How To Make It Stupidly Easy For Readers To Subscribe To Your Email List

One of the most important things you can do as a blogger is to grow your email list. The fastest way to grow your list is to create a lead magnet your readers want, get lots of traffic, and make it really easy for readers to subscribe to your list.

boost your email .ist

The more places you give them to subscribe, the easier it is for your readers to opt-in to get your emails. Here are some of the best places to put your opt-in forms to exponentially grow your email list.

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5 Reasons A Self-Hosted WordPress Blog Is The Best

So you’re ready to start your blog.

You have a great idea, a terrific name, and you’re ready to share your stuff with the world. It’s so exciting!

self hosted WordPress blog

But then, before you even get started, you have to make a HUGE decision. Where do you set up your blog? There are so many options. Do you choose Squarespace? WordPress? Blogger? How do you know, when you’ve barely even dipped your toe into the blogging world?

Whenever beginner bloggers come to me with this question, I always direct them to WordPress. (That’s, the self-hosted platform, not, the free platform.) WordPress is simply the best platform out there, hands down. And here’s why.

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