5 Simple Yoast Tips For WordPress Users To Increase Their CTR

To click or not to click, that is the question.

It is both interesting and frightening how such a simple decision can, in a high enough volume, have an existential impact on the blogger that is trying to earn some money off of his work.

There is a common misconception that great content drives traffic just by “being thereā€œ. While that may hold true for high authority sites and blogs that already have built up a stable base of regular readers, new and upcoming bloggers have another thing coming.

tips using Yoast SEOIf you are planning to make a WordPress website or if you are already using WordPress, then you are in luck. This platform has been with us for quite some time now. That allowed it to develop a wide array of useful plugins. One of them is Yoast. You've probably all heard of it and chances are you are already using it.

The question is, are you using it to its full potential? The only way to be sure is to click and see for yourself.

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