4 Easy Ways To Get Traffic For New Bloggers

Let me guess. You just started a blog.

You just started a blog.

You’ve been super pumped about it. You spent all this time and effort getting your site up as quickly as possible. You poured your heart and soul into creating your very first blog post and did your best to make quality content.

boost blog trafficYou even set up your very first email list and made sure to put an opt-in on your blog where readers can subscribe.

Maybe you even made a free gift that your subscribers can download.

You got everything set up — just right — and you couldn’t have been more proud.

You expected everything to blow up — that people would love and appreciate all the work that you’ve been doing. That you would get loads of traffic and shares.

But there’s been nothing. Just crickets. Your blog feels like a dead zone.

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How I Got 103 Shares and 42 Comments When I Had Zero Traffic and No Email List

So you decided to start a blog. You don’t really know what you’re doing, but you think you’ve got the basics down. You got your site set up. You have an email list with opt-ins. You’ve even published several posts.

But it feels like a graveyard. It’s quiet. There’s no one around. No one is reading your articles, no one is commenting, and no one is sharing anything of yours on social media.

boost traffic

I know how you feel.

This is what my blog’s pageviews looked like when I first started.

boost blog traffic

It was a ghost town.

There was practically nobody coming to my site.

Sound familiar?

If you’re just starting out and struggling to get comments, shares, and traffic, this one simple strategy can give your blog the boost it needs.

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