Blog Post Editing: 5 Steps to Take Before You Hit “Publish”

A good editor is worth their weight in gold.

When you read a book or magazine article it will always have been written by one person, then edited and checked by someone else. There’s a reason at least two people are involved in the print publishing process.

editing your blog postWhen you write a blog post yourself it’s hard to read it properly and notice the typos and errors. We tend to scan anything we wrote ourselves and can easily miss errors that would jump straight out at someone reading it for the first time.

Also, when you try to edit your blog post,  you’re too close to the material and may skip over certain info, assuming your readers already know it just because you do.

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13 Tips That Will Stop You from Writing Headlines That Suck

You’ll agree with me when I say this:

Headlines make or break your content.

The reason behind this is:

If your headlines are good, people will click on it to read your content. And if they’re boring, no one will care to read what you’ve posted.

It doesn’t matter if you’re offering the best content. If your headlines suck, all your time and resources that you put into creating your content get wasted.

writing blog headlinesAccording to Copy Blogger, 80% of your visitors will read your headline – but only 20% will go on to finish the article.

This is why it is important for you to give some time to create a headline that drives more traffic, shares and engagement.

And if you want this, you’re in the right place.

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5 Successful Blogs And What You Can Learn From Them

You can learn a lot about blogging by reading how ­to blog posts.

For example, you can learn how to drive traffic to your blog, how to build relationships with influencers, and how to make money from your blog by reading other posts in Successful Blogging.

Another great way to learn how to blog is to check out successful blogs and to investigate what they’re doing right.

successful bloggingOf course, you would never copy anything directly from another blog. But you can read them with the intention of learning not just from their content, but by actively seeing why it works so well for them.

The following 5 blogs all have huge audiences, make money from their blogs, and have carved out unique niches for themselves online. And they can teach you a lot about how to create a successful blog yourself.

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