Why Blogger Outreach Will Make (Or Break) Your Blog

Why blogger outreach will make or break your blog

Whether you’re a business or a blogger, blogger outreach has a place in your content marketing strategy.

Consider Buffer, who grew to 70k users with content marketing, primarily guest posting.

As well as Sue Anne’s post, How To Get Traffic To Your Blog, listing Blogger Outreach at the top.

Blogger outreach can be an incredibly effective method for increasing your traffic.

And luckily, bloggers are generally easier to get a hold of than journalists, and there are much more definable metrics to judge how much authority they have.

But how do you find them, analyze them, and reach out to them?

Let’s discuss!

How Do You Find Bloggers To Reach Out To?

I'm going to show you two ways. The first is the manual process via search in Google.

The second is to use our tool, NinjaOutreach.

The Manual Way

The manual way looks a bit like the following:

1, Search in your target niche. For example if you are targeting travel bloggers you could search “backpacking tips for bangkok”

2. Run a search in Google and open some interesting looking websites.

3. Identify the specific metrics that matter to you. Interested in their traffic? Consider Alexa. Want to see their social following? Visit their social  media pages. Looking for engagement? See how many comments and social shares their posts get.

4. Find their contact information such as email or contact URL.

5. Create a personalized pitch based on your research, possibly referencing a recent article you read.

6. Send it and repeat.

The process can certainly be daunting. To reach out to a few dozen bloggers could easily take hours.

The Ninja Way

Luckily, there are tools to help you out.

In this 5 minute video, I reveal how you can effectively find dozens of bloggers in your niche, analyze their statistics, organize them into lists, and reach out to them in minutes with our blogger outreach software, Ninja Outreach.

Cool, huh?

How Do You Evaluate Bloggers?

Now you’ve got a large list of bloggers in your niche.

Perhaps too large?

If we recall the 80/20 rule, we know that 80% of our results will come from 20% of our efforts.

The key is to try to identify the sweet spot where bloggers will be. Here is what to look out for in terms of metrics and data availability.

Contact Information

Without a doubt the availability and accuracy of contact information has to be the most important.

If you can't contact the blogger, then what good is it?

Luckily, most bloggers make it easy by making their contact information available, such as:

–  Contact URL

–  Email

–  Phone

–  First Name


Location is becoming more and more important.

If your target audience resides in a certain geographic area, then you want to tap into bloggers in that same area.

An example would be a restaurant in New York looking for related food bloggers in the area.

Social Following

What social platforms are most important to you?

Are you trying to grow your Twitter following?

Does your brand tend to be more visual, in which case you might want to focus on Pinterest or Instagram?

Or do you have a video story to tell, where YouTube might be your angle?

Try to align your social strategy with the blogger’s strength.

Traffic and SEO Authority

Traffic can be difficult to gauge. We have tools like Alexa and Compete to provide indicators.

Additionally, there are a whole host of SEO metrics that serve as benchmarks for Authority.

  –  Google Page Rank – One of the methods Google uses to determine a page's relevance or importance. Important pages receive a higher PageRank and are more likely to appear at the top of the search results. Google PageRank (PR) is a measure from 0 – 10.

  –  Domain Authority – is a measure of the power of a domain name and is one of many search engine ranking factors. Domain authority is based on three factors: Age, Popularity, and Size. SEO gurus Moz can be credited with the metric known as DA or domain authority.

  –  Page Authority – Page authority is an SEO term used to describe the probability that a specific page from your site will be found on a search engine. Page authority is based on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 100 and deals with the relevance of information and links within site pages to one another.

Article Types

How do you want to work with the blogger?

Here are a few ideas:

How Do You Pitch Bloggers?

Alright, you’ve found and segmented a list of top-notch influences in your niche.

Now you want to write the PERFECT pitch.

I break it down into a simple 5-step formula.

1. Introduce yourself – Who are you and why do you matter?

2. Define the relationship – Cite a few instances where you've built the relationship to jog their memory.

3. State your intent – What do you want?

4. Explain your idea – Give a more in-depth response. If you want to guest post, what is the topic?

5. Convey the value – Why should this person care?

Here’s an example of a guest post request I sent to Sean Ogle. See if you can identify the different parts.


Key Features:

1. Defined the relationship i.e I’ve been a subscriber for 6 months.

2. Request to guest post.

3. Personalized it with research about his blog.

4. Clearly stated the idea and connected it with my research.

5. Explained the value to his audience.

This pitch was extremely detailed and would have stood out through the amount of research I had clearly done on his blog and audience before crafting a guest post title.

What You Should Do Next?

Blogger outreach is a process, and it requires relationship building, which takes time.

Start shadowing bloggers in your niche, engaging with them, and good things will happen!

David Schneider is the cofounder of NinjaOutreach, an innovative new Blogger Outreach software for marketers. He writes about business and entrepreneurship at SelfMadeBusinessman, and enjoys travel.

Why blogger outreach will help you make your blog popular (or not)


  1. says

    Awesome Article Sue Anne This is First Time i Came on Your Blog and i Find Some Posts on your Blog now i Thinks i will be One of your Blog Regular Reader 🙂

    Thanks for Sharing This with Us.

    • says

      So glad you enjoyed it, Raza. Dave did a great job on this.

      Thanks for commenting,

  2. says

    Hey Sue Anne – thanks so much for letting me post on your blog and speak to your audience!

  3. says

    [ Smiles ] Sue, I am always learning something new every time I drop by your blog; today I learned about: the Ninja Outreach software.

    Great post!
    Renard Moreau recently posted…Iggy Azalea Quits TwitterMy Profile

  4. says

    Actually it is the great and helpful post on blogging. Thanks for sharing.

  5. says

    Hi sue,very useful post. I was just looking for such a guide. But I doubt if we reach them will they respond to us? And sending them emails frequently don’t disturb them?

    • says

      It’s all in how you do it, Susheel. This is what I do and what I recommend:

      1) comment on their every blog post for at least 3 weeks
      2) share their posts on social media with a little message of how you found it helpful
      3) send an email thanking them for their blog and not asking for anything
      4) if they answer the email, start a relationship with them (perhaps leading to a guest post or a round up post)

      Hope that helps! Thanks for your questions.

  6. says

    Hi Dave,


    Any success I’ve had it’s largely because of my friends. Without them I’m publishing a diary. With them, I’m reaching out into new, exciting audiences as I promote them and they promote me, and we all lift each other up along the way. Friends, and blogger outreach, totally make your campaign.

    Super practical tips here.

    Thanks much!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…How I Attracted the Best House Sitting Job on Earth (and How You Can Too)My Profile

  7. says

    Great article, Sue. Blogger outreach is sometimes overlooked by new bloggers. But it is actually the most important aspect that new bloggers should focus on. Loved the step by step guide; although I find that a shorter pitch works better.

    Anyways, Thanks for the post.

    Neil recently posted…7 solid reasons to stop using FeedburnerMy Profile

  8. says

    Hi Sue,

    It’s one of those few awesome pieces I found about blogger outreach.

    What are your suggestions for newbies or ones with little followers on social media? Because as I see it, bloggers outreach is more of give and take! If the other person sees no value in helping then will it work?
    Medha BN recently posted…The only guest blogging guide you will ever need to kill the dealMy Profile

  9. says

    Its awesome info for every blogger
    Thanks for sharing

  10. says

    Hi Sue and David,

    Blogger outreach was something that I wish I had known about when I first started blogging. Now that I have discovered how just important it is, it is working well for me. I definitely do agree that good things do happen when you do it. We should be mindful though that we shouldn’t expect it to happen overnight?

    Thank you for reminding us

    Jo Cross recently posted…Online Networking: 5 Places To Meet New PeopleMy Profile

    • says

      Hi, Jo,

      Thanks for your comment! It doesn’t happen overnight but sometimes it does. I have a client who, 3 weeks after his blog was live, did a guest post on a large blog in his niche and got 1000 visitors! You never know 🙂


    • says

      Better late than never, Jo! Thanks for tuning in!

  11. says

    This is a very useful post – I’ve been tracking possible garden bloggers (for my gardening blog, http://www.themiddlesizedgarden.co.uk) who might want guest posts just by following the Top 10 lists, but many of them clearly don’t use guest bloggers. Also I am always being approached by people saying they want to post a guest blog on my blog, but their emails are barely literate. I am certainly not going to allow someone to guest post on my site if they can’t even write an email properly!
    Alexandra Campbell recently posted…Is there such a thing as a free website?My Profile

    • says

      Hi, Alexandra,

      I get those awful emails also! Luckily, I find other great writers for my blog from courses I have taken and people I have met online. Keep trying other garden bloggers who aren’t quite so big and start there. Send a pitch to the big ones with a short list of the guest posts you have done already – that usually helps. But if they don’t take guest posts, keep trying other bloggers.

      Thanks for commenting!

      • says

        Yes a lot of the top 10 blogs are very particular (for good reason) about who they let post. I prefer to find the sweet spot in the middle. There is a lot of quality there as well!

  12. says

    Buffer grew with guest posting? I can’t believe that!

    That’s true, bloggers are much easier to get ahold of, than journalists. Many are much more popular, as well. No less than celebrities, aren’t they?

    I have a question for you here. Does it matter how many comments a blog has, to be considered worthy of visiting and commenting regularly, and even guest posting? What if a blog gets tons of social shares for its posts but hardly any comments. Is it still worthy of guest posting? Blogs about WordPress are this kind. They hardly get more than a dozen comments per post. If some do, they published the post, many years ago.

    Do you know, the 80/20 rule has now become 95/5 rule. Yes, that’s true. This also means, we get 5% of the results from 95% of the hard work we do.

    Some nice ideas for article types. Saving them in my ideas notebook, for later. Had never heard about a sponsored post till now. Also noted the 5-step formula. Hope I use it soon, and that’ll make me remember it much better.

    Oh, this was written by David? And I kept thinking, Sue wrote this. Sorry, David. Thanks for another useful post, though.

    • says

      One of my mentors, Jon Morrow, says that a blog should average 20 comments a post in order to guest blog on it. You’ll get more readers to your blog from those types of blogs.

      Dave did a great job on this post!

      • says

        Hmm, 20 comments by readers or readers and the blog owner combined?

        Thanks for this tip, Sue. This is new info to me. I’ll target only such blogs with 20 or so comments.

        • says

          Hi, Raspal.

          Yes, I find if a blog averages at least 20 comments, that blog has more engagement and you will get more social shares and comments on your guest post.


          • says

            Sue has a great point here, as engagement is usually a better indicator than overall traffic. If it is getting a lot of comments, then it will be more likely to send more visitors your way.

            Yes, Buffer did grow that way – crazy huh!

  13. says

    Hello Sue Anne and Dave,

    I thoroughly enjoyed this article. Thanks for posting it! I’m relatively new to blogging (only about 6 weeks in), and one of my major goals is growing my audience. I believe I have good content that is surprisingly helpful to my readers. But getting the readers, using just my small circle of influence, is where I find the most difficulty. So I’m thankful that you were willing to share your expertise with me. And even more thankful for the sample guest pitch. A lot of bloggers talk about what you need to do to format the perfect guest pitch, but very few actually post a sample guest pitch that we can use as a foundation for writing our own. I’m a practical, hands-on type of learner. So actually seeing what a guest pitch should look and read like was probably the most helpful for me. The only question that really remains after reading this is, if you’re a relatively new blogger and haven’t been following other bloggers for an extended period of time, what should be the next step? Should you work on building that relationship for a few months before asking for something? My guess is yes. But I don’t want to assume. Let me know your thoughts.

    Thanks again for the great article!

    • says

      Hi, Kaleeda,

      Thanks for your comment! I recommend that you share their posts and comment on their posts for at least 3 weeks before you contact them.
      Dave’s NinjaOutreach helps you keep track of all of it.


      • Kaleeda says

        Awesome! Thanks for the quick response! I’ll be sure to start incorporating this in my life asap. Have a blessed day!

        • says

          I agree, you should start building the relationships first, all the while building your blog to an authority on your subject. Then you have the double whammy when you contact!

  14. says

    Blogger out reach is one of the most important thing for a new blogger. Getting into radars of all the big bloggers in a short time is not possible but I believe that we should build one relationship at a time.
    kaushik recently posted…9 CSS Tips to Spice up your Blog’s DesignMy Profile

  15. says

    Dave and Sue Ann,

    Blogger outreach has been the cornerstone of growing blog communities for a long time, and it’s great to see both of you sharing tips on how new bloggers (and even seasoned ones!) can accomplish their outreach goals.

    Great tips!

    And Sue Ann, great post on Adam’s blog. 😉
    Lorraine Reguly recently posted…Become More Successful By Providing Others With a Personal TouchMy Profile

    • says

      Hi, Lorraine,

      Thanks for the double comment – I so enjoy writing for Adam’s audience.

      Glad you liked the tips that Dave gave.

  16. says

    Hi David and Sue,

    This is actually the kind of information I can use myself, not so much to find other bloggers to pitch, but more like business owners who can use my services. But as I was reading this, I thought that those steps could still be applicable.

    Thanks for the step by step.

    • says


      Love the idea to use it to find business owners!

      Thanks for commenting today,

    • says

      Yes it definitely works very similarly. In principle this is all just about persuasion.

  17. says

    I’ve saved this in my Pocket. Great post here, David! 5 Step Formula is my takeaway. I’ll definitely investigate on your NinjaOutreach tool to see if it’ll fit my business!

    • says

      Hi, John,

      Dave did a great article, right? I enjoy using NinjaOutreach for my research on bloggers. Hopefully you’ll see some usefulness in your business also.

      Thanks for the comment,

    • says

      Cheers John – let me know if you have any questions!

  18. says

    Hey David,

    Great post here on Sue’s blog.

    Blogger outreach is a major thing that’s definitely one of the best ways to grow your blog. Nice tips here, especially your section on how to pitch bloggers. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    – Andrew

    • says

      Thanks Andrew – you may have noticed I actually pitched you quite recently lol!

  19. says

    Hi Sue,

    These are some great tips. Reaching out to other bloggers is the key if you want to take your blog to the next level. Engaging with other bloggers is the best way to get your face known in the community.

    I also like the fact that you highlighted Ninjoutreach. It’s a great tool to find other bloggers within the same niche.

    Thanks for sharing these great tips.
    Brian ( recently posted…RIP Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy Passes Away at 83My Profile

    • says

      Hi, Brian,

      I totally agree with you about blogger outreach.

      I’ve been using NinjaOutreach for almost a month and it’s a great tool.

      Thanks for the comment!

    • says

      Thanks for the support as always, Brian!

  20. Bilal Ahmed says

    I am Just starting out. I have found this post inspiring and will make good use of your tips in my future blogging. Thanks.<a href

  21. says

    Thanks Lorraine!! Did you notice anything I left out?

  22. says

    Hello David.

    First of all this post is really great. As blogger it is very important reach out to fellow bloggers to share out ideas and get more visibility.

    For some time now I was thinking about sending some guest post request but was not sure about how to do it exactly. But after reading this one, I do have a clear idea.

    Thanks a lot. Enjoy your day!
    Nisha Pandey recently posted…WordPress.org VS WordPress.com: Comparative GuideMy Profile

    • says

      I’m so glad Dave’s information helped you out, Nisha.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    • says

      Thanks Bilal and nice article on the pluses and minuses of social media

  23. says

    Blogger outreach is no doubt very awesome method to connect with big bloggers and to be mentioned by them also and not only limited to this but we can get high authority back links also by doing, i also started this task to improve my blog presence.
    Avnish Gautam recently posted…Best free seo software for All SEO TasksMy Profile

  24. says

    Really nice post Sue Ann! Do you use emojis for your outreach? They become increasingly popular as I’ve heard.

  25. says

    Hi Sue,

    It’s great article with actionable tips.
    2 other important metrics that we look for are Citation Flow and Trust Flow offered by Moz. These two metrics gives the kind of confidence one need to bring link from the target outreach blog.

  26. says

    As a new blogger, it’s very important to build authority links to improve SERP and traffic and guest blogging is one of the effective ways to build quality links.


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