4 Magic Ingredients For Blogging Success (and how to implement them)

If you have a blog there is no doubt that you want to succeed with that blog.

No one starts a blog and feels it’s OK to fail, right? We all want to succeed in whatever we are doing and blogging is no exception.

Since blogging forms a crucial part of your business, success becomes inevitable. You cannot just keep on working on your blog and yet let it fail.


Our hard work deserves all the success! But how can we make that happen?

Is working hard enough? I don’t think so.

If so, all the hard-working bloggers would be success stories right now. But sadly, that is not the case as we see it.

We witness a huge setback. Only a small amount of blogs that are started actually survive, let alone succeed.

And no one can deny that those bloggers did work hard. They didn’t purposefully let their blog fail by not working hard.

So something is missing, right? Something other than mere hard work is required in order to succeed.

Yes, there is. And over the years of experience, I’ve managed to find some of that hidden magic.

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How to Find Your Niche for Blogging

So, you’ve decided to give blogging a try. Congratulations!

It’s the first step toward becoming a successful blogger, but let’s be real: it’s the easiest one.

If you want to not only write posts from time to time but also make money with it, you need to be very (and very) careful with choosing your niche for blogging. Thus, this process may take a considerable amount of time and efforts.

how to find your blogging nicheYou can even start thinking about quitting this crazy idea.

And it’s more likely you will think about it some time after setting up.

However, once you find YOUR niche for blogging, it might help you avoid these problems.

Ready to cherry-pick the niche? Here we go!

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6 Lead Magnets That Will Skyrocket Your Email List

If you’ve been paying attention to this (or really any) blog on blogging, you know that growing your email list needs to be a top priority for every blogger.

And you’ve also probably realized that asking people to subscribe to get your blog posts in their inbox doesn’t really work anymore.

build your email listYou need to give your readers an added incentive to sign up for your email list. But what do you give them?

I scoured the Internet to find out what my favorite bloggers use to grow their email lists. Here is what I found.

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