How to Create a Blog Editorial Calendar the Easy Way

calendar (1) (1)I love it when people ask me blogging questions. I missed my vocation as an agony aunt because I like giving people advice and it makes me feel useful.

So I've got a topic called Blogging Coach here dedicated to answering questions and giving solutions to common blogging questions.

When copywriting blogger Carla Fisher at Said and Sung asked me for tips on how to create an editorial calendar for her blog, I was delighted. But also flummoxed because, after years of blogging, I'd felt the need for an editorial calendar, and I'd even published one on my blog to let readers know what was coming up. But I still hadn't found a good solution for actually creating one.

My blog editorial calendars were painful to make. First I got my calendar off the kitchen wall, then in a draft blog post, text document or email I manually typed in the chosen dates, added blog post ideas and noted if they were written as drafts, unwritten or already scheduled to be published.

It helped me get organised but it was also an organisational problem switching between programs and windows and manually copying and pasting blog post titles.

You can imagine my relief to find from stylist and blogging friend Nikki Parkinson that is a more efficient way.

Carla, and all you bloggers who want to get organised and plan your blog posts in advance, the WordPress Editorial Calendar plug-in was created for us. I've already started using it and love what I see.

I won't go into all the details about how to use it because that's all explained in this five-minute screencast with the clever creator Zack Grossbart.

Without further ado I hand you over to the WordPress Editorial Calendar plug-in.

I know you're going to love it.

And it's free too! So a big thank you to style blogger Nikki.

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Are there any WordPress plug-ins you can't live without? Or do you have a burning blogging question that needs to be answered? Either way, leave a comment below – we'd love to hear from you.


  1. says

    Talk about timely! This definitely goes on the list (near the top) to explore/install. I’ve been doing a written version and going back/forth to my dashboard, so a plug-in would be wicked. Thank you!

  2. says

    Thanks Sue

    Great little plug in – have installed it and look forward to working with it 🙂

    Another great tip from my blogging mentor



  3. Dave Doolin says

    Timely. I’m sitting here with Anca, my JV partner for Website In A Weekend Live Workshop working out our editorial calendar leading up to our next event.

    You would love this. We cram a half dozen people or more into a small conference room for the whole weekend, and fill their brains with blogs and stuff. We outsource all the Lesser Mortal Stuff, like food; it’s all catered!

    Anyway, back to the blogging calendar…

  4. says

    This was the first month I finally got around to doing an editorial calendar and you can’t believe the stress it relieved. Amazingly effective. The only thing I worry about with a plug-in is slowing down my already somewhat slow site. I’ve been trying to keep plug-ins to a minimum. Ideas on that? Or is my problem likely something else?

    Great idea!

  5. says

    I don’t seem to be able to set it up even though i have downloaded it i cant find the tool to add the plug in arghh

  6. says

    Just another wonderful example of how thoughtful and generous you are. Your desire for others to succeed in the blogging world is amazing. Posts like these that directly answer the real question are great… not only did the person who asked the question get some support, we all benefit. Thanks for the tip about the plug-in!

    Sally | Fast Tracks Manager Productivity

  7. says

    Thanks for the mention … I’m a little bit addicted to my calendar plug-in!

  8. GutsyWriter says

    I had not heard of this, and then kept it in my “Evernotes” after Farnoosh taught me one way to get organized. Thanks for always sharing such helpful information.

  9. says

    Thanks for the great tip. It really does help to get organized.

    I’ve been downloading and using Charlie Gilkey’s Blog Post Planner and Calendar each month, which is available free at his blog Productive Flourish. It’s a great resource for those who are still happy with paper and pen or pencil.

  10. says

    Thanks so much,
    I’ve just installed this and got a very graphic illustration of how skew whiff my posting has been… now I might try adding ideas into the calendar and see if I can get a good little schedule going. Happy Easter all!

  11. Di says

    And yet another reason why I should move over to WordPress from Blogger. You guys get all the best plug-ins!

  12. says

    Great tip! I love this plugin.

    I installed it after hearing Nikki @ Styling You speak at Nuffnang Blogopolis and have not looked back. I would consider this one of the core group of plugins that I use regularly and would not do without.

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