5 Simple Ways to Break Into an Online Community

Online communities serve a variety of goals. They provide consumer insight, opportunities to advertise, and a chance to interact with your target audience. But if you want to break into an already existing community, you have your work cut out for you.

break into an online communityBy following these five simple tips, you’ll be able to play a vital role in an online community with minimal, if not zero risk, of losing your current audience. If anything, you’ll gain more exposure, more traffic, and better conversion.

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Stop Telling Me About Your 6-Figure Launch!

I’m pissed off.

If I see one more blogger telling you about their $234,500 launch, I’m going to scream!

I get so mad when I see popular bloggers sharing info from their latest “$450k launch in 14 days” or posting an income report (who thought that concept up?) saying “my launch earned about $275,000 in revenue with 419 sales”.

It’s SO unrealistic to compare yourself and your newer blog to experienced bloggers that have blogged for years.

6-figure-launchAnd it doesn’t motivate you. It just makes you feel crappy.

Do you know what misery is?

Misery is comparing yourself to other people.

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30 No-Brainer Steps to Becoming a WordPress Blogging Superstar

how to Sounds alluring?

How can a person become WordPress blogging superstar with these 30 steps?

It may be so difficult for you right now. But after reading this post you will thank me. I bet.

Wordpress.comMostly mentors promise to make you a WordPress blogging superstar in weeks or in months.

But I suggest you spend your more time for content creation. Learn the basics in days by going through this single post.

After reading it you won’t become a web developer. But you will never face any problem handling basic techie things on your blog.

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