How Often Should You Update Your Blog?

blog updates Last update November 14th 2014

Are you confused about how often to update your blog?

Or struggling to keep your blog updated regularly?

Creating new blog updates and blog post scheduling seems to worry new bloggers more than anything else.

It's something I've experimented with a lot, and you'll probably need to experiment with it too, because we're all different with varying time constraints and writing abilities.

But if you're a small business owner or writer like me at least once a week is my short answer. Any less and it will be hard for you and your readers to keep up interest.

If you want to tap into the power of blogging to grow your business or prove yourself as a writer set yourself a goal and stick to it. First decide on a posting schedule of once a week (or twice, three times, daily or however often you can realistically manage it) and then make time for it.

(NOTE: There is a free bonus of more blog writing guidelines for you at the bottom of the post. Make sure to check it out!)

Sticking to a Blog Posting Schedule

Many bloggers tell me they can't stick to their posting schedule.

If that's your problem then cut the number of post you write but remember, if you update your blog less than weekly, it will be hard to build up a good body of work and keep up momentum. So at the very least pick one day when you're going to post and stick with it.

Set yourself a challenge and reward yourself for following through. Let's say you can't manage to update your blog once a week. Can you commit to posting once a fortnight? Decide what will work for you and stick to it.

Blogging Motivation

If you update your blog once a week and write 1,000 words per post after a year you'll have written a small book. That's impressive. It really does make you an expert in your niche and the very act of that writing will have helped you learn a lot about yourself, your goals and your business.

Three more benefits of updating your blog regularly:

  • You'll get more visitors with more posts to attract new readers and loyal readers will come back more often the more your blog's updated.
  • You'll grow the volume of content on your blog faster which the search engines will notice. In time that should help improve your search engine ranking.
  • You'll increase your chances of people sharing your content with other people or linking to it from their blogs and grow your readership faster.

Blogging Commitment

To make yourself commit to a regular posting schedule stating your intentions helps.

On my blog I keep my readers updated on how often I'm going to post and when. It's like a contract between us where I promise them I'll have something good for them to read on a set day every week no matter what, and they know when they need to check in for new updates.

When I started my first blog I committed to writing new posts three times a week on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays.

With a brand new blog it's important to build up a body of work fast so your blog looks established and there's plenty of content to keep readers engaged.

So to begin, with I worked hard until I'd built up a good body of work and could cut my time investment. Then I told my blog readers I'd be updating my blog twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays and that's what I did for the rest of the year.

Choose a Realistic Blog Posting Schedule

Over Christmas and January I decided to cut my posting schedule again and update weekly so I could have a break. If you're in North America or Europe you might want to cut yourself some slack and post less often over the summer.

Even the Copyblogger team reduced their posting schedule last summer so us solo operators don't need to feel bad if we do too. Everyone needs a break and after a decent holiday I was looking forward to getting back to blogging and even ready to start a second blog which you're reading now.

Over the vacation, I scheduled one post a week every Tuesday for six weeks and logged off my computer. It was a well-earned rest but I didn't break my commitment to blogging or my readers.

Now I have two blogs and I update them each weekly on different days which leaves me time to manage other work for clients or write guest posts.

Three Thoughts on Blog Updating For Real People

1. Updating your blog once a week or more often (or even less) is fine but just do what's manageable for you.

2. State your intention of how often you're going to update your blog to yourself and the world and stick to it. Just like brushing your teeth, going to the gym or calling your mum every Sunday it will become a habit. If you use WordPress the blog editorial calendar plug-in will help you.

3. Don't feel ashamed if you can't write a great new post now and then. It happens but don't miss your schedule – post something else like a round-up of great blog posts on a related topic on your blog or other blogs.

Just make sure all your blog posts are useful and relevant to your readers so they look forward to coming back again next week to see what you have in store for them next time.

So don't be confused about how often to post on your blog. Give yourself time to work out a posting schedule that works for you, be creative and have fun with it because that's what blogging's all about.

How often do you post on your blog and do you have a set day for publishing new posts? Leave a comment below because we'd love to hear from you.

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  1. says

    The 3 thoughts you posted are exactly my view!

    1. I do what I can when I can with an intention of routine.
    2. My first welcome post did state my blogging goal
    3. My cartoon round up post for the delegation series of posts helped me post something while I was focused on other things and blogging had a lower priority.

    Nice post Annabel

    Sally | Fast Tracks Manager Productivity

    • says

      Hi Sally, sounds like you’re doing all the right things. A series is a great way to committ too:)

  2. says

    Committing is all very well, but I think readers would rather have quality rather than a scheduled quantity?

    Like Sally using business cartoons related to her niche, I’ve introduced a travel photo feature once a week (having a blog in the Australia travel niche) which:
    a) makes my Tues/Photo Fri schedule easier to maintain, as it
    b) allows extra time/effort to produce a piece of writing that is relevant and worthy of posting 🙂

    • says

      Hi Linda, of yes, it all has to be good stuff:) Love the ideas for creating interesting content in less time. There’s a lot to be said for that and plenty of options. I need to write about that too!

  3. Andy Peverill says

    I have committed to doing 1 blog per month and after reading this it seems it is not enough. However I do think they are interesting and I get good feed back when I do one.

    • says

      Hi Andy, I wish I could see it but you forgot to add the link to your name. As Linda said quality is important and it’s great you’re getting good feedback. I bet your readers would love to read more if you can manage it and hope their positive response motivates you to see if you can make it happen:)

    • Dave Doolin says

      Andy, One per month is something you can do after you have a sizeable audience who you know will return. Building that audience generally takes 3-4 per month for most people.

      Alternatively, if you are able to just nail keywords for topics people are searching for, you can get away with once a month. I’m doing just that with a Rails blog. Almost 100% organic search traffic, I don’t promote or link.

  4. says

    I usually post at least 5 days a week. If there is a continuation, I state at the end when the next installment will be out. If I feel like I’m going to miss a day, I will still try to write a short pice.
    Occasionally I wil put up a cartoon or video, with a short comentary, and ask for feedback.
    And, yes, I am still enjoying the journey and the learning.

    • says

      Hi Martina, I recognize you from Twitter:) Five days a week – I’m in awe:) Well done, the journey is a fabulous one and we are all still learning so you’re in great company.

  5. Tim Barnes, CLU says

    I read your guest post on Copyblogger today. It has inspired me to get a better picture of myself. I am a tad shy. Blogging allows me to express myself and market my insurance agency with more anonymity but you have convinced me that while a consistent logo is a good thing, a good photo is better in some places.

    • says

      Hi Tim, great to see you here. Yes, I’d love to see a closer up pic of you. I’m shy too – we have to push ourselves to be more adventurous and daring.

  6. says

    Interesting to read the sentiment about change. I see it as well. I think, for a while, there came a glut of ‘how to blog’ information. Actually, a lot of ‘how to__________’ (fill in the blank) everything.

    Many of those blogs have done well sticking to their own ‘how to’ niche, but some are just a bit too preachy for my taste. Maybe I’m just jaded and past the life changing stages of life.

    I still encourage everyone to start a blog. My feeling on that is, ‘Everyone has a story.’ I believe your book on blogging basics is a great resource for those beginning the blog journey, Annabel. Many of us have benefited from your advice in the past year or so. That’s why I’ll be interviewing you for The Blogstress Network next month, so you can share your knowledge with our newbies.

    Change is good, I think. There are ideas and formats that are becoming dated in the blogosphere, but still you can find great stories and community to keep you current and on track. Life is change. Why should blogging be any different?
    Thanks for the post!

    • says

      Hi Barbara, wow, I’d love to be interviewed. Can’t wait.

      I try not to be too prescriptive here because there is a lot of pressure and some of us (like me!) just can’t manage to update daily:) I want to guide and encourage people.

      Look forward to talking to you soon.

  7. says


    Business networking has been replaced by online social networking, leaving networking groups like SWAP and NSAA floundering in the online networking community.

    Blogging has been, and will continue to be a necessary platform in business, however since the birth of twitter in 2009, the attention span of the online reader has shifted considerably.

    The nature of blogging has changed, gone are the days of lengthy, frequent blogs, with a loyal readership. Another juicy piece of cheese is only a click away.

    I question the need to knock ourselves out blogging daily, weekly, or even fortnightly. As well, if we already have a Wikipedia, what are we really adding to the burgeoning table of information? Value…?

    While I feel a bit baffled by the shifting sands online, one thing I do know is we give far too much away free, and far too frequently.

    BTW… For all that I do consider you to be one of the better online writers.

    • says

      Hi Catherine, so interesting to read your ideas on social media. I’d love to read more of them;)

      Every blogger has a unique take on their topic and what I love and what I think readers love is the real personalities behind them.

      Some blogs really take off and grow a huge readership very fast. Others will do so more slowly. But the challenge and reward for bloggers is to grow a really loyal readership with a real community who can’t resist coming back for more. Blogger have to add real value if they want to grow their blogs.

      It’s exciting for us blog readers because we we get the info we need in a format we like and from a person we know and trust. We get to pick and choose where we get our information from. I’m starting to surf around less and prefer to go back to the same old favourites again and again. It takes a while to find them but it’s worth it when you do.

      Re giving stuff away free, that is a danger but another challenge for bloggers to overcome. I still think it’s an exciting time to get into blogging or have a blog.

      And thanks so much for the writing compliment, it means a lot coming from you. I’m always striving to get better and the feedback really helps me stick with it:)

  8. says

    Love your dedication to blogging regularly, and sharing valuable information.

    As much as I agree with making a commitment to regular updates, I sometimes wonder whether readers really are interested in my topics. Perhaps I need to just get in and do it and see what response I get.

    • says

      Hi Desolie, definitely – the only way to see what interests your readers most is to experiment and try different things:) You’ll know when you hit the jackpot!

  9. says

    Hi Sue,

    You raise an important issue about frequency and routine. I have a blog and tend to treat it like one grand experiment. What I’m really interested in is connecting and engaging with people. I don’t care to build huge readerships because I’m not a writer – and never was. That said, I do like finding new and interesting ways to communicate with people around the world.

    I really like Catherine’s point and suspect that the whole concept of ‘have blog > put up post > get people to come and read and comment > get enough of them and then sell-em something’ is becoming a bit tired and yesterday’s idea. It’s okay for those who ‘got in first’, like problogger and zenhabits – but even they are starting to look a bit jaded nowadays i.e. as a publishing model (top blokes, very clever and amazingly generous).

    No, the winds of change are upon us and there’s excitement in the air.

    Love that we met through your wonderful blogging!

    Your friend,

    Robin 🙂

    • says

      Hi Robin, love your last point. I’ve met many amazing people through blogging – it may have made me a household name around the world which is incredible.

      We’re so privileged to be part of this great experiment. You have the right approach there and it’s all experimental for me too – for all bloggers because it is still brand new.

      There is a formulaic approach going on but that route isn’t for me. Blogging is really about so much more than making money. It’s a chance to make a name for yourself, get your message across and achieve many goals both personal and professional.

      I do make money from blogging but for me that’s just the icing on the cake:)

      Like you I’m still very excited by all the endless possibilities, enjoying the journey and looking forward to seeing where it takes us all.

      • Jennifer Muller says

        I’m really enjoying reading the conversation you’ve got going here. Robin and Sue, thank you so much for bringing up the point that it’s not all about sales. I’ve read article after article where making sales and making money is the big push. Sales are not my agenda. I have nothing to sell!

        I started writing by just sharing thoughts on Facebook about walking with my husband through cancer and after his death. Many people started telling me I need to write a book.

        I’m not there yet but am joining up to with a few friends to start a faith based blog. We will each touch different aspects of a woman’s life. Mine will be about living intentionally. I want to share hope with other widows.

    • Dave Doolin says

      “It’s okay for those who ‘got in first’, like problogger and zenhabits – but even they are starting to look a bit jaded nowadays i.e. as a publishing model (top blokes, very clever and amazingly generous).”

      Agree on all points with you, Robin. I’m curious what happens when these guys pivot off their current model. Will it open up that niche for smaller players, or will the niche disappear?

      • says

        That’s a really great question Dave. My thoughts are that a different model will evolve – one that better integrates the key elements of social media; one that isn’t so ‘writer-focused’ and plays more into the speak/video/visual approaches; one that isn’t so ‘pyramid-scheme’ based i.e. those first-in gaining the advantage; one that isn’t so volume-based, but smarter, with better filtering/finding smarts – one that is more fun and alive.

        These are just a few random thoughts, Dave. One thing remains clear to me – for the amount of hours needed to sustain a blog readership and the tiny amount of revenue that the vast majority can make given the infinitesimal conversion rates, the formula is simply unsustainable. People seem to get exhausted and bored way before they get rich. It’s curious how many on-line blogger success heroes seem to do an awful lot of airplane miles humping from one paid keynote presentation/workshop to the next. Just check out their tweet streams for the complaints. 😉

        Best to you, Robin

        PS: My sentiment is directed more from a business development perspective, having spent a very long time deconstructing business models.

      • says

        Haha, I’m doing it because I’m an addict:) I do love it and I agree about the pyramid scheme comment. That side 0f blogging doesn’t interest me at all. I’m interested in people, community and positive growth:) There are many more joys of blogging than just money!

  10. says

    Great advice you’ve given here. I’ve had several schedules I’ve tried to live up to, but all has failed so far. Now I settle for publishing when I can and I know it’s not the best way, but I’m cursed with bloggers block at the moment, so I have to take what I can and when I can.

    I can, one moment, have several ideas for new posts. The next moment they have all vaporized. It makes it difficult to stick to a schedule. I want to deliver some quality content, not just something I have to post because of a schedule.

    Once I break the destructive circle I’m in at the moment, I will absolutely follow your idea of a realistic schedule for publishing :-).


    • says

      Hi Thomas, thank you! Some people do just go with the flow but I need a deadline or I wouldn’t do anything. I really hope you unblock that block. Just write anything and don’t worry if it’s publishable to start with.

  11. Nikki says

    So true. Committing to quality posting on a regular basis is the key to blog traffic growth.

    • says

      Hi Nikki, I know you amaze and inspire me with your daily updates. Your booming readership is well deserved:)

  12. says

    Thank you for addressing this topic, sharing your own approach, and telling us about the evolution of your posting schedule over time. It’s enormously helpful article and the discussion is rich too.

    I post twice a week, but sometimes that’s a push for me. I would like to considering switching to once a week so I can invest fully in writing a top notch article that is interesting, provocative, and/or helpful. I agree that quality is more important than quantity. The only problem with this is (1) I have so much I want to write about; (2) I start missing the interaction on my blog. Maybe (2) will not be as much as issue now that I have a FB page for my blog. This can all be an opportunity to practice letting go!

    I tend to write long posts. If I divided them in half, I could have two articles a week for the same time it takes to write one post. So I think it’s also useful to look at how to include shorter but still interesting content as a few people expressed above. I’m not a big fan of the weekly link posts as they seem overdone these days.

    I agree with Robin’s sentiments:
    “It’s okay for those who ‘got in first’, like problogger and zenhabits – but even they are starting to look a bit jaded nowadays i.e. as a publishing model (top blokes, very clever and amazingly generous).”

    I appreciate a genuine, less formula-style approach like you offer here. It’s nice to be with everyone here in the midst of this grand experiment!

    • says

      Hi Sandra, re “It’s nice to be with everyone here in the midst of this grand experiment” isn’t it just?! I feel the same as you.

      My posts are long, in depth pieces. I know I’d be better off strategically splitting them and creating two shorter ones. But we have to follow our heart too:)

      Yes, I would never do weekly link posts either. Unless I was posting daily…. lol;)

  13. GutsyWriter says

    FYI, “tick” is Danish for “stick” in case you thought I made a mistake:)

  14. says

    Hi Steve, three blogs, oh yes, you need to organise that. I suggest you get into a bit of batch processing and write multiple posts for each blog while you have your head on that topic:)

  15. says

    Hi Suellen, it is a great discussion thanks to you and other readers:) Well, as Gary Vanderchuck would say – what’s the ROI of your mother?! In other words how do you measure it?

    Id say if it’s draining you then stop or try another medium. Some people are quite happy with Twitter and don’t blog at all. Seems to work for them. You don’t need to drop social media all together:)

    I like challenging myself. I can see benefits and believe more will come. Not knowing what makes it interesting and fun.

    I’ve stopped being strategic and reverted to having fun. Writing posts because I should bores me so I just write what I feel like writing.

    I seem to have reached a stage where even if I had many many millions in the bank I’d probably keep on blogging anyway.

    I still want to get my travel stories published and believe that will happen if I keep writing them and publishing them on Get In the Hot Spot.

    Blogging has helped me help more people set up decent websites and market themselves well online. I’ve always liked the egalitarianism of the web which allows small businesses to compete on a level footing with huge ones.

    So I think the motivation has to be passion not money because yes, the financial ROI can be low (or negligible!) but on many other levels it’s huge. I’ve never been happier because blogging has given me a voice and a creative outlet. Some income too but that’s just a bonus.

    If it’s not making you happy try giving it a break for a while and see what happens or if you miss it. Or just decide not to worry! I always love your writing and am amazed you write a post in an hour. That’s phenomenal.

    But different things work for different people so follow your heart and see where it lead you. I’ll be looking forward to watching and supporting you in whatever direction you choose.

  16. GutsyWriter says

    I finally have been able to tick with two posts a week on Mondays and Thursdays. Because of trying to get a book published, I seem to write my posts a day or two before publishing them. I like to be current with news items, rather than plan a month ahead. At least that’s my goal for some of my topics related to Gutsy people etc.
    You’re right, it’s a question of sticking with a habit, rather than doing it once in a while. If we treat it as an important part of growing our business, then it becomes easier to be disciplined. That has changed for me from when I first started out.

  17. says

    So glad I found your blog. Lots of great information here. The post is wonderful, and the comments informative too. I definitely agree that the formulaic nature that is beginning to dominate successful blogs is a bit off-putting. Somehow both of your blogs manage to feel more authentic – maybe because many of the posts use more of a narrative format rather than relying solely on those ubiquitous lists. I’ve added both to my RSS.
    I’m still figuring out if I want to stick with the personal blog, add a professional ‘niche’ blog, or just switch over. Have not gotten the habit of a regular schedule but trying to stick to at least one post a week. I like the idea of establishing an editorial calendar.

  18. says

    Hi Sue,

    Do you think it’s really important to stick to the same days for posting??? I aim for three posts a week, but don’t have regular days yet. I think maybe it’d be good for me to work out a wee routine and stick to it. I know that it isn’t such a great idea to put so many different topics on one blog, but I just can’t do three different blogs so am sticking to showing a variety of the stuff I write about for now. Still very much an apprentice! Am v keen to get more pix and especially video up there. Lots to think about here.

    • says

      Hi Seana, yes, I think it’s useful for you and your readers to have set days for publishing new posts. Especially if you can come up with x on Mondays, y on Weds and z on Fridays…. if you know what I mean:)

  19. says

    Great points. I have an integrated marketing calendar that reflects both traditional such as speaking marketing with Internet such as blogging, article writing, micro-blogging, etc. By using as a trending tool, I can see if my overlook traffic compared to the web is going up or down. When I fail to post daily, I do see a hit to the traffic statistics. Regardless of how often you post, having quality content that is key word rich is critical.

  20. says

    I have had trouble posting my comment, let’s hope the genie does not freeze and press the return button before I start – as per above.

    Thank you for your good advice and wonderful tips which I so need at this stage. I am absolutely nowhere near even thinking of gaining an income from my blog. Exposing my writing has been the journey from the back of a dark cave and the fact that I now have any regular readers has been, to me, worth more than money can buy.

    The discipline of routine is so important and this is the highest hurdle for me to jump so thank you so much for the re-inforcement of this !

  21. says

    SEO wise, I blog daily with proper keeyword. It can position myself as an expert in my industry faster if I blog daily.

  22. says

    This is really great information. It made me check my blog on the amount of posts and it turned out I hadn’t updated weekly at all. More like once or twice a month. If I had know this before I might have built of a better readership!

  23. Catharina says


    Thanks, your blog is extremely helpful. I am currently starting a blog from scratch. I have heard that one shouldn’t bother having more than 5-10 posts on a brand new blog as the others won’t ever be read. What is your opinion?


    • says

      Hi Catherina,

      Yes, that sounds like a great number to launch your blog with.

      I’d categorize the posts so people can easily find them and have a start here page:)

  24. says

    Hello, this is very interesting as I have had some many conflicting advise over the years it is hard to know what to do and what to ignore. I try to update my blog at least once a week as you suggest.

  25. Dave says

    I agree with most of this.

    I notice some new bloggers worry more about how many posts they have but not how good the content really is….

  26. says

    I guess what you are saying is pretty right, especially in this scenario – post Penguin update. Unless your content is updated at least once a week, people will not really come back to your blog and loosing your readership is a big loss for any business. My site ( was attracting lots of visitors until last month and this month the viewership has gone down by 10%. I am trying to figure out ways, but the most plausible explanation is content wasn’t updated!

  27. says

    I’ve just started blogging, a few days before Christmas, and hope to use it to grow my, vey small, picture framing business. I have blogged almost everyday and hope to continue for the next few weeks to build up a good body or work.
    I have linked my blog to Twitter and Facebook so the posts are see there too. How important is it to get, and how do you get, people to subscribe when they can read the posts as they arrive in Twitter or Facebook? Thanks for the informative blogging info BTW. Alan

  28. says


    I’m new to blogging but I do think posting regularly is important – for readers but also as a mark of my own commitment to the blog. I know there will be times when it’s hard to meet this commitment but hope I will be able to manage those times by inviting guest bloggers (well in advance) or by expanding on a theme addressed in a previous blog (e.g. perhaps pursuing a topic that has come up in comments ).

    Thanks for another great post.

  29. says

    I am a new blogger and I am going to follow a schedule of twice a week. I agree that it is important to follow a schedule. This the second post of yours that I have read about and I am going to read more.

    I hope to find the answer to a question I have. I’m going to ask it, but maybe I’ll find it by reading more of your blog posts.

    I run a blog on and have heard people mention Search Engine Optimization. Is this something to worry about as a new blogger? Or worry about it when one is more established? I know what it means, but I don’t really know how to utilize it.


  30. says


    Lots of very useful Information here as I read along the article and then the comments. My problem – as a newbie-has been the concern of Quality over quantity (sorry for the typos, I am getting new into Win 8 and still trying to get a everything tweaked to my liking!!) , esp. when I think, of how many Posts/week, not wanting to loose Readers for too many Posts, lack of response (expected). Consistency is another problem and probably the main problem, still not really knowing how much I want to post – 1 x week photo based post, 1 more in depth (have been lacking these anyway) . May be procrastination is the problem? I already have learned a lot within the few weeks, I am into it also about writing German and befenit of Networking. However the reponse is lacking – or am I expecting too much. May be I should stress more on niches. Also sort of mentoring is, what I would appreciate – is this availale online?

  31. says

    Can I simply just say what a relief to uncover somebody that actually knows what they are discussing online.
    You actually know how to bring an issue to light and make it important.
    More and more people must look at this and understand this side
    of your story. I was surprised you’re not more popular because you most certainly
    possess the gift.

  32. says

    Hi Robin,
    I am doing an article on basically the same topic and in doing this research I came across this article. I think you are a fantastic writer and I want to second your idea of a habit. I believe that if you want to be successful at anything it needs to be a habit. Let me provide a blogging type example – when I first started blogging I thought guest posting was important (I still do – but to a lesser extent). What I did is made it my business to write one proposal every day to a different blog or publication. At first my proposals were really really crappy, but by being committed and doing it every day I was able to get better slowly and get into some bigger publications like Search Engine Journal. Anyway, I say that because your article has some great points and judging by the amount of comments – quiete a few readers!

  33. says

    You make some interesting points here. I’ve been trying to balance adding content with exposure and this was a good reminder. I found Ben Hunt’s book Content! very interesting in terms of his idea of funneling traffic to your site through your content, so I have been focusing on that as well as SEO.

    Any thoughts on how to get guest posting gigs? As someone who is just getting started, I am not necessarily an authority so it’s not like anyone wants my guest post!

  34. says

    So what do you do when you feel like you have content bursting out your ears and not enough time to blog all of it? As a travel blogger I constantly feel like I’m letting things slip through the cracks. Everyone wants to know how we travel in an Airstream, they want the logistics. They want reports of awesome places to visit. We blog about photography (my previous occupation) and then just random thoughts and homeschooling. I feel like they are all good topics but I can never keep up!

    • says

      Hi, Jess,

      I TOTALLY understand! It can drive you a little “cray cray” (as my massage therapist says!)

      A blog content editor will do the trick for you. Put “draft” blog posts in WordPress – just put headline keywords and a phrase or two in the post – as a marker for the idea. Then you can drag and drop them around to fit your calendar and nothing will drop through the cracks. A great free plug-in is Editorial Calendar.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog today. My brother is a full-time RVer and loves it.

  35. says

    Hi, Just thought to share this – I have 3 websites with blogs. I generally publish 3/4 posts on the main one. For the other two – its mostly 1/2 posts per week.

  36. says

    This is very helpful, Sue. Thank you! I just recently started blogging about my travels, and at first, my goal was to post 3 times a week. It was too challenging because sorting out pictures alone takes so much time, and even 2 times a week is tough. So at least once a week is comforting enough to know 😉

  37. says

    I came in your blog here and I found good tips for starting a blog.


  38. says

    Great post, but there were a couple of things that REALLY resonated with me. First off, I’ve gradually settled into a very conversational tone on my blog and have become rather comfortable being myself, for better or worse. In fact, since I’ve changed it over into a personal blog (from a strictly entrepreneaurial site), my number one challenge has been finding a way to keep it about my readers. The major takeaway I got from this post, however, is the idea that you need to hold your readers hand and instruct them what to do next. That’s so subtle but brilliant all at once. How would you go about engaging with your audience in the context of a personal blog? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    • says

      Hi, Adeem,

      Even with a personal blog, you can get people to click on a link to read more of your posts or click on a call to action to connect with you on Twitter.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

  39. says

    HI Sue, I’ve just gotten into blogging recently and wondered the same thing myself. I find your blog to be very informative and I am thinking also that once a week is good for me. I think it would be difficult to come up with a topic if I did it much more than that.

    • says

      I agree totally, Lawrence. Once a week is perfect.

      Thanks for your comment!

  40. says

    Sue Ann thank you for your article of how many times to post. I am very new to blogging and always looking for advice from veteran bloggers. I made a commitment to post twice a week Wednesday and Saturday. I will try that to see if that’s going to work. But I am committed to my passion of pets. Again thank you.

    Anthony recently posted…Blue Buffalo Recalls Select Bags of Cat TreatsMy Profile

    • says

      Sounds good, Tony. If it gets to be too much, cut back to once a week. And then guest post more often.

      Thanks for commenting!

  41. says

    It’s great to see a successful blogger who isn’t telling people we have to blog daily.

    It really takes a load off my chest.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Laria recently posted…Should You Be Blogging Daily?My Profile

  42. says

    Evernote has been amazing when it comes to writing posts. I just whip out my phone whenever I’m on line, in the subway, in the car, etc, and rather than playing games I write a post. I’ve been able to get 5 posts done in the last week-and I publish once a week. That’s enough for the whole next month. You had some great tips!

  43. says

    Thanks, Sue, for sharing these tips with us. Your blog is really a helpful one.

  44. says

    Nice post sue, as a newbie to blogging i am stuggling with posts regularity,and content updation,after reading this Artilce this on is very helpful for me,to make a Time table.once again thank u for such a nice Artilce.

  45. says

    One tip I would give (as it works for me) is to schedule some posts before your blog even goes live. Have a buffer/backlog. If you post weekly, try to be 2 months ahead. If you post daily, 2 weeks. That way, when life gets in the way, nobody even notices as far as readership is concerned.

    Doesn’t work with news blogs, but ‘timeless’ blogs, it does.
    Scout Dawson (Couch Potato Explorer Mag) recently posted…Young AdventurersMy Profile

  46. Jim McDonald says

    Hi Sue,

    I started a small blog, not knowing what I’m doing. Being disabled/retired blogging daily is not a problem. However, wondering if too much is, well too much to maintain a readers interest. Each of my blogs are generally two to four hundred words. Using four different main categories of short stories, gives me plenty of venues. My vocabulary is not extensive, so I write in more of blue collar tone. Each category has one of my own pictures as a static heading. There is one problem I know I have: I normally write something in about an hour, so I only reread it twice, then post it. Afterwards I find mistakes, then fix it. I’m I posting too often for my few readers, because it’s not too much for me. Another question is: is my static pictures a good idea or should I try to use a different picture everytime?

    Can you check out my site and give me some pointers?

    From my Head to Yours

    • says

      Hi Jim,

      If this is a hobby for you, post as much as you like! Your readers will read what they want. I would just send out one email a week with a list of the posts that you have written – then it’s not too much for your readers.

      Love your hat pictures!

  47. says

    Great idea about focusing on the readers. No need to crowd your blog with content that doesn’t interest the readers. Thanks for all the advice Sue!
    It’s relieving to find out that I am matching the minimum standard.

  48. says

    I’m fairly a new blogger. I started my first blog about 11 months ago. I do a blog post almost everyday (quality content + shareable images are my main concern while also keeping an eye on SEO). Basically I’ve done as much research anyone could possibly do to succeed at this but I’m still not satisfied with the results. I’ve turned every page there is online for help as well as have done everything possible with a low budget. I’ve made tons of backlinks which are relevant to my niche and also high PR. I’ve guest posted on High authority blogs. I have tons of social media channels that direct traffic to my site. I hope you get the drift here. To summarize it I’ve done everything all the pros have said online. Unless there are any secrets all the pros are hiding from the general public you can believe me I’ve done it. But still no luck. I currently have an average of about 50 unique users per day visiting my blog. out of which 30/Average are organic from search engines and 20 from social media. Currently I’m absolutely confused as to what else is there left that I could do to increase the organic traffic (I’m after organic traffic). My blog is if any of you have an idea and a minute to spare please check it out and let me know what else I can do to help increase my ranking on google search engine and get more organic traffic. I would truly appreciate it. and thank you in advance for the time you take out to help a fellow blogger out.
    My goal at the moment is to at least get 200 unique visitors organically from the search engines. I’m guessing if I get 200 visitors a day organically then that should be enough to sell at least one item a day from my amazon affiliate program. If i’m able to do this that would be a boost in confidence for me to continue this other wise by the looks of it I might have to find a real job.
    Yasar Pervaiz recently posted…The Most Expensive Frappuccino’s & Iced Coffees In USA | RankedMy Profile

    • says

      You are going to need to use blogger outreach – connecting with other bloggers so that they share your posts on their social media channels. You could also do a roundup post to get traffic as well as guest post.


  49. says

    Hi Sue,
    Love your comments. You are such a great blogger.
    I will love to start a blog on my own, not a business one but about my personal life and to know if people are going through what am going through. To create awareness on certain aspect of life. Do you think I will do well. I was going through people’s blog to know what it takes for one to be a blogger do best and I chance upon you. Does a blogger have to be great writer?
    I hope to read from you soon. My email is

    Thanks so much for the lessons
    God bless you.

    • says

      You don’t have to be a great writer at all to blog. You’ll get better with each and every post.

      Thanks for your comment and question!

  50. says

    Ive only had my blog 10 days and sent out 15 blog posts, but I’M trying to put it out there…I’m watching the patterns too…best day, subjects etc…When i have a better picture and some exposure, then i will cut back a bit 🙂 Its kinda fun 😉

    • says

      Definitely cut back now! Once a week is fine and then spend the rest of your time promoting your posts.

      Thanks for commenting!

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