own site and bio. This establishes your credibility and gives them a choice of what they would like to see on their site. Make it clear that you are open to topic suggestions, too.

Tip #12: Offer something special just for readers of their blog. You'll make the blog owner look good if your incentive at the bottom of your article is exclusive to the readers of that blog. Sure, it's a little more work, but it's totally worth it in terms of getting more sign ups to your list.

Tip #13: Promote guest blogs posts just as you would posts on your own blog; by telling your list, in forums and of course, through social media. Let the blog owner know you're promoting the post. This will help make sure you're invited back to do another guest posts in the future.

Tip #14: Find guest posting sites by Googling your keyword plus one of the following phrases in quotation marks:

  • accepting guest posts +
  • contribute an article +
  • submission guidelines +
  • guest post guidelines +
  • want to write +
  • write for us +
  • submit content +
  • guest post +
  • guest post by +
  • submit your post +
  • add a post +
  • become a contributor +

Tip #15: Have a foundation. Before you try to guest post, you should have laid a double foundation that shows you can write and you are indeed a real blogger. Have at least 3-5 blog posts on your site so blog owners can see your style.

Tip #16: Maintain thriving social media accounts on at least one of the big four: LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Tip #17: Start small, grow big. You might have to start on smaller sites that get less traffic. But as you gain experience and traction, you'll be able to post on larger and more well-known sites. Keep it up and you'll hit the tipping point where you're becoming so well-known, bloggers are now asking you to guest post.

Joint Ventures

One of the fastest ways to drive really quality traffic to your pages is to do joint ventures.

Tip #18: Find new joint venture partners by including them in creating your product. For example, interviewing an expert in your topic and including that interview in your product will often result in that expert promoting your product to their list. Keep this relationship alive and thriving and you could have a new permanent JV partner.

Tip #19: Swap JV partners. Let's say you've got several JV partners already. Offer to introduce each one to your other JV partners in exchange for introductions to their partners. Not all of these potential relationships will work out, but some will. For example, if you introduce 5 partners to each other, and they each introduce you to 4 others, and only half become new JV partners, that's still 10 new JV partners.

Using just these 4 methods alone: Joint ventures, Guest Posting, Online Groups and Forum Marketing should send you enough traffic to keep you in business and in profit for a long time to come.


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    Great article Sue. I will pop over and join your groups. I do love the 80% 20%. Excellent tip

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    Fantastic article Sue, You just reminded me I was allowed to share my blog on a group as it’s Monday, Thanks for the tips!

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        Another we tip for more traffic – Offer A Checklist and use PayWithTweet – Your visitors have to tweet your post to get the checklist… In my experience checklists are really popular 🙂


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    Thanks for sharing these tips Sue Anne. I’m going to check out the Facebook groups you mentioned. Besides sending traffic to my blog it’s also a great way to connect with new bloggers. 🙂

    Great post! Have a great week.


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      Please come over and join me at Successful Bloggers, Cori! We are just starting out but it will be fun.

      Thanks for your comment!

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    great article .. i like it because very helpful and easy to understand

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    Great article!!!!
    Thanks for sharing fabulous information.
    Thanks again…

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    Hi Sue,

    I have found that business and entrepreneurial forums have been a great place to participate. I earn tons of traffic and business from them.

    You really hit on the key and that is to provide value. It’s not a place to spam or offer products or services.

    But if done right, the opportunities can be HUGE!

    In addition, I’ve been focusing on guest posting a lot more of late. But, I’m focusing on larger sites that have direct access to my audience in larger numbers. I recently started blogging on Business2Community with excellent results.

    I’m waiting to hear from Huffington Post but the ones I’m really trying to get into are Entrepreneur.com, Forbs and Business Insider.

    Again, patience is a virtue with these guys!!! LOL…

    Another great way you didn’t mention is blog commenting. It’s been a fantastic source of traffic for me. Again, the key is value for the whole audience. If done right, this a great way to build an audience.

    Have an awesome week Sue!

    ~ Don Purdum
    Don Purdum recently posted…How To Build an Amazing Business Through Networking That Really Works!My Profile

    • says

      Blog commenting is how we met, Don, and I forgot to add it to this post! Triberr, I believe, or Adrienne Smith’s blog was our way of meeting each other.

      Thanks for reminding me!

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    As usual very good post 🙂

    Always learn something or get reminded of things I already knew but forgot!

    Thanks Sue,


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    Hi Sue

    Completely agree with you. 😀

    Forums and online groups are the best places from where we can drive free drive but only when, If we work hard on it.

    I really like your line ” it really isn’t free – you’ve got to work for it. “. With this line, you make everything clear that you must have to work hard If you really want to get free traffic.

    With this FREE word, some readers might think that they don’t need to do anything and they will get free traffic so this line work perfect here.

    Either way, Thanks for sharing such an awesome post. 😀
    Suprabhat recently posted…Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitars under $300 [ MOST WANTED ]My Profile

    • says

      You are right about the “free” = “work”, Suprabhat! But usually that’s the way most bloggers can afford to start.

      I appreciate your comment.

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    thanks for sharing all the important points especially the forum posting part is really awesome

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    The join smaller group tip is wise. I often find when the size gets too big everything being said just gets drowned out. Not only are you not noticed but it is hard to notice other sensible comments because they are buried in tons of low value content.

    Too small/inactive is also a problem, hitting that right balance is key.
    John recently posted…Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) and Location Independent WorkingMy Profile

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    It is great to learn every single way to get more blog traffic for free. your tips are always helpful to gain good traffic and ranking. I have requested to join groups of Daniela and Andrea, I hope they allow me to be part of their network.

    keep sharing more great stuff

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    I just started my blog few weeks ago. Honestly, I have learned so much about this, and I love it!.

    I just found Successful Blogging today and can’t stop reading all the tips. They are all so helpful.

    I am struggling with getting traffic to my blog. But I am sure your tips will help me a lot.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • says

      Hi, Olaya,

      I’m so glad you are binge-reading my blog 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions!


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    wow you this is great high quality content,very help,found you through intergeek.com thought check what kind of posts you write and it paid off

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    I’ve been working on being more active in groups (Facebook in particular). Being active on social media doesn’t come natural to me. However, the more I do it, the easier, and funner it gets. I’ve never tried forum marketing, but it’s something I want to look deeper into.

    Pinning this post for later. There’s a lot of good stuff here that I don’t want to forget!
    Tiffany Griffin recently posted…6 Useful Websites for BloggersMy Profile

    • says

      Good for you, Tiffany. Sounds like you are on the right track.

      Thanks for your comment.

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    I would add another tip

    # maintain relationships

    Blogging, like most industries, becomes much easier once you are on the radar of the top people in your industry. Landing guest post gigs or other opportunities start coming easily then.

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    This is great Sue!

    I love the title, “getting unlimited free traffic”.

    I haven’t thought about using forums or getting on groups to get traffic before. I was in Jon’s group a while back, but not for very long. I’m thinking I need to find way back in there sometime soon.

    Guest blogging is huge. I’m going to be doing a lot of it this year.

    Joint ventures sound scary (maybe for the future?) but definitely worth while.

    I can’t wait to get started. Applying these strategies and watching my traffic increase is going to be fun 🙂

    • says

      Love your attitude, Eli! If you treat traffic as building relationships, it’s so almost like a game where you accumulate points.

      Great seeing you in the comments.

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    Hi Sue,

    So nice to see your valuable content on getting unlimited free traffic. Free traffic are not free at all. I love your word on “you will get one visitor for every minute you spend on forum marketing” so true. 80/ 20 trick touched my heart. It increase trust to the audience.

    This tips are very helpful increase long term profit and audience. Thank you for your valuable share.

    Kind Regards
    Yasin Rishad

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    Great tips for Getting Traffic easily . I have learned lots here. thanks for such a informative and useful post . please keep it up .
    Rual Raise recently posted…Clipping path and UsesMy Profile


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