38 Blogging Experts Share How To Increase Engagement And Social Shares

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Podcasts, interviews, guides, lists tools, infographics, expert roundups, long posts, short posts, video content, audio content, visual content, written content and the list still goes on. What is the best and most successful type of blog posts? With so many choices what should we choose?

What should be the cornerstone of our online strategy? Should it be search engine optimization and what Google loves or should it be what the audience desires? And if it’s the latter, how can we, as bloggers, get inside the heads of our readers and find out what they like and need from us?

To find out the answers to all these questions, I reached out to old friends and new ones. I gathered the top pro bloggers to answer the most important question of all:

What is the favorite type of blog post you make that you know will increase your engagement and social shares?

Let's start with the Pro Blogger himself and then see what these blogging gurus have to say.

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46 Top Entrepreneurs Confess Their Biggest Selling Mistake

Photo group 3Are you a beginning blogger that is struggling to earn more money with your blog but you just don't know how to do it?

Do you ever get that hopeless feeling every time when you read how easy it was for your favorite blogger to successfully launch a product? Many times influencers and gurus from any niche appear to be infallible.

That's why I decided to ask 46 top entrepreneurs the following question:

What was the biggest mistake you made when you first started selling a course or product online?

After reading their answers I can tell you one thing, my dear readers: don't worry! Even the top experts did some huge errors when they were beginning bloggers, so there isn't any reason for which you can't become successful like they are.

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110+ Top Bloggers And Entrepreneurs Share Their Most Successful Social Media Action

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Today I have a special kind of post for you: an expert round-up.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this concept, think of it like having a bunch of top bloggers all doing a guest post on the same subject, in the same article. So, instead of learning the opinion of only just one guest blogger, we get to learn from 110 experts! To do better, you would need to take several training classes.

Now you may be wondering,  “Just who are these experts?”. Well, all of them are successful bloggers, entrepreneurs and rising stars who are very active on their blog and on social media.

But how this expert round-up come to life? I'm so glad you asked.smile emoticon

After I did my latest expert round up post, I asked John Lee Dumas (who makes awesome podcasts at EOFire.com) what he thought would be an interesting question to ask top experts about blogging. His answer was the following question:

What was your most successful social media action that gained the most traction?

Social media is indeed crucial for any blogger who wants to attract new readers and engage with their audience.


Thank you, John, for such a great idea. You're in the#1 pole position today!

So let's see what the experts had to say.

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