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Successful Blogging was listed one of the Top 10 Blogs for Bloggers 2012.
Best of Copyblogger 2010 – for my viral post The Eight Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers – 250 comments, 430 Tweets and 350 Facebook shares.
Live Positively Ambassador for Coca-Cola 2010 – Included a flash trip to Shanghai for a social media conference and World Expo visit.
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The Best Life Hacks of 2009


7 Raving Reasons Why You Should Build Your own Digital Career


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101 Awesome Travel Twitterers You Should Be Following

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Guest Posts

Email me if you’d like a qualified web copywriter with 16 years experience to polish your blog or website copy.

Zen Habits
Low Stress Ways to Move House and Declutter Your Life
5 Ways to Travel More With Less

1 Easy Solution to 3 Big Blogging Problems
7 Signs of an A-List Blogger in the Making
4 Classic Mistakes I Made In My First Year of Blogging [and How I Got 1000 Subscribers Anyway]
Getting Over the Blogger’s 6 Month Itch


The Eight Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers

4 Ways to Use Social Proof  (Before Anyone Knows Who You Are)
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Personal Branding Lessons From Coca-Cola

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Why Bloggers Rule the World

Steve Aitchinson

Learn How to Love Yourself

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How to Stop Being a Perfectionist

Expat Women

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How To Never Get Into Financial Difficulties

Life Hack

10 Ways Blogging Can Improve Your Life
7 Steps For Making a New Year’s Resolution and Keeping It
How To Have A Chilled Out Holiday Season
Write to Done

Motivation Tips that Work: 6 Sure-Fire Ways To Get Writing and Keep Writing

Regularly Featured on

BlogHer (I’m a syndicated writer)
Brazen Careerist
The Daily Brainstorm


Email me to arrange an interview. Topics include blogging, social media marketing, internet marketing, travel and writing.

Every Day Bright
Namely Marly
From Bottom Up
Find All Answers
Ross Hudgens

Blogcast FM
The Clickstarter

We Blog Better
Australian Businesswomen’s Network (Podcast)
The Creative Penn (Video)

Radio Coverage

ABC Radio

In Print

Need a soundbite or expert quote on blogging, social media or Internet marketing? I’d love to help.

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Australian travel blogger

Speaking Engagements

I speak and give workshops to business and writing groups. Please contact me if you’d like me to talk to your group about blogging, blog marketing or writing for the Internet. I’m a member of Toastmasters and a qualified and experienced teacher.

Book Reviews


“The checklist that ends each chapter ties together the goal, learnings and actions so you can easily identify what you’ve learned, and anything you need to research further. Annabel’s skills in web design and copywriting give this ebook a richness that others lack.”

The Spring Blog

“It’s a great mix of creative and technical advice, all of it very accessible and practical.”

The ClickStarter

“Successful Blogging in 12 Simple Steps offers beginner bloggers a hype-free and practical guide on starting and growing a successful blog and audience, in an easy to understand, jargon-free self-study course.”

Brandi-Ann Uyemura

“This is the type of book that I’m going to read more than once. It provides an overview of everything I need to know to become a successful blogger in easy to read tidbits that I can use as a resource now and again.”


“Where was this e-book three years ago when I started blogging? When I started blogging I literally dove straight in and that works… up to a point!!! But after reading this book I see that there are a lot of little tweaks that I can perform and changes here and there that would make my blog a better blog.”

Problogging Success

“I would buy this book just for the bonus chapter on Committing to blogging and staying motivated.”

Blog Income for Women

“The course is divided into 12 easy steps to take you from blogging ingénue to blogging brilliance. I think the best thing about Annabel’s course is the simplicity. It’s so easy to get caught up on a lot of complicated technical stuff on the internet, but Annabel makes it much easier to understand and therefore it’s much easier for you to get results.”

Ricardo Bueno

“If you’re a small business blogger, a solo-preneur, a freelancer trying to build your business online, this book is just for you. It’s a step-by-step guide for building your blog, generating purposeful content, and engaging your readers to generate business. Each chapter is riddled with How To’s, Action Steps and Check-Lists to make sure that you’re doing everything right.”

Get Paid to Write Online

“Notice how I mentioned experienced bloggers? That’s because I think we can gain something from this blog too. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I started my first blog, I didn’t know enough about blogging to approach it in a systematic way. I know a lot more now, but it will be interesting to use Annabel’s lists to check my progress when I start my next blog.

Finally, all bloggers can benefit from Annabel’s tips on using guest blogging to promote their blogs and the extensive list of tools and resources at the end. To add to the value, there’s a great list of tools and resources at the end.”

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