Blog Writing

Strong blog writing skills are needed to get people to visit your blog and keep them there. They can be learnt and honed. Blog post formatting is also key so people can read your blog posts fast.

Hacks to get your blog posts read

3 Subliminal Hacks Guaranteed to Get Your Blog Posts Read

By now, you’ve read dozens of articles offering tips and hacks to boost your blog’s traffic, right?You’ve applied all that you learned and follow your

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Find Your Voice for Writers and Bloggers

5 Best Ways to Find Your Voice for Writers and Bloggers

After blogging for over two years and reading many great blogs I’ve made some determinations about what works… for me. Let’s face it, the blogs

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Rocketfuel contest - blogging influencer

CASH GIVEAWAY! Who Else Wants Cash for Blogging?

Who Else Wants Cash for Writing a Blog Post? I’m excited to announce our very first giveaway at Successful Blogging with RocketFuel. We’ve got so many brilliant bloggers here at

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Blog writing magic content and post writing blogging tips plus about page writing

Proven Ways to Write Killer Blog Content and Get More Readers

Once upon a time there was a writer with a mission. She wanted to start a blog and get 1,000 subscribers after 12 months of blogging. How hard could it be?

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Blog post ideas

11 Easy Ways to Get Hundreds of Great Blog Post Ideas

Sometimes blogger’s block strikes and you have no good blog post ideas. These simple tips will help you come up with hundreds of blog post ideas in 30 minutes.

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Thumbnail image for Blog Writing Magic Series: 5 Essential Posts

Blog Writing Magic Series: 5 Essential Posts

Get everything I’ve learned in the last 15 years about web and blog copy writing plus formatting text for reading online with The Blog Writing Magic Series. Blog writing is a key

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Web survey design and writing

The Seven Deadly Sins of Web Survey Design

Creating an online survey with web-based survey tools is now simple and cheap but do you know how to design your survey so people take it and you get clear answers?

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Blog writing tips and writing practice

5 Secrets of Brilliant Blog Writing

Even if you’re not great at writing today, you do have the potential to become a brilliant writer over time. Do you know these five secrets to improve your blog writing?

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how to edit a blog post

Blog Post Editing: 5 Steps to Take Before You Hit Publish

Blog post editing takes longer than actually writing a blog post. I may spend one or two hours writing a blog post then, four to eight hours editing and perfecting it. Even then

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Blog writing magic hypnotic headlines headline writing blogging tips

How to Write Hypnotic Headlines That Drive People to Your Blog

A few valuable lessons about blog writing that will help you improve your writing, get new blog readers and win more business online

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Author: Annabel Candy