How to Stick To The Minds of Your Readers (So They Remember You for the Rest of Their Lives)

It’s terribly annoying isn’t it?

How that you try to make a lasting impression.

You want to be a smart wordsmith crafting soul saving articles.

blogging tips

You’re actually doing that, but no one cares. You have no comments, shares or subscribers.

A troubling thought indeed.

You joined the blogging wagon not for the fame or income potential, but because you really want to help others achieve their dreams.

But its looks are though you are wailing and screaming freedom to prisoners who don’t give a damn.

It hurts, it pains and that has to change right now.

Because, what’s the point?

What’s the rationale behind blogging in silence?

The worst part…

You don’t know what you are doing wrong.

Probably a lot.

In this post you’ll learn how to stick in the minds of your readers. Ready?

How To Be Unforgettable

The truth about blogging and writing is this:  You need to choose either to be like every other person or choose the path to influence.

Both are called bloggers, both write articles and love to share ideas to the world. Both get traffic.

But at the end, one fails and the others succeed.

And guess who wins?

You guessed right.

Success in blogging is not about how many articles you write and publish. It’s not even about the number of subscribers, backlinks or traffic acquired, but about the people you transformed the change through your words.

Experts stick, they have a way of gaining prominence and standing out.

If you want to be one of them, then you should learn to stick. You can learn it right now. In few easy steps you’ll discover how to be unforgettable, gain massive comments and shares.

So here’s how to stick on the minds of your readers:

1. Change Their Reality

When readers visit your blog, they indirectly give you an opportunity to speak with them.

Because the truth is, many lies are being sold in the blogosphere…

When I joined the blogosphere, I was told content is king and that the more traffic I get the more money I’ll make but those are all lies.

Honestly, that’s not what matters at least for newbie bloggers.

So what does matter?

Build solid and long lasting relationship with people that matter, focus on building your list using pillar and writing articles through guest posting.

Sit, relax and watch your fame soar.

2. Adjust their attitude

Our job as writers is to write to cause positive change to impact and transform the lives of our readers. And it begins by them having a change towards what they do, a change in attitude. Instead of writing for 30 minutes they begin to write a valuable and insightful post.

Isn’t that what you were put here to do?

Let your readers see things as they are and change positively.

If you do that, they’ll respect you, if you do that; they’ll listen to whatever you say from now hence forth

3. Direct Mental Movies

The human brain craves the images and processes it 700 times faster than text.


Yes, that’s the fact, if you want to stick in the minds of your readers, then you must create and direct mental movies in your post.


Transform a bland sentence into an enticing movie, for example; instead of saying “I love to cook rice” you say “I love to cook delicious mouth-watering, salad garnished Rice with chicken…”

Interesting, huh?

When you use this, they’ll remember you forever.

4. Use the Power of SIMPLE

Truly speaking, there’s no point writing a post no one understands.

If you really desire fame, if you want to be remembered, be down to earth simple.

Whatever can be simplified shouldn’t be left hanging.

Break it into simple terms.

Write as to a friend, ask questions, break the news and share the joy. Your readers would care and share everything you post.

The secret?

Simplicity and clarity.

And that’s the point.

5. Induce Fear and Courage

Generally speaking, every man has seven primary needs:

  1. The need for survival and enjoyment of food
  2. Freedom from fear, pain and danger
  3. The need for sexual companionship
  4. A comfortable living condition
  5. The feeling of superiority
  6. Care, protection and
  7. Social approval.

Who could ague these things? You and I also desire them, don’t we?

But guess what?

The strongest and most important of them all is freedom from fear, pain and danger.

If you want to quickly stick and be remembered, use the fear factor. Appeal to your readers fear and then point out solutions.

This is one secret used by ads agencies to win more clients and gain influence. And I could bet only a few bloggers are using this right now.

The point? Induce fear but finish with strong courage and hope.

The catch, though?

Don’t use this if you aren’t going to put smiles back on their faces.

5. Show Credibility and Proof

This is important because people want to listen to people who have real proof of what they are talking about.

Don’t go waging what others say or believe.

Let your readers see you’re the right person for the problems they need help with.

Show them how you’ve helped yourself and others and how you can them too.

The bottom line:

If you want to stick in the mind of your readers, then prove it and let them handle the rest.

6. Create your own style

Am hesitant to say this, but the truth is there no point following the crowd.

Hundreds of bloggers are making this critical mistake and its pulling them in the valley of silence.

To succeed and overcome the noise, you should look straight and shun every jargon thrown at you.

Create your own special path; build your own brand, your unique style.

Pat Flynn is an expert in branding and he makes passive income, Jeff Bullas created a tiny bodied image of him. Henneke uses pencils and crayons to draw and make stylish featured images for enchanting marketing.

Here at Successful Blogging?

You guessed right.

The beautiful featured image of Sue with her branded colors across post and pages.

So, to create a style, look at other blogs, pull in your creative genius and set sail.

Think of short and interesting stories you could add to your blog post. A mouth-watering illustrations or an awesome logo. Do go with the flow and whatever drives you.

The bottom line?

Create an irresistible style for your business and your readers will come back for more.

What Matters at the End of Our Lives?

Every one of us has a primal need to be remembered. We all want to stick around and motivate the world.

I remember some days ago, a guest post was published on smart blogger by John Yeoman, one of the smartest members of Serious Bloggers Only community.

A friendly fellow and a spirited writer…

As I write this, John has passed on a few weeks back.

I begin to wonder how I would finish my race. What would people say about you?

How many lives would I help? How many people would I save? Who would remember my works when am gone and for how long? This is the only thing that matters at the end of our lives.


It’s your turn.

Give yourself to learning and writing that pays so you’ll be remembered.

You can do it.

So go ahead and stick.

Charles Emmanuel is a student of Jon Morrow and set to build a blog dedicated to helping bloggers build traffic and make passive income blogging. Want to build a popular blog from scratch? Get the guide you need to make it happen right here (its free). 


  1. says

    Great tips!

    The idea of transformation is key to reaching readers. I love the quote “people don’t buy products, they buy better versions of themselves.”

    Many bloggers fail because they focus on THEMSELVES instead how how they’re going to walk the reader through the transition.

    • says

      Ayodeji I totally agree with you. and you know that’s why we are put here to help them in the transition process.

      Thanks for Reading

  2. says

    I agree with all your insights except with the last paragraph: ‘How many people will I save?’ This is dangerous thinking because actually people will start believing that they need to save others to prove their worth as bloggers (or people).

    Every person has the tools to save themselves and wanting to save or fix people is not helpful.

    I stopped long time ago thinking that my writer’s worth is in whether I help/fix people or not. (I’m a recovering people pleaser)

    AT the end of the day, life is much better when you do what you like without proving yourself all the time.
    Maybe I misunderstood your last paragraph-and I apologise if I did.

    But yes, giving value to people through blogging is much better than expecting to earn a lot of money or just becoming famous. This is what I’m aiming also.

    • says

      But Marlena, don’t you think when you offer value to your readers, you are also saving them? They are all inter-woven, I think.
      Secondly, money comes as a result of first providing value and to create a valuable content, it requires money also.
      Therefore, even if you don’t think of earning or becoming famous, everything just comes in handy.
      I’ll be expecting your reply.

      Iyiola recently posted…7 Reasons Why You are not Getting Traffic to Your BlogMy Profile

      • says

        Hi. No, I’m not saving my readers-maybe this word is a bit too much to use. (In my opinion )
        Providing information and educating people yes. IN my head saving someone means that the other person is helpless.
        I think we talk about the same thing but use different words to describe it

    • says

      Hi Marlena, I really appreciate your comment. The idea Of “saving lives” steams up from the fact that writers and bloggers Need always to impact their readers with extreme value. Provide them with the information they need to win!
      More so, Jonathan morrow one of the smartest writer in the world gave an instance were his post literally Stopped Some one from commiting suicide. Yes, another fellow read the post and felt as though he was issued a million dollars. Screamed round the room calling family members to come take a look.
      The point is simple: Provide extreme value to your readers and you’ll be saving them alot and they’ll never forget you.

      Thanks again

    • says

      Iyiola, thanks for your comment, you really made my day. It’s one thing to be a blogger Its another to really impact people… They are two worlds apart

      Thanks Again

  3. says

    Hi Charles,

    Great Tips! Being simple is one of the best ways to touch your audience heart.

    Readers love to read the content that provide solution in very simple ways and emotionally touches them.

    Bloggers should engage with them and emotionally hooks them.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

    Umesh Singh

    • says

      Umesh Singh, Thanks for the comment. It’s high time bloggers become contagious and using their words as tools of change.


  4. says

    Thanks a lot for coming up with this guide. I really like your style of writing.
    I always wanted to write like you. But you know? When it comes to topics like tech, I don’t think I can write like that.
    Anyway, thanks a lot for this. It just feels good reading posts like this.
    Christopher Gibson recently posted…How to Find and Use Degree Symbol on iPhone (°)My Profile

    • says

      Christopher , Am happy you enjoyed the post and you know writing like this way isn’t difficult. Have something valuable to say adapt to the situation and ride on the wings of empathy.

      Thanks for your comment

  5. says

    I really like the part about changing their reality. I don’t know if you need to change their entire world view, but if you change change the part associated with your niche, then that’s still very doable – and powerful!

    • says

      Kris I agree with you. Sometimes what people hold on to aren’t real so to make an impression, tweak their believes and work on their understanding.


  6. says

    You have to understand the users’ psychology. If you can read users’ psychology what they actually expect then you can make them stick. Value is important aspect which plays the vital role in blogging or you say content marketing. Because why users read your blogs as their are millions of posts are uploaded daily. If they read why they return back to your post? You have to consider all these things. You have to make them stick by proper planning and psychological hacks. That is free information, valuable information, offer, giving solution to their problems etc. Thanks for this nice post.

    • says

      ASEEM, I appreciate your comment. It’s insightful and as you pointed out, it’s all about Creating Value.


  7. says


    Your words are quite profound and in this blog you seem to live by them. You have raised a number of important “sticking points”.

    Although each one needs to be digested in order to fully exploit its value, the one regarding fear grabbed me the most. I remember that many years ago I was in the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago where they had a exhibit on the history of human invention as to how may has sought to amelioriate or at least reduce pain. Above the exhibit was a huge sign that read, “More than man has sought pleasure, he has attempted to escape pain”.

    There you have it…proof for your contention.

    Thanks again for your valuable insights,
    Howard Goode recently posted…Can Teletherapy for Rural Schools Help Prevent Suicide?My Profile

    • Charles Emmanuel says

      Thanks Howard i Appreciate the complement. keep visiting

  8. says

    Hey Charles,

    Those are some awesome points! Not the usuals I see everywhere! Kudos for that!

    In the end it all boils down to putting your reader first, rather than putting yourself first.

    I especially love point #5 (induce fear and courage) because that’s so powerful. And it works – as you say, only if you manage to make it real in the life of your readers.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Jane recently posted…How to improve your writing skills as a blogger?My Profile

    • Charles Emmanuel says

      hey Jane! thanks for your comment and am happy you enjoyed the post.

  9. says

    Hey Charles,

    You are absolutely right. In the starting days, I used to think that content is the only things I should do.

    But you know, the human bonds are the best parts of the blogosphere. You should be ready to meet new people.

    Using the simple approach with your effective strategy always works at its best.
    Thanks for bringing this up.

    Have a great day.
    Ravi Chahar recently posted…Improve Your Website’s Health With These 20 Simple Actions.My Profile

    • Charles Emmanuel says

      Ravi Content is great for build a popular blog but its not all you need… you should connect with your readers in a special way. thanks

    • Charles Emmanuel says

      Gaurav i totally agree with you… we should learn to stick because that’s what matters at the end. thanks

    • Charles Emmanuel says

      Jimmy, yea simplicity brings more value

  10. says

    Hi Charles,

    Nice to have you on Sue blog with something very interesting to read.

    You made some useful points that really worth taking home.

    I have found writing in a more conversational tone, letting your personality shine and been transarent in your writing brings the reader closer to the writer.

    It has worked for me, and win over many loyal readers. Some have gone to the extent of writing a personal email to me just to say “hi”.

    And Charles, sorry about the loss of your friend, my friend and our friend – John Yeoman – RIP.

    Sue, thanks for sharing.
    Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted…SEO PowerSuite Review – A Must Have SEO Tools – 15 ReasonsMy Profile

    • Charles Emmanuel says

      Shamsudeen, thanks for reading and adding to the conversation. Any serious blogger should embrace this ideas and thrive to build strong bonds with readers because its makes blogging come alive.Thanks Friend

  11. says

    Hey Charles,

    As any business owner knows, a great Internet presence is necessary to gain or retain clients. The Internet can be a great way for companies to promote themselves, but it can be a double edged sword. A negative presence on the Internet can cause major damage to a company. This is why it is so important to have plenty of positive content that readers will remember even after they have logged off. We should really try to keep things simple.

    If a consumer has to think too much to try to understand our message, then chances are that they are not going to remember it later. Simple ideas are much easier to remember and leave a lasting impact. This is why successful businesses use one, easy to remember message to represent themselves. Eventually, thanks for reveling a light on this topic.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

    • Charles Emmanuel says

      Thanks Amar, you are right you know the idea behind branding is to have a unique style that keeps people thinking about you. Your comment is really awesome

  12. says

    Highly informative.Very interesting article.I can now certainly improve my writing.
    Thank you

    • Charles Emmanuel says

      Mahesh Thanks and am happy the post is able to inspired you. Keep visiting

  13. says

    Love this Charles; some powerful points mentioned within this article!

    Thanks for sharing,


    • Charles Emmanuel says

      Dan, thanks for reading and am happy you got some valuable insights. Keep visiting for more

  14. says


    Thanks for this post! I really enjoyed the concept of changing a reader’s reality! A lot to think about and hopefully implement too.

    • Charles Emmanuel says

      Cellular Israel thank you and i appreciate your visit

  15. says

    Great Article Charles. These are some of the best tips to increase readership on a blog and make your daily readers to your loyal reader. Providing quality content is extremely important to increase readership and user engagement.

    • says

      Vishwajeet Thanks for visiting, it’s true value creation is the power house for sustained traffic and exposure. Thanks

  16. says


    Thanks for sharing this seriously awesome post. You’re definitely right, readers can see right through inauthentic, “thin” content that’s just trying to sell. Bloggers need to infuse themselves into their writing so that they can forge true relationships with readers. Branding, like you mentioned, is definitely a huge component of this.

    I actually think Brent Jones is also a great example of someone who’s done a particularly awesome job at branding and using his voice to influence bloggers/freelancers/any readers he may have. Just wanted to point him out, too, if anyone was looking for an additional example.

    Thanks for this article!


    • Charles Emmanuel says

      Eden,thanks for reading and am happy you enjoyed the post.

  17. says

    Thanks for sharing this necessary and motivative post. The way you explained about stick to the minds of readers was quite awesome. Please keep writing.

  18. says

    great tips brother … these tips will helps a lot for a new blogger like me

    • Charles Emmanuel says

      Thanks Abel for your comment… i feel blessed

  19. says

    Wow, Excellent post. This article is really very interesting and effective. I think its must be helpful for us. Thanks for sharing your informative.

    • Charles Emmanuel says

      Thanks Alifaakter am happy you enjoy to post keep visiting

  20. says

    Nice article Charles, I had a great time reading through this piece. Thank you for writing this.

    • Charles Emmanuel says

      Thank you very much sir, you rock!

  21. says

    awesome article charles thanx for sharing.

  22. says

    WOW… Awesome Article!

    Appreciate your work & it will definitely help me in my blogging career. Thanks For Sharing this Article

  23. says

    I love this part mostly “I love to cook delicious mouth-watering, salad garnished Rice with chicken…”; hehe, you got me drooling there.

    Creating mental pictures of your written text makes it easier to comprehend. It also leaves a memory in your readers head. Hence, they come back for more.

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