Blog Writing Magic Series: 5 Essential Posts

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Last update December 23rd, 2014

Everything I've learned about web and blog copy writing and formatting text for online reading is here in the Blog Writing Magic Series. Blog writing is a key skill but it's something you can learn and improve with targeted practice.

The Blog Writing Magic Series covers how to write magnetic blog headlines, blog content writing, generating ideas, blog post layout, editing and writing practice. Here are the articles in the series:

Click on the image below to get your free guide “Blog Writing Magic” to learn more about blog writing.


  1. says

    Great to have a handy summary list so they’re all together in one place!! But it’s like juggling a sackful of puppies (whoops, think I’ve mixed my metaphors!) – as soon as I’ve got one issue under control, I find there’s another I need to work on!! A never ending cycle … but thanx for making it easier to keep my eye on the ball!!

    Happy travels, Marion

    • says

      Hi Marion, you’ll get in the swing of it. Once you get used to it you’ll start doing these things without even noticing you’re doing it. And of course, once you know the rules you can start bending or even breaking a few of them. But not all at once or you’ll be back to square one!

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing the archive, they will be really helpful to me

  3. says

    Hi Ryan, good:) You might want to check the column widths on your blog – they look too wide for easy reading:)

  4. says

    Thank you for pointing out these ‘hidden’ gems from your archives- I love exploring your helpful advice 😉

  5. Dave Doolin says

    This puts two things on my todo list:
    1. read 16 rules above,
    2. time to write an archive post myself. Haven’t done that in a while.

    • says

      Hi Dave, I’m catching up! I meant to put this up six months ago when I finished the series but the new shiny stuff distracted me. Still it makes sense to do it now so they don’t get lost:)

    • says

      Hi Alex, de nada:) They’ve always been there, just a bit hidden away. Time for me to air my wares!

  6. Teresa says

    Thanks for the reminder….you are a STAR! Next step tv woo hoo

  7. says

    Thank you. This series will be your next product? 😉

    Best, Robin 🙂

    • says

      Hi Robin, don’t think so! These tips are in my book though;) Recommended reading:)

  8. says

    Beautiful roundup and focus.

    One of my favorite points you’ve made among the series of insight is this:
    “She stopped thinking so much about her goals and started thinking more about her readers’ goals.”

    • says

      Hi J.D. that is a great quote, did I really say that?! Thank you for the reminder. Sometimes I think the problem with blogging is we can’t remember what we’ve already blogged about and what we wanted to blog about but never got round to:)

  9. says

    Thanks for the series. I remember reading one of them and learnt how to have a better blog layout, one of the best tips that got my blog a SIGNIFICANT stickiness factor.

    • says

      Hi Tito, brilliant! I’m going to check it out now:) Thank you for the recommendation.

  10. Nate says

    Just launching a new blog, so I’m going to need these links. Thanks!

  11. says

    Thanks Anne!
    Now i know where to start….your archive is reallyhelpful.

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