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What Happens if you Stop Blogging?

What Happens if you Stop Blogging?

Worried your blog traffic will dive if you stop posting? After blogging for a while many bloggers start to feel like a slave totheir blog. I admire people who post

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How to get email subscribers

How I Got 1,500 Email Subscribers in 3 Weeks

Do you have a goal for your blog’s subscriber count? An amount you are aiming for a certain number of blog followers by year’s end?

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Blogging tips 2012

5 New Year’s Resolutions I (and my blog) Will be Making

Ahhh, the holiday season. Tales of drunken stupor and over eating aside, it’s a time for giving, a time for sharing, a time for reflecting and a time for change. Every Christmas and New Year

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Get featured on a celeb site

How Can You Get Featured on a Celebrity’s Website?

If I told you it was possible to be featured on a celebrity’s website, would you be interested in knowing how? I’m sure you would. I mean, come on, who doesn’t

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Increase blog traffic tips

7 Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic Faster

Have you noticed how most blogs give away a free ebook, report or white paper to entice people to subscribe? That’s because giving something away works to

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Thumbnail image for 11 Fun Lessons From Las Vegas and BlogWorld

11 Fun Lessons From Las Vegas and BlogWorld

Australia is backwards with the Internet and social media. Las Vegas has massive billboards everywhere encouraging people to follow different businesses on Twitter and Facebook.

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How to write a pitch email that works to bloggers

How to Write a Pitch that Works

Do you want to know how to pitch a blogger with your newest product or business idea? How can you write a pitch that will actually get read and impress?

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Getting in the press or media

6 Steps For Getting in the Press

To get to the press, you need to be pressworthy. If you’re not notable, it’s harder to be pressworthy. The one thing I hear from actors and actresses in NYC

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Guest post submission, Guest posting on tops blog

Guest Posting Genius

How did I score guest posts on top blogs like Zen Habits, Problogger and Copyblogger? Guest post submission secrets shared here.

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Small Business Internet Marketing – Video Post

A short video (5 mins 49 secs) where I tell you the story about setting up my own small business and share two lessons I learned from that. So today you don’t

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Author: Annabel Candy