5 Ways To Find Blog Post Ideas That You’ve Never Thought Of!

You probably have some tried and true ways for coming up with blog post ideas.

You scroll through Pinterest, looking at posts in your niche. You go on forums and Facebook groups and look for ideas based on discussions you see. You look up your topic on BuzzSumo to see which articles are popular.

find blog post ideasBut what do you do when all of your regular methods of coming up with ideas run dry?

These five ideas are a bit different, which means other bloggers probably aren’t using them. And they’ll help you come up with blog post ideas when everything else seems to be a dead-end.

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How To Overcome Your Fear And Write Your First Blog Posts

Congratulations on starting a blog!

You have taken the first step to creating an income stream online.

You’re probably here because you’ve done all of the things you needed to do to get your blog set up, like getting hosting, installing WordPress, and setting up a few pages on your blog.

write your first blog postAnd now you’re wondering what you should write for your first few blog posts.

You want them to be great. You want them to show the world who you are. You want to start your blog off strong.

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How To Make The Most Out Of Every Blog Post

All too often, beginner bloggers tell me, “Sue, I wrote a blog post and no one is reading it. What did I do wrong? Does my post stink?”

Usually, there’s nothing wrong with their blog post. Their problem is that they didn’t take all the necessary steps to make the most of their blog post – which goes far beyond just writing it.

promote your blog post

Here’s my step by step process for making the most out of every blog post after you’ve written it.

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